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My First Ride!!!!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Darky, Sep 3, 2007.

  1. So, as the topic suggests, this is the story of my first ride ever :grin:

    After work, ducked into RTA and passed my thoery test, walked home anxious as hell, was almost jumping out of my skin.
    Dressed in my gear which i had purchased a month earlier, and was about to set off when i remembered i needed my L plate...
    Half an hour later the L plate was found and attached.
    Started my Kawasaki ZXR - 250 up and while it was warming, i got the door open, last checks, all gear on.
    Got out the driveway after stalling 3 times, but i got out eventually.
    On the second turn i had to make, i went too wide and fast in 1st, and almost went fully head on into a 4wd :shock:
    Refueled at the local servo and off i went... till i stalled at the roundabout haha.
    Ok, so after that i went and had no dramas, all green lights, decent drivers / conditions, and i was shifting gears properly without thinking about it !
    So yea, all in all made for a great ride, so pumped im gonna take it out in the morning before i goto work! :LOL:

  2. The first ride is to be remembered....... :)
  3. Just remember to be on the lookout for strange (and slippery) things at roundabouts.
  4. Yea the roundabouts i went through were alright, it had just been raining,
    but i took them slow and easy in 1st gear, and yea was alright.
  5. if you keep stalling try riding the clutch a bit more, give it a few revs before you take off and feel for the clutch engaging, but congrats the first ride is always a memorable moment and one of freedom :grin:
  6. Welcome to one of the most wonderful things you can do fully clothed. :grin:

    Just don't forget you are not made of steel. the Cars around you are. :shock:

    I remember my first ride way way back. Was on a road going 125 and it poured with rain. After some bad accidents early on I love it still after all these years.