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My First Ride!!.........

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by JCL, Sep 1, 2007.

  1. I have been looking out for a bike for a while but didnt want to spend a fortune. Bought myself a Honda Spada last week from a private sale and picked it up this morning.

    I only recently got my L's but have my full manual car license. I was initially nervous about picking up th bike because the guy lived in Southbank (VIC) so I thought there might be a bit of traffic. I got my girlfriend to come with me in the car and follow me home making sure that nobody would be riding up my arse and protecting me if I was going slow etc etc...

    To my suprise, I found the trip home (only 10 min ride at most, I live in Albert Park) to be really enjoyable as I felt comfortable with my girlfriend driving behind me and as a result got home safely.

    Since then I decided I should get some practice and as I live opposite the Grand Prix track which has a 40km speed limit and quite a few turns, I thought it would be the best place to start...

    I have had the best time just tootling around at 40 - 60km/h I have had in such a long time, cars just cannot compare to this.. it was incredible... I have a lot of work to do to hone my basic skills but even with just those basic skills I had such a great time....

    I got home only to find I had locked myself out and as a result had to actually ride to Chadstone where my missus was to pick up the keys, I felt comfortable enough to do this so took off, the whole thing was surreal, I was obviously very nervous about idiot drivers so took my time and was as careful as I could possibly be and had my wits about me (which helped when an L plate driver pulled out of a side street in front of me) and got there in one piece and have just returned home. I am a bit worn out after a couple of hours riding but it was so worth it... I just cant wait to get back out there!!!!!!!

    Ill give myself a rest and some lunch first I think though......

    Ill get some pics up of my bike soon too, its just your ordinary Honda Spada in red, few nicks here and there but I paid 3K for it with a RWC as a learner machine so Im not fussed about it looking perfect.

    Sorry to rattle on... Im just pumped.......
  2. goodonyamate!!! what a buzz...........stay upright and ride like you are invisible :cool:
  3. Way to Go !! and a GREAT Ist Ride !!
    Rattle on all you like, Ive only had my Learners 3 mths now, so my FIRST ride is still pretty fresh in my memory. Its the ONE ride I think you'll ALWAYS remember.
    And if you take on board all the GREAT advice that the experienced riders here offer us newbies .. You'll be well on your way to becoming a skillfull and safe rider. I know I have so much I am yet to learn, and have always found the guys and gals here so helpful.

    Welcome to the Club :biker:
  4. Well done on your first ride. I have had my bike a week now. Went out again this morning, did a few practice turns and stops etc down the car park this morning then rode into the royal womens hospital to visit my mum. I'd gone to where i purchased the bike first and got myself a new lock.

    It was my first time parking anywhere on the footpath. It was pretty cool. Though didn't know how I was going to get up the gutter. Rode to the pedestrian crossing and went up there..

    ANyway it was my first trip into the city and I did it easy. Along paco road into brunswick road then to royal parade...was really good, I loved it.

    So I share your enthusiasm at the ride. Tomorrow might tackle my first bit of 100km somewhere.

    Anyone got any tips for the first highway/freeway ride?
  5. Hello and Welcome :grin: See you on the road soon and we can compare spuds.
  6. Congrats.

    Another rider is always welcome.
  7. Good onya for getting on 2 wheels.. Stay safe and enjoy.. :grin:
  8. I to have only had my L's for a couple of months and i can remember my first ride it was too........... no no wait it was too.......... ohhhh bugger it i can't remember that far back.
  9. So you forgot your keys? :LOL:
    Well done on just getting out there and riding. It can definitely be a bit daunting at the start, but sounds like you're doing great!
  10. The first ride is daunting but exhilarating
  11. ^^ +1

    they say you don't forget your 1st time...
  12. Nice. Congrats. :grin:
  13. Did they see you about the rear rack?? I did tell Sam & Brian about it the other day when I was there

    for your first ride in the 100km's just be aware that the wind can throw you abit and any trucks that pass can blow you abit too
    but the main thing is not to grip the bars too hard, relax, the bike will look after you.
    OH and I forgot to reply to your question the other day
    I got about 350km's a tank on the GPX

    congrats JCL
    the first ride is one you will never forget
    its such a personal acheivement

  14. Oh no they didn't, ill ask Sam this week. I went in yesterday and got a new lock but she wasn't there, and Brian was busy. I think it was him...

    Thanks for the 100km tips, i'd forgotten about the wind thing. Thanks for the reminder. I am gonna go out today a bit later, might attempt a small part of the highway. Will see how im going confidence wise... 350, that's great. Very happy about that. Thats the same as my damn car. lol

  15. Tuck your shirt in if the route involves highway speeds :LOL: I'm not a fan of draughts creeping in.

    And yeah I got 300km's on my GPX and decided to fill up since I was happy if I was getting that many/tank, 18L tank, and only 10 went in to get it back to a brimmer! But I guess that's in line with having 4L reserve, another ~60km's before going to reserve...I was surprised anyway!
  16. Congrats & welcome. It is an awesome feeling & it doesn't go away it's there everytime you swing you leg over your baby! \:D/
  17. Well I did my first freeway run today. Only a short way though, went onto the tulla at paco rd and went into flemington rd to the state hockey centre. It felt good, not much traffic around, sat on 100 and felt comfortable enough. Can see how the wind is a factor though. Another couple of weeks practicing and I'll be feeling really good. This parking stuff at the front door is just unreal. I'm still talking about it. lol