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My First Ride..

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by tyrelever, Apr 22, 2007.

  1. Heya All,

    Just wanted to share my first ride with you all...

    FINALLY got my jacket today at Narre Warren Honda (The only place open anywhere near me today) and that is the last bit of gear I needed..

    Got home at immediately got ready for my first ride. Ok all geared up and ready to go. NERVOUS!!!!! REALLY Nervous, feels like the first drive of the car all by yourself :D

    I live out the back of Pakenham and if anyone lives around this area you will know that there are a lot dirt roads, mostly 80/100Km. Took me a good 15 mins to get down the dirt road that I live on, man the road is loose.... Got onto the paved road and get up to 80kmph. I go to shift up one more gear, ah ok im in 6th already Jeez a 250 needs a few 1000 revs to get to 80 let alone 100Kmph :D

    Oh yeah, I ride over a white line in an intersection and almost lose my front wheel... NOW I remember the guys at HART giving some good advice to stay off the bloody things..

    And to the guy who gave me a nod just near the intersection of McGregor Rd and Princess Hwy - Sorry I didnt nod back, too busy co-ordinating the braking, gear changes, indicator and the not-hitting-the-car-who-just-braked-hard-in-front :D

    So, Ive managed to have my first ride, my first oh shit moment, my first nod and my first friggen car cut me off.

    LOVIN IT and cant wait until the next one!
  2. WOOT you survived. Hopefully you will be able to enjoy your next ride. I just rode on the back streets, but its easy for me to say because I live in country victory and there are hardly any cars around.
  3. Ah yes the memories of my first ride, and on a zzr as well..

    Good onya for making your maiden voyage. May there be plenty of fun and safe riding .. :grin:
  4. glad to hear uv enojyed ur first experience. it will only get better n better as u go on. enjoy and happy safe riding.
  5. good on ya man!

    my first ride wasnt that long ago either, meant to be a spin around the block but ended up being about 120km long.

    safe riding for the future!
  6. Congrats on the first ride!! Misssion acomplished. It really gets the adrenaline going and you cant but not help love that feeling.
  7. Excellent news mate, glad to hear you enjoyed it!

    I find riding like a game, whereby I'm pacman, the road is filled with little dots and each car is a ghost, trying to get me :(

    My first ride was on a mates CBR250RR that he'd owned for about 30 minutes, I asked to go for a spin and he's like "Sure go ahead", when I got back he asked how much riding experience I had, I looked at my watch and said "Oh about 20 minutes" lol he was a little shocked but also impressed (as was I) that I had done so well on my first go.

    It was hilarious at the licence test when I went up to pay for it before we began, the guy is like "Are you excited to go for your first ride? You keen on getting your license today?" and I said "Yeah, pretty keen, otherwise I better take the backroads on the way home" lol

    I got the license that day :D
  8. Hehe, great isn't it? :grin: Congrats on your first time...no going back!

    Following too close! Leave lots of space while you're green :)
  9. Indeed! Lesson learned and learned well :p

    Thanks for the cudos guys, look forward to passing you on the roads sometime (passing, not overtaking :D )
  10. Great to hear you're loving it. Keep riding...keep learning....keep your wits about you....keep having fun. My first ride was absolute gobsmackingly awesome. I remember riding around and around the little seaside town I lived in and then I went and pulled up at the local boatramp carpark and got out and sat on the grass and thought "Holy shit..Holy shit" over and over again...I knew at that moment that I was hooked. Sounds like you are too. Always a good thing. :cool:

    Have fun!
  11. Congratulations on your first ride, I hope you did get some enjoyment as well as experiences :).
    I totally agree with you about the dirt roads up your way. They are very loose and I had to steer clear of the large rocks. But as others have said it is the best type of riding experience that you will get, and will help you be far more comfortable on sealed roads.
    I am not sure about trying to do powerslides lol.
    I hope you have had many more rides by now and are really starting to enjoy your rides. :)