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My First Ride

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by oggle, Apr 6, 2006.

  1. So I Picked up my brand new bike yesterday, all shiney , ahhh, signing papers sign more papers. then one of the most exciting times in my life the dealer hands me the keys, ahhhhhhhhhh... So there i am outside the shop with the big yellow shark facing the dream..
    I place my also new battle armour on piece by piece, jacket check, dry pants check helmet check, gloves, check..

    I gaze out to the battle field, its a world of black and grey with the remains of a fresh rain slowly evaporating..

    I staddle the great yellow shark, and hit the ignition, and as the beast roars into action a tsunami of pleasure flows thru me, exciting every molecule within me, and so it begins just as i new it would do.

    The clutch is released and the great yellow shark springs forth into action, i merge in my lane, vehicles part just like the red seas, as they admire this marvel of mechanicial machinery. A change to second, the roll of the throttle, the smooth growl and there i am stopped a the lights.

    All eyes are on me, people are pointing, girls are battering their eyelids, because i am now the tamer of this great shark beneath me, a change of light colour, bang i stall ,,, nervous now i kick the beast back to life, we surge off, no longer in a control motion.. I proceed down the hill the engine dies, i drop the clutch its back to life but dies when cultch is applied..

    I pull over, my machinery is dead and i have now idea why, clearly flustered, examining the instruments i see no reason why this is happening,.. Once again all eyes are on me, but no longer am i the tamer of the great yellow shark,.. Confidence at an all time low,,, I fumble around in my newly purchased gloves, then i realise my damn KILL Switch is on,.

    I've made 2 Kilometres in 30 minutes my time saving machine is hardly the Professor's Delorian, I regain composure, on back on track , i hit the tarmac, traffic is once again in awe of the machine, and the man that rides her..

    Turns, stops, traffic lights all successfully negociated, trams trucks busses cars all seem to blur by, Then up in the distance i spot danger, tram tracks heading in the same direction as me, i am required to cross over a single line then cross back, ...

    i make the first pass, no major trouble, on the cross back diaster strikes, the rear wheel wants to slide, then seemlessly we fall,, back into line and the obstacle has been somewhat sucessfully negotiated..

    as i float back from euphoria i realise, the great shark as lead me to foreign waters, now dark and with the stench of an on coming rain filling my lungs, i point the great shark back to the misty haze of the city.

    An hour and a half later the 31 Kilometre battle is now completed, I step off an admire my weapon, in a victorious uptoia I slowly make my way indoors so I too can rest in preparation for the next time..
  2. Glad you enjoy your ride on the yellow beast.

  3. I know exactly what you mean.!
  4. That sounds like some HSC english responce! lol
  5. the first ride is awesome isnt it??

    Glad you didn't do what I did - forgot to turn the fuel switch on!
  6. :grin: Great description of your first ride, Now don't tell us about your second one because i'm not reading another post that long :LOL:
  7. Congrats Oggle on your first ride.

    Happy motorcycling,
  8. ... or run out of fuel!
    I brought my new toy home but when I wanted to go for a ride a few hours later it wouldn't start. I couldn't believe the brand new, known for its reliability machine would already break down, and sure enough it didn't - it's just that the cheap bastards gave me exactly enough fuel to get me home... the distance of 4kms.

    Enjoy your yellow shark! :)
  9. Well done oggle, hope we see you on a ride soon...
    although it ain't the best weather for it at the minute.
  10. Congrats there on the first ride.. It most certainly is a buzz..
  11. And guess what...it gets better. Much, much better!