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My first ride.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by thatdarnweasel, Mar 5, 2012.

  1. At last!
    I've been staring at / sitting on / familiarising myself with my VTR250 for the past week and this last weekend (which was a killer, since I missed my Ls knowledge test on saturday and had to do it today - so many missed riding opportunities), and finally, FINALLY today I came home with those shiny yellow L-plates clutched victoriously, and hopped immediately into the saddle.

    I'm sure everyone is a bit nervous when headding out for the first time onto the road with cars and... people...and... kids...and cars crawling all over the place, but all it took was a few hundred metres down the road to feel just 'right' on the bike.
    First time actually riding my new toy, and it touches me in very nice ways in nice places.
    I only stalled a couple of times. It's a hilly area! (Actually, still too used to being an auto-driver, need to pull that clutch in on stopping.)

    A bit of a downer that one of my neighbours left me a note complaining about the exhaust fumes while i was warming the bike up. Whoops...
    We live next to a retirement home, so I was half expecting one about the noise of the un-baffled staintune. Still... I reckon I'll just ride gently with the choke a little on and warm it up curbside, out of our garage (which does fairly point towards the neighbours' place).

    I'm so hooked. Gunna be riding at every opportunity I think :)

    REALLY looking forwards to getting enough traffic confidence to head out along sea-cliff bridge, and up to robertson pie shop.
    Maybe I'll see you out there!
  2. Good stuff mate.

    Hi my name is Ryan, I'm also an addict.

    Keep it upright, stay safe and more importantly, have fun whilst doing the first two points.
  3. welcome to NR and riding :)
  4. We all are serving time on netrider with the same addiction,
    Hello im Jack and im a motorbike addict:)
    Enjoy the friendly atmosphere and i hope you meet some fun new riding friends
    Have fun and stay safe.
  5. Hello. I'm loving riding to. Last week was the first time I actually "rode somwehere" as opposed to just riding around and around the streets for practice. I rode to a local cafe (also going on an 80km road for the first time), reverse angle parked at the curb, had a coffee, then got back on and rode home. Woot!
  6. This is starting to sound like one of those AA or NA meetings,

    Hi I'm (insert name here) and I'm addicted.

    Welcome Weasel
  7. Sweet dude, well done (to all) - keep an eye out for the tin can clunkers, enjoy the rides !
  8. Mate, I would be riding up the seacliff bridge before going up the pass to Robertson. It's a bit easier for learners. Too many idiots who can't drive go up the pass along with narrow roads in parts of it , its probably not a good mix if your not confident riding yet. Seacliff is a nice ride , has a nice flow and not so many idiot drivers who don't use their gears ( yes even in an auto ) that ride their brakes all the way. Stop at bald hill and see a mass of bikes. Cruise The old highway and once you get confident then try the national park , the pass . If your heading south try jamberoo. There are a couple tricky corners but most of it is flowing with good vision through the corners as it is surrounded by paddocks (just watch out for cow shit ) and it's a nice loop to kiama. I have been doing these rides on a Vtr250 also with a staintune and its been a blast. We are lucky we have great roads down here. Build up to them along with your confidence and you will never want to stop riding. Enjoy...