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My First Ride ZXR-250

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Froggz, May 18, 2011.

  1. Hey all. Been on my L's for a few weeks and decided it was time to get a Sports bike like i had always wanted :biker:
    I have always liked the look and "stance" Sports bikes had especially with Full fairings.

    Found a ZXR250A for a good price.

    The only issue i have had with Her is the battery had dropped a cell but i will be fixing that issue in the next 24 hours but when she is going it has a very nice sound to it.

    P.S just curious, Are the ZX2R and ZXR250 the same bike, have seen a few "ZX2R" that look very similar

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  2. Nice ride, wanted one of these but couldn't find one when I was buying. And yep, zx2r/zxr250 are the same bike
  3. Yeah im very keen to take her out on a big ride.
    Got a new battery on charge and hopefully that shouldnt take too long.
    Will it matter if i take the battery off charge early??
  4. She looks gorgeous :) Congrats on the bike!
  5. looks clean and love the colour! :D
  6. Nice bike, hope you see many happy days on it.
  7. I am cruiser man myself, but that doesn't mean I can't admire the sports rides every now and then ... hey who knows my second bike may just end up being one of them.
    Nice ride, and as it happens blue is my favourite colour.
  8. Starts all on her own now, (thank god) and goes like a dream :D
    Sounds very nice especially in the higher revs ;)

    One thing i have relised though is that if i put highbeams on it doesnt give and power to my speedo so i cant see it at night (with highbeams on) but other than that its a very happy purchase :D

    Any ideas on how to fix the highbeam issue. Thanks
  9. got a multimeter? check the voltage of the battery at idle and at around 5-6k rpm. Could be a spent battery or a problem with the reg rec/alternator.

    that's about where my help ends, post a thread in the technical subsection, would get a fair bit more helpful responses there
  10. Nice bike mate. I almost bought one of those for my first bike. Ended up with a CBR-RR. Same sort of thing. Enjoy mate.
  11. I've got one of these, zxr250c '93, while i'm still on restrictions it's awesome wikid for a first/beginner streetbike!
  12. Yeah im loving my bike, im sure i will until i get off my restrictions