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my first ride with a Pillion

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by awseome, Sep 15, 2008.

  1. My fiancee has ( Had ) started showing some limited interest in riding albeit, as a pillion. so one day i took her out riding to yarra valley and man it was painfull. first every time i braked she just leant on me hence putting a lot of pressure on my wrists. second she could not work out how to sit and contantly banged my helmet with hers. at corners if i wanted to go right she went left and the bike went straight. we managed to reach some understanding about moving with the bike after a few non serious incidents.

    so just throwing it out there how should one ride with a pillion????

  2. To pillion correctly you both must work as a team. For short commutes its not too bad, but you really need some buddy time to hit the twisties.
    My suggestion is to get her and yourself to a carpark, and practice figure eights and stops.

    Also its about her fear factor of flying off the back of the bike or tipping into a corner (hence the above practice).

    Also feathering the clutch a lot more helps smooth out those jerky responses when accelerating. For breaking, you will need to use those thighs of yours a bit more to avoid excess pressure on the wrists.

    My partner rides on the back of my RC8 sometimes, and it feels like she's not even there.
  3. Well ... when I wuz a teen, me mates wd get all excited at how on carrying Pillions of the opp sex, we could "anticipate" twin small deep bruises round our upper backs ... :grin:

    Right turn, Pillion leans left :LOL: Haha, I recall that one! They used to argue how they were providing "added stability" to the bike! Like, y'know in those sidecar races!! Just ask them to picture, they're driving, they turn the steering wheel (R), and you as Fr seat passenger, grabs the wheel and attempts to turn (L)!! That's how it feels!
  4. Yep brings back memories. I doubled my mum on back around the block on my road trail. Fark was it uncomfortable.

    If i turned right, she moved her body left, transferring the weight over and i was fighting with the steering as my turning was being cancelled out :LOL:

    Then my dad, he was just being a idiot and hugging me like a fag, touching my nipples and so fourth :shock:

    But i would love to take a girlfriend or something for a cruise provided they listen and trust me that the bike is not going to fall over!
  5. thanks might do just that :)
  6. It's like sex with someone new.

    Ya just gotta get used to working together with that big throbbing beast between your legs :LOL:
  7. +1.

    A helmet-strike means the pillion has "fallen forward" because of a sudden change in acceleration/deceleration, too fast for them to react to. Do they have handrails to hang onto, or are they using your own body to hang on?

    Braking, acceleration and gear-changing can seem smooth to the rider/driver of a vehicle because they can anticipate the forces as they occur. Passengers can not. Y'gotta be like a Chauffer. :grin:

    Mind you - it doesn't mean that you can't ride/drive 'fast'! It just means you have to be smooooooooooooooooooth with your inputs.

    Edit: Oh - Asking the pillion to squeeze your hips using their thighs/knees can help stop them from sliding around on the seat too - just like how we riders squeeze the tank with our legs. :)

  8. i will keep all that in mind next time around which is not going to be far away. thanks for the input's spots. appreciate that
  9. If I have a first timer on the back I tell them to make like a sack of spuds

    Dont lean in

    Dont Lean Out

    Just sit there.

    And remember, when youve got someone on the back dont ride as hard as when your by yourself cause if you come a gutsa your not just going to injure/kill yourself

  10. I pillion with my missus from time to time. Usually out to lunch or football whatever.

    I get her to learn forward and rest her hands on the tank to support her own weight. That takes the pressure off your nuts and wrists, then on corners she just sits there or goes with me slightly.

    On sunday hitting the freeway onramp she made this cute little scream.. she said she felt like the bike was gonna tip over but thats just cos ive never realy got any real lean happening with her on the bike an shes not used to the feeling. :cool:

    Just be extra careful and extra smooth, use lots of rear brake pulling u turns and going slow through roundabouts. :) Remember that its not just your life your responsible for but your passenger as well. Make sure they have full gear too!! :wink:
  11. Counter-steer, counter-steer, counter-steer!

    Counter-steering does not need you to dedicate your weight to any extreme, especially around city streets. If you do more of this you will find this will help you carry your passenger through with you.

    Regarding their weight - they should have their hands on the tank. I call it the 'crab' position, their arms should be bent around your body with their palms facing out, not grabbing onto you. They then lock into this. Their hands and tank will then take the pressure when you brake. Their calves should be holding onto the tail of the bike with their legs (at the knee/quads) firmly wrapped onto you. I recommend keeping a bit of distance our bodies when possible, depending on their size.

    Regarding shifting around - ultimately you need to anticipate this but I strongly advise anyone I pillion to not shift their weight either way. They should stay straight with the bike and I will compensate for their weight. Often I can feel where their helmet is - this is where their weight is. Ideally they should be looking over your shoulder, this is often the most comfortable place for a pillion - just make sure they choose a side they like and don't change too frequently.

    With the above I've taken many a pillion, and also been a pillion. I've been around the now-closed-off section of the Old pac through corners at just shy of 100kmh (I could see the speedo) as a pillion on a CBR600R. Scary as hell, but at no time did I fear coming off - I just feared crashing. ha.

    I reccomend pillioning yourself if you can - if I could give you any opinion to impart on your pillion as how they should feel, it is like riding a roller coaster - their arms and legs should be locked in such a way that no matter how much they're bouncing around or flying off the seat they will not actually come off. They don't need to be 100% fixed all the time, they should be relaxed, bouncing around all over the place with the stiff suspension, and just locked in tight.
  12. thanks for the tips guys, i will make her read them too :) so she understands how it all works.

  13. Gently! If she bangs her helmet on yours, it's your fault, if she puts weight on your wrists it's your fault, and if she leans the wrong way it's your fault.

    I ask my pillions to look over my inside shoulder, this stops them from leaning the wrong way.
    She needs to either hang on, or put her hands around your waist onto the tanks for braking.
    The helmet banging is using the throttle to hard..needs to be gently on and off.
    I've heard many stories of pillions having one ride, being scared sh1tless, and never riding again, because the rider has had no thought for the pillion and has braked and accelerated hard, and cranked it way over in the corners. This is not the way to get the confidence of the pillion.
  14. i took my girlfriend for a ride the first time a few weeks ago...

    you've just gotta talk to them first before setting off. all that was mentioned above, plus the simple stuff like, get on and off on the left side of the bike, and never to take her feet off the pegs, even when we stop.

    all went well, but it was probably a bit easier for me... she only weighs 45kg, and i weigh about 90, so even if she did try and lean the other way, i'd still win :)
  15. Get one of your mates to take you as a pillion, then you'll know what they have to put up with!
  16. I took my first pillion last week as well. Fortunaly he's been on the back of his dad's bike all the time and he kinda knows what to do. He's also been riding for a few years now. So my first experience for me wasnt too bad. The bike just felt abit heavier but had a good input from the pillion about how fast I'm accelerating out or how fast I'm coming to a stop. Still knowing that he's been pillioning heaps I still use all the controls much more gently than when I'm riding by myself. But still good experience tho.
  17. Never dinked anyone, as my licence (filthy, lowly L's) doesn't allow it. I've been told I'm an alright pillion though, and I follow pretty much what karl2ltgc said; neutral body position or follow the lean of the rider slightly and use the tank with hands for stops. If the rider wants something 'special' done (ie hold around their waist so they don't have to freak out about me falling off) then I'll just go with that.

    Seeing as I ride I don't freak about leaning - it just happens because you're on 2 wheels. I'm not sure how I'd go about explaining that to somone who hasn't had that experience, but maybe just laying it straight would be a good option; bikes lean when they corner because otherwise they'd fall over. Then go on and say to keep in line with the bike/make like a sack of spuds/whatever explanation or instruction seems good at the time.

    - boingk
  18. just takes time..

    give it 10 rides and you'll both be fine.
  19. A pillion is not someone that just sits on the back of the bike and enjoys the ride...A pillion should be thought of as a "Co-Rider."
    (Why not...every move they make effects the bike).

    Educate your Pillion on what they need to be doing...explain the above statement, so that they realize, their presence is a direct influence on the bike and how it is controlled...

    Get in some practice....work together, and in no time at all, you'll both be hanging off together through corners!..wehoo!!