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My first ride- VTR250

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by DarthRider, Apr 2, 2012.

  1. Hey everyone!
    After a long two weeks of searching and researching, I have finally rolled my first ride into my driveway! I picked up a VTR250, so I believe I'll be fitting in with everyone here quite well..

    Thanks to this forum for such helpful advice. This place is really a knowledge goldmine. I'll put up some pics now!

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  2. Re: My first ride!

    Oh, and by the way. There are three things I wanted to ask..
    Firstly, what petrol is best in the bike? Secondly, I need to take her in for a service soon, possibly a full service. Does anyone know a good mechanic within the Bankstown-Strathfield area. And finally, who's best for insurance! And what type of insurance should I pick up?
  3. I have a 99 vtr250 and was told to use 98 fuel. Trooper lu is a good shop I am told by a few people and for insurance I was with Nrma on my L's and P's as no-one else wanted to touch inexperienced riders , they just asked how long I had a nsw license for? But now for my gsxr750 Nrma wanted $1300 and swann are $450 for comprehensive which covers everything. Hope that helps. Enjoy the ride...
  4. I have a 1998 VTR and 95 or 98 are ok. DON'T USE SHELL FUEL. Swann Insurance $20 bucks a month.
  5. I went with QBE, astonishly cheap, saved me $1000.
    Nice bike btw
  6. welcome and nice bike, get full comp insurance for peace of mind, someone mentioned puncture/tyre insurance that may or ay not be to your liking
  7. They are an awesome bike, it will really help develop your skill set. I have been enjoying the one I bought my girlfriend, and she has been making great progress for someone who has never ridden before. Goes to show that it can suit from some completely new to riding, right through to a bigger person who has been riding for a while.
  8. Thanks for the warm welcome guys. Yes, this bike has certainly captured my heart. I'll be sure to read further into the insurance soon.
    I have a question, however. I went for my first ride today- and stalled several times :( - but I realised something weird when I got home. Firstly, the bike was warm under my legs, even though the ride was only 20mins long. Secondly, there was a smell coming from somewhere near the engine- sort of like burnt rubber or plastic. I'm honestly worried. The only thing I did that was slightly weird was pull in the clutch half way at around 50km/h to rev at a cager trying to turn in front. I also pull in the clutch halfway to manuver at low speeds. Am I doing this right? Or is this clutch usage excessive and I am doing something to the engine?
    Ah, newbie problems. Thanks for any help
  9. Hmm.. :-s The laws of thermodynamics dictate that a fairly significant by-product of the otto-cycle engine is heat. Some of that heat goes towards warming the bike up. Try to think of it as a feature that will help keep your lower body warm on the colder days. :)

    What was the temperature gauge on the bike showing? It's probably fine as long as it doesn't go too far past half-way on normal (<30 degree) days. If it goes higher than that, then you may have an issue with the fan or some other part of the cooling system. When I got my bike the fan was busted and it used to heat up, but only got really bad when I was in slow moving traffic. Replacing the fan fixed the issue for me.

    It's going to be pretty hard to tell what the smell is across the internet, and will also be hard to accurately critique your clutch control.

    It should be possible to ride a vtr250 pretty slowly in first gear without ever needing to have the clutch in, and if you're making a habit of riding around at any sort of speed with the clutch halfway-in then it's probably something you ought to work on. Have you driven a car before? The fundamentals of clutch-related mechanical sympathy are pretty similar for both cars and bikes (in fact, outside of taking off from a stop, the clutch is less necessary on a bike due to the way the gearbox works)..

    It's possible that the smell was clutch related (though with a wet clutch it would take a fair amount of punishment to get to the point where you could smell it).. It could be anything really though - eg. could have been something as simple as a bit of oil on the engine or exhaust burning off after your cruise, or it could have been something more complex... I won't go into any other possibilities as they'll probably just panic you unnecessarily :)

    (If it starts again), take it out for another run and see if you get the same smell again.. If so, see if you can narrow down the area that it coming from :)

    Fuel-wise, the VTR can hardly be considered highly-strung, so pretty much anything you can buy in Australia should be okay for it..
  10. I have not had any pinging on regular 91 octane fuel (not with ethanol), but have been opting for 95 when I am going to lean on it a bit.

    As you have noticed that model does not have a temp gauge, so that makes it a bit harder, but as long as your temp light is not coming on you should be fine as far as that is concerned.
  11. I have not had an issue with mine at all. Just keep check of oil and coolant levels regularly. They are a bloody reliable bike and they're fun too...
  12. I've used 91RON in mine for as long as I've had it with no issues at all, altho have a preference for BP and hate Shell.

    I think I put 95RON in it once ('cause that outlet didn't have 91) and didn't notice any difference. Without a fuel gauge, it's difficult to say if the economy would have been better (I didn't run it to reserve that time).
  13. Use the fuel the manual says to use. You do not get more oomph from the higher Ron fuels if the engine isn't designed to make use of the Ron. You might get some benefit from the other magic snake oil they put in the premium fuels.

    By the way ignore the crap said about shell fuels.

    - - -
    Tapatalking loud, saying somethin'
  14. Agree with Rob. I used Shell fuel in my '05 VTR250 for 3 and a half years... never had an issue...
  15. Agreed.

    I can provide workshop manual if you want it Darth?
  16. Is that in PDF form? I would like a copy if so.
  17. Yep it is.

    39mb...let me find somewhere to host it.

    Hmm not working, need to fix it up later.

    This should work now:link removed. Let me know if you want it and I'll PM it.
  18. Awesome, thanks for that.
  19. Thanks guys for the great info.
    To Mr. Pastafarian I'm definitely interested in that manual if you're still up for it. Looking forward to spotting some of you guys on the road!