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My first ride. Suzuki GSX250f

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by Macca1983, Jun 6, 2011.

  1. Picked it up last week and have been on it every chance possible. Sure its 15years old but besides a few minor scratches on the reight hand side I think it's pretty cool. Quick enought off the mark for me for now and so easy to handle, really really enjoyable.
    And the Magnum exhaust makes a beautiful sound once she hits 6k


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  2. Congrats dude. Nice looking bike.

    (I love the Across).
  3. Cool. Looks tidy. Mine was brand new at the end of January, and it doesn't look as tidy as that.
  4. Mate it's a lot tidier than mine that's for sure... You'll love it. :D

  5. Very practical 250. Nice choice.
  6. Looks good, oh and that tankboot is amazingly handy......
  7. Its also amazingly good at warming up your lunch and everything else in there....

    Make sure to wear earplugs with this noisy little engine.
  8. Ha yeah went to pie in the sky on mine not too long ago. My sister wanted a pie. She was quite shocked to see an intact pie, let alone one that was piping hot after coming home VIA west head!

    Also handy for beers too, take out the felt shit and fill it with ice put a few of your choice in there. Should still be good and cold when you get to the party.

    Girls are always impressed by how safe their handbag is too.
  9. Lol now I want an across...