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My first ride plus a few questions!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by pastafarian, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. A little background on my previous riding experience - the pre learners and that's it!

    I got my first bike this week (VTR250) and due to the rain was a little scared to take it out the first time i've been on public roads in the wet. Well this morning I decided f@%k it, rain had stopped for 30 minutes and radar look pretty clear.

    When leaving my street and turning right an old guy was bringing in his bin, he was staring at me the whole time, even after I gave him a nod! Not sure what was up with that? haha. Anyway i live in a suburban/borderline industrial area so the speed limit is 50/60 with wide speed bumps here and there.

    A few observations I made:
    I was worried about roundabouts for some reason, now though I'm not sure why. I'm guessing turning right/uturn on a small one might be a little harder.

    I caught myself doing way under the speed limit on some occasions, eg 40 in a 60 zone. Lucky there was no one around otherwise it might have caused some issues considering how impatient people are. Speed is just something I've gotta get used too I guess.

    Forgot about the blinker a few times, and I hit the horn a couple of times when i went to cancel it :oops:

    There aren't any real bends where I rode, so I'm thinking i should go somewhere to practice road position and corning properly and not just at single lane intersections.

    Oil was easier to spot than I thought.

    And now for my question, at night, can i use high beam as I would in a car, or is it just not that bright that i can always turn it on at night?
  2. haha don't worry dude I hit the horn button when using indicators all the time
    just today I was getting on my bike, I have a milk crate now so it's harder to get on (tall bike), and I kneed the horn button, held it down for a good second and a half.

    the highbeam, treat it the same as you would in your car or else you'll piss people off just as much.

    welcome :)
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  3. pastafarian, whereabouts are you riding - p'matta or CC? If its the CC I can give you a few suggestions about where to find some good suburban twisty streets to practice cornering at legal speeds - mostly 50-60 when you get up to that. As you know there are plenty of roundabouts up the CC, of all range of difficulties. I can point out a few more difficult ones to practice on, if you like.
  4. The bike is at Parra until I get enough confidence to jump on the freeway, after the drive up the coast in my car today lets just say at 80/90 km/hr I'm not exactly tempted to jump on the F3.. haha. I know I wouldn't have trouble up on the coast, suggestions won't hurt though thanks.
  5. Baby steps mate - sounds like you're thinking things through......this is a good thing.
    Respect it and you'll do just fine (y)

    BTW - I like your forumID....PastaFarian - with his noodley appendages :D
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  6. can't use high beam in built up areas, same as for cars
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  7. try Bay Rd Bat Bay/The Entrance,
    Cullens Rd Kincumber
    Narara ValleyWay
    Pac Hwy through Fountaindale
    Willoughby Rd Terrigal
    The ridgeway

    The slipperiest roundabouts are near the entrance to the industrial park at Tuggerah, just East of the Rlwy bridge and the one near Wyong Golf course. There's a couple of tricky roundabouts near Bay Rd to watch out for too. I like most of the Wyong Rd roundabouts otherwise, but you do need to watch out for smidsys along there as its two lanes.
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  8. I grew up at The Entrance so know all about the roundabouts on Wyong rd :p I easily slide on the one on the hill before mingara and the one on the hill near pindari ave. Tempted to get a postie just to keep at my parents place haha. Thanks for the list.
  9. Not sure what the rules are in regards to double posting but all I can say after my second ride is this is too much fun. Only stopped because My Dad was coming over..

    So tempted to ride to work tomorrow haha.
  10. its addictive isn;t it !
  11. Good on ya mate. Don't worry too much just practice riding and feeling the bike. You will get the hang of it really quick, main thing is enjoy yourself on it.

    By the way, my headlight is pretty crap on my VTR. Not sure if its the angle or just how it is. Even upgrading the bulb, its brighter but still can't get good distance compared to my car.
  12. The best thing you can do, is ride till your bum is so sore, you can't sit down...then go out riding.
    Don't worry...your concern about roundabouts was/is justified. Take them easily in the wet.