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my first ride on a Honda VFR 800F

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by gags, Nov 13, 2008.

  1. Yes i scummbed to the need of a 2 wheeler. Used to ride Deauville in 2004 and 2005.But after an accident where my 8 month pregnant wife had to ride with me in the ambulance, after me repeating the same things over and over again (conscussion "hope i spelt it right) i am finally the proud owner of a Honda VFR 800F. A bike that is a lot easier to ride than the Deauville. Beautiful in the corners and very easy to manuver. Here is a brief summary of my ride.Hopefully someone finds it beneficial.

    Had my first ride from "New World Honda" great guys (thanks Rob and Grant) and they had about 4 different rides lined up for me to choose from (namely Hornet 600, Hornet 900, CBR600RR, VFR 800F), but after the VFR nothing compared. So put down a deposit last week and picked the bike up today. I am not a regular rider rather a newbie. The bike is beautiful to look at but when you start the engine a new world entices you. It didn't feel like the hornet (try and touch the throttle and i will show you) rather felt like ( i can do what you want me to). So after a brief 20 Km ride on the freeway and a few twists and bend i was convinced.
    Bike Pick up
    Got there sharp and early at about 0900 and Grant was there to give me a hand (Rob had scrubbed in the tires after about 4 Km of riding), After the normaly formalities (insurance, paperwork) Got on the bike and rode to Belgrave Hallm turnoff. The wind was annoying and to run the bike in deciced i would not take the freeway so back to Berwick on the Princes Highway and then back on to the freeway. The wind was schocking so road at about 80 -90Km to be safe. Got to drouin and then back on the Princes Hwy (letting the engine run in) and back home to warragul. Relaxed and lokked at it for a while.
    Mate of mine showed up and we were back on to Tararalgon and then via Glengarry , Willgrove , Yarragon . During this time had few corners , great and easy to lap up the kms without taxing your body to much. The bike felt at ease leaning into and coming out of corners. The engine (standard exhaust) sounded great and bike manuverability in the end hepled me with my confidence a fair bit. My helmet started playing up and hurting my right ear (gotta have the helmet looked at) stopped at Yarrgon for a coffee. The rode home at parked it in the garage. The bike was very stable and easy to pull back up. Just a joy to ride. After about 150Km back at home and now enjoying a few beers. Thanks Honda for a great bike. Hoping to ride in the coming few weeks and clocking up the km to gain my confidence back up.
    Hope you enjoyed reading.

  2. Nice, they are awesome bikes so I hear, not that I've ever convinced anyone to let me try theirs :cry:

    But just so you know, constant same speed/revvs/load for a constant period is very bad for running in the engine.
  3. I have ridden one and when I hit about 6,600 RPM, the VTEC kicks in and off you go! Very nimble bike for its size. Congrats!
  4. Thanks Phizog,
    Yep variable speed, different gears is what i am doing to make sure i run it in perfect. The hard part is getting my confidence back up. Plus the fear factor is there (i think that is good and keeps me in check)

  5. Congratulations, good choice :wink:

    We've just had our first anniversary and had our vows confirmed... (though I really wish that was a metaphor for getting the aftermarket Staintune kit).

    Question, Metzeller tyres? I've just been priced $540 for a set of Bridgestone BT021s with fititng and balancing. I was a big fan of the BT010s I had on my old CBR600F so looking forward to 021s.

    I'd be interested to hear what you think, if they put the Metz on yours.

    Go and play with the VTEC as soon as you're comfy with the engine :LOL:
  6. Thanks . The tires are Dunlop SportmaxII.
    Have been looking at videos of various exhaust notes and Staintune does sound great. Will be ringing around on Monday to get some pricing.

    any suggestions for a VFR exhaust.

  7. Hey I'm looking to buy this bike. Just a couple of other factors I need to know. I'm 92 kg and 5 ft 10, and have short legs. What's your body type and do you believe that a nugget can suit this bike?
  8. Hmm, well I'm 5 foot 10 and 62 kilos and manage fine with a pillion so shouldn't think you would have a problem. Just how short do you mean your legs are?

    It''s a very comfy bike, too....
  9. I have shorter legs, most pants I buy I have to get altered.. it's a person with short legs thing, there will be a few here :LOL:
    I'll stop being lazy and check the seat height specs on the Honda website, and go sit on one at the shop.

    My wife weighs 55kg, me 92kg, (147kg) do you think this bike can handle that kind of weight?
  10. I like this bike, its in my top 4 choices for when I upgrade.
    I'd like to ask how you find the gearing? are you able to hold a high gear
    around corners and have enough oomph to pull out without having to drop down a gear on exit? .. In other words, has it got enough torque low in the rev range?

  11. Top gear is really a cruising gear. You can corner in it at speed but I prefer to drop to 5th generally for open road work. That's if you are staying out of the VTEC range where the second set of valves open. If you are playing up in the 7000 RPM plus section it is very torquey in all gears but your are generally working in the 3rd 4th and 5th range.
  12. Congrats !!!!
    ( some pics would be great ) :wink:
    The VFR800 was one of the bikes on my upgrade short list.
    Unfortunately the 240kg+ it comes with made me remove it from the list.
    ( I'm knee high to a grasshopper & weigh 62kg )
    Great looking bikes :)
  13. 240keggs! I didn't notice that VCM....
    gagan_singh or other owners, what is its km's per Litre then
    does anyone know?
  14. my boyfriend used to really struggle to get his CB1300 out the driveway - couldnt touch the ground, dropped it once in the driveway due to the height & weight

    But the VFR, while the seat is the same height, it;s narrower so he can touch the ground no problems, and gets it in & out the driveway with ease

    he's 5'7" and about 80kg.
  15. I often wonder why they don't include seat width in most specs for bikes.
    Would be extremely helpful to people like me in deciding which bikes to look at. I believe the CBR600F has a reasonably narrow seat, but yet to confirm.
  16. The 600F is pretty similar seat wise to the VFR VTEC. That's what I upgraded from :)

    214kg dry weight for the VFR, add a bit for fuel (22 litre tank). Apart from the height issue, seriously guys, if I can handle it's weight you shouldn't even be thinking about worrying about it :p

    (Just notched my suspension 1 click harder and it's such a beautiful ride now, bit more feedback from the road surface).
  17. Q: 240keggs! I didn't notice that VCM....
    gagan_singh or other owners, what is its km's per Litre then
    does anyone know?

    R: Stll running it in but get at least 250Km and still the last bar on the fuel gauge is there and is solid.
  18. Sorry for the late reply. In regards to your question for the vfr. I am 70 kgs and 5feet 7inches tall. I cannot put my whole foot down but i find it comfortable and easy. The bike is not too heavy. But i do have long legs. Hope this helps
  19. It really varies with mine. Commuting it's about 220ks (Parramatta road, should explain everything, stop start stop start ad nauseum). I took it to the Blue Mountains over the weekend and got about 350ks out with a bit of motorway and mainly smooth, stop free roads at 80/90kph.
  20. I've been wondering lately whether VFR might be the bike for me? It is a bit heavy, but not really heavier than Suzuki GSX650F, a bike I already considered seriously (and decided against, largely due to its weight - but that was when my requirements were a bit different)

    A couple of things on my current list of requirements are:

    1. some wind protection but also fairly relaxed riding position (if I wanted racing crouch I'd seriously consider GSXR750)

    2. perfect fuelling at the lower end of the range, at steady throttle and at on/off transitions. Yes, I know about VTEC - that's a different thing.

    3. really smooth engine, as in, no vibration. Some people might say having 'alive' pulsating engine under you is an essential part of motorcycling experience... I respect that view, but I don't share it! If there's one reason I look forward to electric bikes, it's that I want that smooth ride.... in the meantime, I thought V4 should come pretty close?

    So I'd appreciate any input from VFR owners - how does it rate in these areas?