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My first ride on a 1000cc

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Warmbourbon, Jun 27, 2007.

  1. We went to get a new front tyre on my cbr600 at our local honda dealer (sale honda) and was asked if i wanted to take a vtr1000sp for a ride, as any lively chap would say 'oh yeah' and John said ok; come back in an hour. So on the beast i get, very different feeling to my little 600, fire the beast up and what a sound it made (only standard pipes) but what an induction roar from the front of the bike, click it into first ,release the clutch and bam stall it, how embarasing, start the beast again, John says this will do over 140kmh in first gear, very tall,out the drive i go and down the road towards Maffra, unbelievable torque, unbelievable power 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th as long as you keep it up in the revs.in top at 100kmh your doing 3200rpm give it a bit or lots and its a dog; click it down to 2nd and give it a bit or lots and look out, your arms grow another 2 to 3 inches longer' woo hoo'.
    get to maffra and wait for bundy girl to catch up. park the vtr on the side of the road stop the roar of the induction, bundy girl pulls up, i said have a listen to this, go to start the bike up and low and behold a flat battery, a quick phone call to the local dealer in maffra and Toby rocks up with a jump start ,how good is that for service from Honda, he hangs around till i leave so i dont stall it again, no stalling this time and straight back to Sale, what a ride i had, awsome fun to be had. i just hope my next bike will be the same , hoping to up date to a cbr1000rr sooner than later .
    thanks John for the ride.

  2. VTRs are beast hey! I've taken one for a ride with full pipes and it was AWESOME!!!

    You do know the CBR1000 has four cylinders as opposed to two in the VTR? It will be completely different. Go for the SP!!!
  3. hay this was just a ride for the experience. and what an experience.
    love 4 cylinders instead of 2
    yes i do know
  4. Value for money you're better off with a 2nd hand 1000rr. VTR SPs still fetch ridiculous prices and honestly they're a fairly average bike for the money.
  5. not going to buy this bike, just able to go for a ride, going to buy a cbr1000rr when i can afford it. in not so far away :wink:
  6. What a shame there is only 4 slight bends in that 16km each way. I had better not tell my record of Maffra to Sale railway crossing but the VTR could match it!
  7. VTR1000 Firestorm was the first big bike I ever rode. From my CB250 to that beast! They rock!
  8. Hey there Warmbourbon
    Go and hit him (John at sale) up for a ride on a crb1000rr

    If you think the vtr has some poke, just wait till you give one of these babys a hand full.

    It will stretch not only your arms, the smile on your face will also stretch from ear to ear :grin:
  9. yes, the the cbr1000argh argh is certainly a smile stretching experience. i went from a cbr1000f to the rr and whilst not a great amount of difference in *usable* power....the change in giggle-factor is huge :grin:
  10. +1 to the big CBR.
    Not even two weeks on mine, god how I love every little thing about that bike.
    Cwooaaar, and I haven't really been game to go anywhere near the top end!

    _joel_ how many k's you get before the light comes on out of interest??
  11. 230-250 riding sensible, and the top-up is ~12L so there is still, wot, 4L? in the tank.

    180 being a knob :LOL:
  12. Holy shit thats good fuel usage! The most i get on 1000cc are around 160-200 taking it easy out in the country! and around town on the gas is like 90-100km.
  13. yeah, mogo/b'bay doesnt have a great deal of "around town" its all country :grin:
  14. Does your bike (any you owned/ridden?) have an instant fuel consumption as part of it's various features? Mine does and it's funny seeing 4.3L/100KM in flowing highway traffic @ (indicated, I think it's 94km/h by GPS reading) 100km/h. Then you see 15L/100KM or MAYBE more when doing *cough* semi hard acceleration from standing still to legal speed. Now there, we never :-w [-X :---) go over posted limit!
  15. nah, but the cross8 work-car did, hilarious the readouts when you absolutely plant it ........to legal speed of course ;)
    36L/100km :rofl:
  16. CBR1000rr6.

    G'day everyone,....

    Thats similar to what I get,.... 250k's then the fuel light comes on,...
    So far I'm impressed with the economy and the WOW factor when you open the throttle when getting onto the on-ramps to the ring road and such,..... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    And I have'nt got near its limmits yet!!

    Dr Who?
  17. Re: CBR1000rr6.

    I think you reached the limits with regards to the paintjob :grin:
  18. Glad you enjoyed your spin!

    They're fun aren't they?! :twisted:
  19. Christ - My 160 ks before orange light seems pretty bad.

    And believe me, I have really babied this bike (its new, its big, its been wet)

    What am I doing wrong - btw it has a PCIII and micron pipe/filter??????
  20. so you are all saying that the cbr1000 goes extremely well and for the size gets very good fuel economy, ever time i go and visit john i start to drool over the cbr1000 cant wait till i get one