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My First Ride On A 1000cc

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by MattyB, Mar 30, 2006.

  1. *picks his jaw up off the ground*

    that was quite possibly the most fun i've had in years.
    my mate rang me at 11am, asking me if he could come around because we had some things to do on the net for him,
    he rocked up on his newly acquired CBR1000RR Repsol, and his backpack looks unusually packed.
    he pulled out a spare helmet, my eyes lit up like a christmas tree.

    we did what we had to do on the net, then he offered to take me for a ride.
    first i told him we'll head up the road 5 minutes, pull over, look at cash converters, see how i feel, then continue.
    so i don'd the helmet, threw on some sturdy jeans and my HRT jacket (not very protective, but best i had in the closet)

    then we worked out some codes and rules,

    1 tap on the helmet - stop when you can
    2 taps on the helmet - stop as soon as possible

    left shoulder tap - turn left
    right shoulder tap - turn right

    and a tap on the side of his ribs to let him know i'm good to go.

    i jumped on the back, and we headed up the 60k road to glenroy,
    at the first turn, i anticipated it and made sure i didn't fight it.
    which was wrong, because he later told me i was setting myself up for the turn and he had to fight against me,
    but i loosened up and went with the flow after a couple of turns.

    we stopped, i jumped off with wobbly legs, immediately lit a cigarette, had a look at cashies,
    then he goes "have you had enough?" to which i replied post-haste "fcuk no! where to now!?"
    so we decided to go down to highpoint and check out the talent, which was non-existent.
    but still, had some lunch, had a look around, and off we went again

    we went onto the highway from highpoint, and in 1st gear, he gave it a decent amount of stick,
    my massive grin momentarily changed to the face you make when constipated after a huge amount of hungry jacks.
    it felt like we were about to lift off the ground and jet past the sesna flying past us above our head.

    after we stopped at my house, he tells me that he didn't twist it flat stick, he just rolled on the power.. jesus!

    so anyway, here i am, trying to calm down to a beer and a smoke, absolutely exhausted,
    but i tell ya.. 17 months from now i'll be buying on of those babys!
    but maybe an 06 model, just to go one better :p

  2. Awesome isn't it :grin: just remember man, respect that twist grip :wink:
  3. I am very envious. Still ain't been on a 1000. I have been pillion on phanoongy's 600 which was great, especially compared to my 250's but i would love to know the feeling of a much bigger bike.
  4. i knew i had 'the bug' for about a year now.
    but right now i think it's less of a bug, more of a terminal disease which can only be cured by buying one :D
  5. Took my flatmate out the other night, Full throttle and clutchless redline upshifts up to fourth gear on the Bolte onramp - then took the 50k loop and lefty round onto the westgate at about 140, and followed up by wheelying back home past the docks.

    He absolutely loved it, he's been telling all his mates and giggling like a madman. :grin:
  6. I remember my first time on a bike ever! It was on the back of a CBX 1000 and I was 12. I went from Rushworth to Shepparton and I reckon we were doing 160 all the way.( in hindsight, he was taking it easy ) The rider was an ex road racer and knew his stuff ( still does ;) . I had on an old Bell helmet that just had press studs to hold the visor down and it was so big I thought it was gonna lift off my head. When we got to Shep, they had to actually prise my fingers off the grabrail, they were frozen cause I had held on so tight. I will never forget that ride as long as I live. I LOVED IT. And the rest they say, is hstory.
  7. If you think they're fun around town, you should see them out on the deserted back roads.
  8. A ride on the back of my brothers 02 Bandit 1200s was the first time for me on the back of a big bike. All I have to say is Wow, that thing has some snot! :shock:
    He had me giggling like a school girl! :p
  9. there ain't no replacement for displacement :cool:
  10. i just can't believe how smooth and powerful it was.. i can only compare it to being in my mates VK 355 stroker which was a 10 second car, but that was bland and boring compared to being stuck to the road and having to much torque and ponies to throw around, it's indescribable, really.
  11. I pillioned with a friend the other day for the 2nd time ever.1st time was years and years ago on a friends zx2r. this time it was on a 954 blade to go pick up my bike.
    he took it easly thankfully, but i still felt so unsafe, my wrists were sore but i was told i was a very good pillion.
    i feel sorry for my pillions now as i know how they must fill..
    sports bikes are shit to pillion anyway, my gsxr thou even struggles with a 60 kg pillion
  12. My first ride on a big bike was a CBR1000F years ago, I don't remember actually when. I remember tho that I nearly poohed my pants when he took off and he wasn't even out of 1st.

    Later comming over a rising bend somewhere on the westcoast of Tasmania, I looked over his should to see the speedo. I thought 205km, Wholly mother of God!

    It was just awesome and he was only being soft with me because it was my first time. What a rush!

    That event was a defining moment for me in my re-education of what fast actually is. :LOL:
  13. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wot's hot at Highpoint
  14. my first time on a big bike was on the back wth lil on her Ducati 900ss. Holy mother of stuff. If it wasnt for the pack rack, id be sliding my ass.
    She progressivly got quicker the more times we were out. After 180 i cant move .
    Then we took out a monster S4R for a test ride. I think lil got a bit of a scare on that thing too. I had nothing to hold onto except her, god that was fun.
    Ive never riden a big bike myself yet, and just now i know im not ready for it.
    When i am i will be at Zagame begging for test rides with lil.
  15. hahaha little britain ROCKS! :D

    but no, but yeah, but nah, but highpoint usually has some snatch.
  16. 1000cc, blah wheres the rest of the engine.. :LOL:
  17. i seriously don't see the need of anything more than 1000cc lol
    we hardly left 1st gear the entire ride.
    and even when we changed, it was no where near redline..

    unless i'm riding on a track, it's just teasing yourself having a 1000cc idling along in 1st gear at 60k's lol
  18. Unless you have ridden one :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:

    Any bike has enuf power to get you into trouble, but it sure is nice to do it in a lazy sorta way.

  19. i know when i first rode my cbx750f i thought i had just stepped out of a mini into a ferrari! hehe Now it feels pretty much normal unless i ring its neck
  20. I went from 250s straight to 1100s and then settled back into midrange bikes. Gotta own or ride a 1000cc boik at least once in ya ridin' life :cool: