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My first ride of any distance

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Madness, Sep 8, 2007.

  1. Sorry for another possibly boring thread. But I went for my first ride out on the open road today, though it was only to Melton. I felt really comfortable and once I got over the first bit of nervousness I was fine. I went out via taylors lakes and back via diggers rest and the freeway. So quite a bit at 100-110 km. I am finally starting to get a bit more confident. Does any other newbies get nervous before heading out? Is this normal?? Each time I go for a ride im a bit jittery. Good once on the bike. But I was thinking "is this normal?"

    There were lots of bikes out and about today. Beautiful day for it.
  2. Yeah you'll be right once you get a bit more experience, no worries there.

    Glad you had a good day, weather is shat here :(
  3. yeah it's normal.

    then it will be like walking. it just happened! :grin:
  4. What he said :) I remember feeling a little nervous heading out...the first few times to the point of hilarity (attempts to turn off the indicator often resulted in a noobishly embarrassing toot of the mighty Spada horn :rofl:). Now it's anticipation!

    Sydney weather...long weekend rides washed down the drain :(
  5. I still get nervous for some rides :LOL: . I'll be excited for my ride to Healesville, then I'll be nervous about the next part: The Black Spur. I think it just keeps me taking it seriously.
  6. well I am glad others are nervy too. I thought I was going mad.

    I'm bloody nervous now... off to the finals.. see yaaaa
  7. I thought that was obvious with a username like yours :p
    Until recently, I also was nervous before headin out. Its taken over 1300km for me to feel 'comfy' before a ride.

    Enjoy and Stay Safe :biker:
  8. Yeah, i started riding bout 2 days ago. Only around my street. Still havnt got the guts to hit the main roads. Dunno y. Yea the indicator thing, doesnt turn off automatically, which is annoying. The rain in sydney sux. One min its sunny, so i get ready go out, 5 min later its dark again and starts raining cats and dogs. FFS DAMN U RAIN!!!!!
  9. hehehe VCM, yep, it is obvious from my name, silly me. hehehe

    It is good to hear from others to know I am feeling the same as others.

    Just another question, how the hell do people get up on the footpaths to park??

    I have only parked once in the city, went to the lights and went up the pedestrian part. I didn't think i'd get the bike up the gutter. Any hints for me?

  10. I only ever go up the ramp bit then go along the footpath (v slowly) to where I want to park.
  11. Thanks for that, because I really had no idea. I don't think I had ever asked anyone. I think all I remember is you can park on footpaths, didn't even think about how I was gonna get up there. lol
  12. Hi,

    I also get nervous before a ride. I only just hit the streets yesterday, and 40km/h seemed really fast !

    I was following another bike so I could mimic braking distances, speed around corners etc. and we ended up on an 80km/h road to get to a servo.

    Anyway, made it up to 80km/h, and it was pretty scary... Well done getting up to 100km/h :grin:
  13. When you first start riding, being nervous is quite normal, since there are still alot of unknowns out there that you have yet to face.
    These "unknowns" slowly disappear, as your self-confidence improves, and you ride more and more.
    ...as new challenges are arising all the time, the difference will be in how you handle those nerves - Allow them to rattle you (In which case, you need to back things off a bit), or use them to ramp up your concentration and focus levels.

    Everyone gets nerves at their respective levels of experience.That never goes away, if we are pushing ourselves to improve our skills.
  14. I got slight nerves riding the 250 for about a month tops. Although, I rode it everyday so I may have gotten over it slightly quicker.

    I still get slight jitters before i ride the ZX10 even today. Moreso to do with the fact that i know what the bike is capable of. I kinda think, is this gonna be the ride where i do that one stupid thing and pay for it?

    Or maybe its just adrenalin shakes? They dont seem to be subsiding yet. :)
  15. Personally...I'll be very worried the day, I don't feel a little adrenaline kicking in before a ride, or entering what I know to be a challenging section of road.
  16. w00t im from diggers rest!!!! :p
  17. I might have seen ya...lol
  18. Thanks for all the posts...I am glad to see there are experienced riders who sometimes get nervy too. Perhaps it is just adrenalin?? hmmm