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My first ride - Hyosung GV650

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by Inphered, Feb 28, 2011.

  1. First let me start with :D:D :D :D :D :D

    2 weeks ago i did my beginners riding course to attain my L's in the NT. 4 days later I was the very happy owner of this


    A brand new Hyosung GV650 in burgandy. I origionally wanted the titanium colour but after seeing this in the sunlight at the dealership I was in love.

    The bike rides great. Really comfortably to sit in. Ride position is excellent for my 117kg, 195cm frame. I'm not slouched over trying to reach the handle bars and the foot pegs are at just the right length.

    There is more than ample power from the v-twin too. Gets up to 100km/h (not that I know this because learners are restriced to 80km/h, but hey, i'd just brought it and didn't realise it accelerated that well) and sit there nicely. Sounds awesome too.

    The digital dash, i'd been told, was hard to see in the direct sunlight but i've not had that problem.

    It is going to take some getting used to for slow, tight turns (eg U-turns) but I had problems with this during my riding course so its probably me, but the turning circle isn't as good as a trail ro road bike.

    All in all, for my first bike, I love the looks, the sound, the ride.

    Only issue i've found is the Odometer read 165000kms for a brand new bike....getting it looked at this weekend
  2. They do that a lot... Hyo's electrics are v flaky and the digital dash bikes suffer most...
  3. Only issue i've found is the Odometer read 165000kms for a brand new bike...its telling you it needs a service
  4. I should hope not, seeing as it only had fluid put into it for the first time the day before I picked it up. Dealer is pretty confident that the eprom chip is faulty.
  5. I was thirty minutes away from becoming a Hyo GV650 rider (silver), gutted when the dealer told me that another bought it 30 minutes prior....already had the money and everything. Sat on the bike and the engine was still warm. Very fast LAMS cruiser that would seriously challenge most LAMS sports bike. Hope you got a reliable one.

    GV650's is one of the harder bikes to do the MOST test on and the turning circle is atrocious but still doable. A small guy like me had trouble reaching the foot pegs but they can be adjusted (not many dealers seem to know of this). The classic is also a very nice looking machine.
  6. i've already decided that when I go back to do my intermediate riders course in the NT for my P's i'll ride one of the course bikes, make it easier to do the required manouvers as there is no way the 650 will do a u-turn in the space they give you
  7. It can do it but good fricken luck, not many people can do it.