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My first ride -- CB400

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by BlueMonkey, Oct 14, 2012.

  1. Just received my second hand CB400 a few days ago. I'm super excited!!
    It's a 2010 model, 1 owner, done 10400km. Everything is stock except added on Oggy knobs. Bought it from a dealer at a reasonable $7500 inc ORC. I'm waiting for my rego sticker and then bring her out for a ride. :D


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  2. nice bike, congrats :D. I was originally looking at the CB400 but was out of my price range :(.. still looking for my first bike. But congrats on your new ride, enjoy :).
  3. Nice first bike.
  4. I too just bought one and love it
  5. I have one of these myself, brilliant bikes. Engine is so smoooooooooooth.

    Enjoy the ride.
  6. Congrats! Blue looks great :)

    How is this bike? I am tossing up between this and the gs500.
  7. There a great bike as I have one as well, same as my avatar pic.
  8. You should have a great time with the CB400. I loved mine to bits.
  9. Had mine for about 5 months now (exactly the same, blue, 2010 model).
    Can't fault it, great bike to learn on and like the other guys mentioned above... sooo smmoooth :)
  10. Nice bike dont what it is about blue but it looks great
  11. Nice, I also have a blue one in my shed. Very reliable and easy to ride, you will love it
  12. I always liked that bike. Grats!
  13. Nice bike mate! I rode one the other night (the older super four type) and it was great, it does everything well and is probably the easiest bike I've ever ridden.
  14. Bloody brilliant bike
    I just bought my second one
  15. Th
    Think of it this way. If you do get one (eg 2nd hand) you will lose virtually nothing on it when/if you sell it, so don't be afraid to stretch your budget.