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My First Rebuild

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by DarkHorse, Feb 18, 2010.

  1. From the makers of My Little Pony...

    My neighbours were throwing out an old lawnmower, so I thought I'd grab it, pull the motor off, pull it apart and have some fun.

    I have a very rudimentary knowledge of how an internal combustion engine works, but it's all theoretical. This seemed to be the perfect chance to make it practical.

    My plan is to tear it down, clean it out, see what I can see, put it all back together and then, ambitiously, see if I can get it to run. Beyond that, I have no idea, it's just a project/educational exercise.

    The motor is a Tecumseh VAN148 - Vantage series, four-stroke 148cc (bigger than those silly little Honda or Yamaha things!) It's an old model, so I'm having trouble finding specs or info, but power output is likely to be well below 5kW.

    First step is a bit of a clean-up, then try to identify all the bits, and then start taking stuff apart. Should be fun!

    Here is the raw material:




  2. Dad had an old victa push mower, ran well, until brother in law ran it on straight unleaded and killed it. I too pulled it apart with the intention of putting it back together....

    I pulled it apart 9 years ago now............ Still sitting there...

    Hope you go better then I did!! Good luck. :)
  3. I've done that too when I was a kid, although the motor belonged to the Gilgandra Historical Society, and they wanted it back! How awkward it was, then, to give them back the parts in a box rather than a running motor. They did cut me some slack, mainly due to me being in primary school. Dad also had an old dirtbike that we tried and failed to put back together. I've never successfully rebuilt a motor, so good luck!
  4. you will give up and leave it in parts... happens to us all.
  5. Thanks grange - that's about all I could find too.

    To the rest of you cynics and scoffers - you are all almost certainly right. I'll pull it it apart, go "oh, OK, cool..." then pile all the bits in a box and then chuck it in the bin on my way out to ride the new bike!

    Whatever, will be fun just pulling sh*t apart.
  6. 148cc ??? Is that even LAMS approved????
  7. Last year, I bought a ride on mower off a friend that had a seized engine. Having never delved into the inner mysteries of engines, I pulled it apart, polished up where the shaft had seized, got it running again, and I use it to do my lawns now. ;)

    Good luck and have fun. :)
  8. We did this in at uni as a first year task during engineering week. Pulled it apart and rebuilt. Of course being inside a workshop, we weren't allowed to start the things to see if they worked...
  9. Kind of defeats the purpose doesn't it?
  10. They are not that hard mate, just take ya time with it and segregate all ya nuts n bolts so ya no where they go wen time comes to putting it together again...
    I often do this for friends that think their mowers, whipper snippers and chainsaws are buggered... A little tlc goes a Long way with small motors...

    Good luck