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My First Real White Line Scare!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by mcbigg, May 7, 2006.

  1. After a good run through the country side with a couple of mates on some wet roads without falling off, I came VERY close to having an off after getting back into town.

    I had waved off my mates and was waiting to cross the main street at the front of the lights on the busiest intersection in town. My mate had invited me to the drags next weekend so I supposed my head was in 'Drag Start' mode. The lights went green, I gave it a fistful of revs and lept off the line. Until my back tyre got to the thick, wet, white line.

    It was then it all started to go pear shaped. It all happened so quickly, and I don't know how the hell I stayed on and upright. I felt the back swing out to the left, pointing the front at the oncoming traffic. The bike started to tip over to the right, and I was thinking, 'This is it! I hope I don't do too much damage to that car (or my bike!) when the bike slides into it'. My bike was 45 degrees to the direction of its travel and felt at a 45 degree lean.

    I'm not really sure what happened next (I guess it found some grip), but the bike kicked back upright and then straightened up. I looked over at the horrified girl in the first car at the lights on the other side and gave her a nod (like I meant it!) and then finished my journey home where I then changed my undies!

    Bugger me that was close!
  2. oooo eck, chief, the curse of the wet white line.

    All's well, and it's good to get to a Sunday night and have only a near-miss to report.
  3. Yeah we all have moments like that.

    Today taking a hairpin i was cranked over and felt the front starting to go. I thought, "oh shit" but luckily it was only a slight slide and then grip again. I didn't back off the throttle, just picked the bike up I think.

    *shrug* it stayed upright so I was happy :)
  4. would never of happen if u had a suzuki :LOL: :LOL:
  5. would never of happen if u had a suzuki :LOL: :LOL:[/quote]

    Yeah, I would have tried harder to write the sucker off :p
  6. Yeah, I would have tried harder to write the sucker off :p[/quote]
    For a second there I thought Vic had finally managed to say "suzuki" but then I realised it was supposed to be part of a quote. For a few seconds the world seemed to shift on it's axis. But then all returned to normal.

    the white lines don't even bother the suzuki's
  8. til an nasty feeling, the back sliding doesn't phase me much these days (though i haven't ended up that out of shape) but when the front shudders sideways and just about comes out from underneath you in the wet :shock: evvvil.

    good to hear your luck got you through
  9. yo mc bigg... nice sig ;)

    after the go karting soon as i got on the bike i pulled a wheelie from here to sydney... ok maybe not but when it was raining I slipped the back end out on a white arrow that i swear wasnt there before...

    Nice you saved it!! watch those white lines, they really sneak up on you
  10. Nah, not slippery enough. They don't have the power to get the wheel spinning. :LOL:
  11. Plus, as if they get on the road; with all the time they spend at the mechanics.
  12. Yeh those white lines are little annoyances in the lovley world of riding... They have started to put some kind of rough element to some of the roads around Adelaide I have noticed.

    I don't know weather this is to benfit us or just so they can say they tried. Beats me. I just try to avoid them.
  13. Yep the deadly white..... I make a real point to avoid any sudden moves whilst crossing them. They are usefull for start points for burnouts on underpowered bikes :LOL: But nobody on here does that so just disregard :p
  14. Damn LOL cmon suzuki owners im out numbered here, need some backup
  15. will still leave ur kwaka for dead lol
    :wink: :LOL: :LOL:
  16. Can't spin the wheels! Hell I only ride a GS and even I can smoke it up :LOL: . Must be some other make you were thinking about?

    Mind you I had a Honda scooter once that couldn't spin the wheels without a puddle of oil! :p (which it provided itself!)

    Just joking, but hey take it easy on the Suzi's I still want to upgrade to a GSXR :twisted: (If I can convince the wife :? )
  17. All those rough Adelaide bikies... :LOL:
    That will go down well with all those metric cruiser riders :wink:
  18. Love it! :p
  19. I would normally help you and backyou up being a suzuki rider myself but mine is at the mechanics getting the top end reconditioned since it shat itsself. I think i mite get a yamaha next time i like the look of the FZ6S.

    Good job staying up by the way.
  20. Kinda like the way those small furry and generally green animals that sneak out in front of you when your on the way home from the pub... What are they again???

    oh yeah roundabouts...