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My first real near miss.

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by MrGrumpy, May 12, 2010.

  1. I travel on the Frankston freeway from Frankston to Breaside on weekdays to get to work, I dont start work until 2.40pm so there is usually very little traffic and its generally a pretty cruisy ride.
    So I was travelling to work this afternoon and coming up to where Thomspons Rd merges onto the freeway. The road that merges has great visabilty so you can see cars that are going to come onto the freeway long before you get anywhere near them. I usually make it a habit to get over into the right lane anyway (its a 2 lane freeway) because I feel a little safer there when im approaching a merge section. Anyway, as I was coming up I moved over to the right lane and looked over to see if any vehicles would be merging and there was a green commodore coming along. As a rule if a car is merging onto the road im on I dont want to end up right next to them, I want to give myself some space. So I just eased off the throttle a little, enough I thought so they would merge ahead of me and I could keep an eye on them. Well on this occasion I misjudged the speed of the other car and they ended up right next to me (im in the right lane still and they are now in the left). Then I had an awful thought "I think this arseclown is going to keep coming" and sure enough, no head check, no indicator nothing... the car started to come into my lane. I kept pretty calm because I half expected it to happen so I just squeezed the brakes a little to wipe off a few km's, pushed the horn bloody hard and swore like a sailor....she cut straight in front of me maybe 1-2mts ahead of me. No sorry wave, no 'oh shit I didnt see you' look...nothing...obvoiusly late for her class in advanced f*ckwitism (is that a word?...well it is now).
    Needless to say I was pretty pissed off, but the thing is I was only partially pissed off with the car and more pissed off with myself for putting myself in a position where it could have turned very ugly for me. In hindsight I think I should have kept a closer eye on them as I was getting closer to the merge, this would have allowed me to realise I was going to end up right next her and I could have wiped some speed off a lot earlier and given myself some more space. Dont get me worng, I still think she had her eyes painted on, but I think I should have done more would you agree?.

  2. never slow down imho, I'd rather increase speed and ensure I am in front of any particular numpty. Or a friendly toot earlier with a wave before it becomes an impromptu lesson in E-Braking.
    Remember if you do not have a reversible head or wrap around mirrors, you have a blind spot behind you and you can never tell if some wanker has positioned them selves in it. I have had a few police cars snuggle up behind me before blipping the lights and sirens for rego + breatho checks. It's effin annoying.
  3. IronSheik, I think you handled it right.

    My experience with accelerating in front of the "numpty" is that they think it's a challenge and will try to race you. Better off having them in front of you to see what they are doing, instead of having them tailgate you.
  4. Glad she didn't hit you!
  5. that makes two of us.

    I can appreciate where you are coming from but I much prefer to slow down a little so I can see what they are doing. Besides I was already doing 110km so I didnt really want to go any faster.
  6. Get an after market air horn too. I have a 139Db one that sounds like a very expensive Italian sports car....something most people don't want to hit on their insurance.
    They react then get mad because its just a bike but it works. Depending on their reaction I decide how many fingers to wave back with.
    Glad you weren't hit.
  7. I had a similar thing happen to me a few months back by a red neck in a HQ. I anticipated he might go straight to the outer right lane by the way he merged onto the freeway so I eased of the throttle and sure enough he merged meters in front of me. When he was about half way into my lane he finally spotted me and quickly swerved back into the left lane.
    After about 5-10 secs of me being in the right and him in the left I felt safe so I sped up and passed him and got the fuc**** biker look. Apparently he wasn't happy I was in HIS LANE it was my fault for being there.

    Actually now that I think of it it was 3 lanes, he went from coming off the entry ramp to the left lane then the middle lane and then almost taking me out in the right lane all without properly looking.
  8. open face helmet + santa beard dyed grey will reduce these looks :) also a black leather jacket with some form of insignia on the back lol
  9. Good save.

    I've got a Steible twin airhorn fitted to the Viffer, and you can hear this baby BIG time!

    Still, some drivers will continue cutting you up even after sounding it. If so, I usually find a good size 10 to their mirrors relieves my stress quite well (not that I'd condone that sort of behavior of course!)
  10. IS, 10 points for having identified yourself as not having ridden defensively.

    In this situation you should be keeping a watch out for merging drivers and anticipating that the other driver was either oblivious to your presence or was just plain ignorant. You have already said that you perceived this.

    Once the other driver did the wrong thing there is no point in paying them back for their mistake - if you do this then they will only have a future grudge against all bike riders and potentially make it worse for all of us.

    Instead it best to just pull your head in and think about how you could handle it better in future.

    Overall you did the right thing - bike riders are in a weaker position in situations like this and it is us who need to think first of our personal safety rather than the rightness, or wrongness, of the respective drivers.
  11. I had something similar not to long ago, heading up to a set of lights, 2 lanes light goes red so i get on breaks steadily to slow myself down nice and easy, then a stupid P plate driver not paying attention swerves into my lane and didnt even check for a clear path.. i jumped hard onto the breaks and i couldnt see her rear bumper past my front guard.. anyhow next set of lights i was still spitting over it, got along side of her and abused (shouldnt have really) basically told her to look before she merges, but i think she got the message though :)
  12. I think you did pretty much the right thing. Sometimes it is best to slow down and have the idiot in front of you, it's much easier to see what the potential pyscho killer is doing then.
  13. +1

    Could not have said it any better.
  14. muchly agreed! keep the idiot in front so you can see them :)
  15. As I said, sometimes. Other times it's best to make a hasty escape and get as far away from them as possible.