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My first (real) emergency stop!

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by BlooNinja, Oct 10, 2009.

  1. I was traveling along Canterbury Rd (vic) towards bayswater after going for a ride through the Dandenongs, keeping my 3 second distance doing my headchecks, watching 2 cars up, etc

    When all of a sudden a car about 4 cars up decided at the last minute they wanted to go to Bunnings. I heard a screech then saw a bit of smoke then it seemed as if time slowed down, then my Learners training kicked in.

    I gently but firmly squeezed the front brake lever then slowly but firmly put pressure on the rear brake pedal. I managed to stop short about 1 and a half meters behind the car in front of me.

    Then i shat myself.... (not literally) :eek:hno:
  2. One thing the learners course didn't tell me:

    Brace yourself with your arms and grip the tank with your legs if you value your manhood. Almost lost it the first time I tried an e-brake when I got my bike.
  3. you did good, well done
  4. Congrats mate, your defensive riding and diligence during leaner training has paid off. The only thing you've omitted to say is that you checked your mirrors to ensure any vehicle behind you would stop in time too. ;)
  5. Dont worry it wont be the last time you use it either!!!
  6. If you ever need some practice e-braking, just come down to the peninsula and check out the intersection of Moorooduc Hwy / Frankston Fwy and Frankston-Cranbourne Road, since to go either direction along it you need to turn left (uses a u-turn to reduce congestion). I can almost guarantee you will have someone make a radical maneuver across all 3 lanes pretty much whenever you go :).

    Well done, though!
  7. good job on the quick save and good road craft mate and +1 to donuts post.

    As soon as something goes wrong, either check for an exit or check your mirrors, if there's a way to get outta there MOVE and if there isn't and your arse is clear of metal slam on them anchors!!!

    As a side note aswell, when you want to get drivers attention behind you that you will be slowing down alot or stopping soon give your brakes a multi tap so your arse lights up like a christmas tree. I do this everytime I anticipate trouble ahead and have a cager tailgating me. Works a charm... and if you ever can't get a tailgater off your rear and you are stuck in front of them give the bars a little wiggle and watch the space be made in your mirrors! lol
  8. +1 to this, soon as you aren't going in a straight line it's as if the cagers think you're about to lose it.

    Good job on avoiding an acco mate, well done!
  9. Well done! My first emergency braking had a bit of a back wheel wobble effect and something I decided I needed to work on. You did good! (I always expect car drivers to do stupid things, and they always do!)
  10. Well done on your e-braking :D, good to see that your learners training kicked in...I've done something similar, partly my fault because I was checking the mirror and not noticing that the cars in front of me were slowing down. Did an E-brake and locked both wheels...somehow managed to keep the bike upright while skidding like a speedway racer and managed to stop literally a centimeter or so from the white bumper bar of a Holden. If I didn't stop on an angle I would have hit the bumper with my tyre. Experience and a half.
  11. Thanks everyone :D

    I think personally i needed to experience this just so i know i can do it. Its a major confidence boost knowing i know how to stop in a hurry (and safely) when the need arises. And not just grabbing a fistfull of front brake.

    Hopefully it wont happen again but if it does i know ill be ready ;)
  12. Well done, one thing I been told I have to practice e-stop, most of the time b4 I get to my house I try to apply an e-stop on the road then turn in the garage.
  13. Lol i do the exact same thing mate!! \\:D/