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My First REAL bike.

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Quivorir, Jul 8, 2012.

  1. Picked up my new pride and joy Yesterday. Just over under 2 months before I can ride her legally, but man it feels good. Cannot wait to see what she can do!

    Edit: Should say its the 2012 Fireblade for those that don't know :p

  2. Congratulations Quivorir great looking bike. I hope those 2 months pass quickly for you.
  3. That's just wrong. I've only got a 17 year old VFR :(. :LOL:
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  4. Cannot wait to see what she can do!

    Yah i bet . Last year i seen a guy on his new fireblade finding the balance point.Made my day Just seeing it look at the sky with little effort
  5. Without thrashing it, you can feel that it just has the power to use. Being in 6th gear in and just wants to keep going. Not taking it above 5k revs at the moment though
  6. just be careful grasshopper, and yes, very nice bike, congrats :)
  7. Will definitely be careful. Lots of Saturday sessions and riding courses come September.
  8. Congrats! I got my new blade end of last year and had to wait 5 months to ride it. Be very careful when you start off on it, I learned very quickly (and almost harshly) that one cannot simply twist throttle to 100% coming out of a corner :p
  9. Very very nice. And very REAL it is.

    Beautiful looking bike.

    Jealous much.

    Enjoy it.


    P.S. ANOTHER WHITE BIKE. What is the go?
  10. The white just looks awesome in person, too hard to pass up. In general most white bikes look awesome I find.
  11. It is a good looking bike, but I'm a little confused, what have you been riding up to now? and why is it not "real"?
  12. Sounds like you have been naughty, not worth the risks mate, can void a number of different things (insurance) & cost you time off the road, let her sit there & look pretty till you ready..
  13. Looks good mate, be gentle with it and respect that the bike is, at least for now, much more capable than you are.

    Enjoy, and keep it shiny side up.
  14. I have been naughty, but only once (not counting riding from the Dealership). Its just too nice to have sit in my Garage! It was only a quick squirt around the estate. I should be able to contain myself for 2 months though.
  15. Awesome looking bike! (y)

    As others have said - Ride Safe! :)
  16. Hahahahah good luck with that :p

    Awesome blade btw, yet to see the new shape on the road....
  17. Exhaust arrived on Wednesday! Hopefully can put it on over the weekend!

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  18. Super sexy bike!

    As asked earlier, what is your current bike, or the one you were riding?

    Can't wait to get myself a bike ;)
  19. Ohhhh.....that Yoshi is going to sound like a peach :D
  20. What made you choose Yoshi?