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My first real bike - the z750!!! woohoo!! (now with pics)

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by livingstonest, Feb 12, 2007.

  1. First thanks to all who put in their opinions on my cbr600f4i vs z750 post....great help fellas!

    After getting rid of my cbr250 2 weeks ago, i've finally upgraded and bought a fantastic 2005 z750! I went around and saw a few f4i's and this was the first z750. Reasons for getting z750 over the f4i was based on price/condition/service record. Other factors were z750's more upright riding position and comfy pillion seat. There really wasn't much separating them.

    Unfortunately when i picked up the bike yesterday the heavens decided to christen it with me on top.....hard!! Was daunting enough stepping from 250 to 750 for the first time and i had to deal with torrential rains! Anyhow, got it home 30min later when it stopped raining, quickly changed clothes and i was out again!

    Ok....so how did it handle? well..... :grin:

    The zed pulls strong and cleanly from down low. 1st/2nd is all you need for comfy riding around town, 3rd if your on an 80km road......the other three gears i just tested out briefly....they pull but provide zero engine braking on normal roads. Even 1st/2nd didn't give me much engine braking....such is the nature of inline 4s?

    After 10min i was already comfortable with getting around sedately on the zed, even in extreme rain......which says alot for the smooth/controlable power delivery.

    Front brakes are fantastic! Good feel, solid. Rear is just so so.

    Comfort was excellent. The soft seat, relaxed riding position, great view of traffic, plush suspension, quick/easy steering from the wide bars, sweet torque low down makes this a machine i can see myself easily running around town on or cruising the wider twisties/highways......perfect all rounder!

    Also loved the 340km per tank, fuel guage, steering lock, digital display(easy to read dunno what people complaining about here.....maybe on more spirited riding the digital tach no good....dunno yet....it was raining!).

    Didn't like the side mirrors vibrating.......ok at low revs, higher up they just go crazy.....not really a big deal to me yet though.

    Hated the way the engine sounds! its like a washing machine on the delicates mode.....sounds pathetic! and took away from my enjoyment of riding. Does anyone know/recommend a particular exhaust? I'd prefer a slip on which is much cheaper i assume. Is it worth it to get a full exhaust system? If i do get a slip on is a power commander still recommended?

    All in all........at the moment i'm a very satisfied kwaka fan!
    :grin: :grin: :grin:
  2. Glad you are happy with the bike! :cool:

    Was all that feedback from one ride home in the rain?!?
  3. nope, few hours actually. got home, changed and was out again :)
  4. sounds like an awesome bike,
    if I hadn't found a Hornet 600 the z750 was next on my list.

    you'll have to let us know what it's like in the twisties when you get a chance!
  5. Sounds like midsize Z's haven't changed in 30 years! :LOL:
    Vibrating mirrors, get used to it, it's an inline four high frequency vibration thing. Different length mirrors can be fitted to tune the rpm range it happens at.
    Kawasaki fours love a nice unrestrictive exhaust and if you have the dollars, either less restrictive air fliters, or modify teh stock box for more air flow/better induction sounds (drill holes in plastic).
    Yes, it is said inline fours have less engine braking, so just change down at higher revs for braking!
    Congratulations on buying a real Kawasaki, hope it is as reliable for you as my K's have been for me.

    Regards, Andrew.
  6. hmmm, mirror sizzle on an '06 bike??? Doesn't sound right; do the late Kawas have bar-end weights to damp out vibration?

    My '98 Hornet has a large slug of cast metal that runs about 4" into the end of the bar, and a weight screwed into that. The mirrors are always crystal clear.....
  7. Good post, thanks Livingstonest. On Typhoons comment about vibration, the 2007 Z750 has had the engine mounts changed, i believe an extra mount point has been added to reduce vibration. I will be curious to see it.
  8. How much did you pick it up for? As I am strongly considering a z750 for my (First real) bike.
  9. I know exactly what you mean about the mirrors, i just changed mine on my '05 zed. I put some Lightech carbon fibre mirrors on, looks awesome and they seem to vibrate less than the stock ones.

    As for the exhaust, i fitted an Akrapovic slip on, they make one especially for the Z750. The sound is 10 times better, and adds a couple of hp, which you can feel in the twisties. I think they go for about a grand, mine was courtesy of my insurance company when i had a little spil last year. :)

    Here's the mirrors


    As for the seat, I did an interstate trip at xams and the seat was bloody hard, i even had a sheepskin cover made for the trip, which helped a bit.

    I think you'll be really happy with the zed, it's an awsome bike.

  10. hey all unfortunately i'm up at newcastle and so have only ridden the zed once! :( tomoro i'll be out on it all day though so can't wait!

    to scottatron:
    -i got mine for just under 8K. came with a few extras and good service record. i will post up pics soon!

    to sly:
    -those mirrors look pretty awesome.....i'll see how long i can put up with my stockers.
    -in regards to the seat.....i came from a cbr250!......anything else to me is plush :)
    -i wish i had the akra pipe! too $.......instead i've ordered in a stubby arrow exhaust for bout half the price....can't wait

    I'm gonna give another review later when i put more kms on the zed....pics will come soon!
  11. Its a nice looking bike, I really like the look of them.

    Too bad that you dont like the standard exhaust!
  12. Hmmm, that annual bonus of mine seems to have just been mentally spent :LOL:
  13. In sydney there weren't that many z750s..........i did note though that in melb you can pick up one for probably less than mine......do it.....you won't regret!
  14. I'm glad you love the Z750.

    I am pretty sure i'm going to get one to replace the Viffer.

    I'm going to try and get out to Floyd Parkes Kawasaki in Ferntree gully to take one for a spin. They have them advertised for under $10k for a brand new '06, not sure if that is with ORC, probably not. I want to trade in the viffer however, so i sense there may be some haggling.

    I bet there some people out there saying go private. But i just got my first job out of uni and i want a new bike NOW. Cant wait to put the viffer on market.

    I've ridden a z750 previously on the Hidden Valley race track in Darwin as part of licensing. I loved it! I also reckon they look awesome.

    I've heard that buell mirrors go well on the zed. But i guess i have to look into muffler issue too, maybe that can be part of the haggling.

    So it could be bye, bye honda, hello kwaka this weekend. Will this cause my pubes to change colour, as i'll now own 2 kawasakis???
  15. Do you know if i can get oggy nobs for my z750?......i may need them

    Let me explain my awesome weekend!....which almost started tragically! Shocked

    Whilst reversing it out of a sloping driveway it dropped abit as it joined the bitumen which made me lose balance and thus putting me in a 1 minute battle with this 200kg monster! No kidding i was there for ages trying clumsily to hold it up....there was one point where i almost gave up when the bar end couldn't have been more than 30cm off the ground.....yes almost horizontal! Just at that last moment i somehow got a better grip, and used the rest of my energy to put it upright and sidestand down.....Pheww! I was so exhausted i had to sit down and take all my gear off......so.....anybody know if i can get a set of oggys for the zed75?

    After a 15min break i was off to the old pac.
    Zed is great on wide open roads, heaps of power, knock it up a gear or two for easy cruising and yet at any time it can still pull away. Wide soft seat, relaxed arms and upright body, i can sit like that for ages. Wind blast is suprisingly negligible since the previous owner placed a medium length dark shield....still looks good.

    Around town the bike is easy. Very nimble, sharp steering, great view, moves off on low revs.

    Now in the twisties it handled brilliantly. The linear power delivery just made it easy. No sudden/unexpected boosts of power, all very predictable. I also found that engine braking was great(a correction to my first experience on the bike).

    Take the twisties in first and the huge engine braking will make the throttle seem very snatchy. Though it is quite exciting! See the zed relines at 11ish, when at 8k the bike vibrates quite abit which can be annoying, but past this point to redline the engine transforms and all you hear/feel is a sweet humming.....which i liked......alot :)
    Twisties in second is for me the order of the day. Nice smooth throttle control and just enough engine braking. Lean her over and she's quite compliant....found the tyres fantastic.....great grip/confidence from the battlax bt020something. Because the seating is more upright i was always conscious of my body crossing over the median strip.....something that's all in my head i'm sure.

    With the wide set bars i found that i didn't really need to move/shift my body much. Which can be good/bad. I liked shifting my body around on the cbr250, made me feel more involved in the ride.

    If you liked that feeling of being involved, body tucked in and a revvy racy engine then i don't think the zeds for you(unless i'm not riding properly....which may be the case). The zeds an all rounder, do what you want in comfort. Perfect for me now. Perhaps with more experience/skill i'll eventually choose a more focused bike.......but for now the zeds mah lady.....and i was sooo sad to put her in the garage at the end of the day....but hey i was exhausted Happy

    In regards to pillioning. My girlfriend found the seat okay, but she complained of leg cramping more than anything else. Reason being is that the day earlier i took her for a 2hr trip to wisemans ferry and back. The zed handled no probs with a pillion.

    Stay tuned for further thoughts on this magnificent machine. Hopefully next review will come with the new arrow exhaust i've ordered in and yes those photos i've promised! :)
  16. Hey Livingstone,

    The zed can be a bit of a beast at low speeds or backing out of somewhere, has happened to me several times where i've lost my balance.

    I got some crash knobs from http://www.amcmotorcycles.com/ , just before i did superbike school last (highly recommend it).

    heres the pic. http://i143.photobucket.com/albums/r131/Simonthepom/DSC05742.jpg

    I did actually drop the bike with the crash knobs on and they work a treat, albeit me just losing my balance coming up to a stop sign on a steep hill, so very slow.

    I reckon you'll fall in love with the bike all over again once you get the new pipe.

  17. I'm close to getting one.

    I went to Floyd Parkes to test ride the demo there on the weekend and the salesmen i had been talking to had been sick all week and they had given the demo to someone getting there bike serviced. I was not happy. I took an ER-6N for a spin, was fun to ride, like a dirt bike. Not my cup of tea for a road bike.

    I did get a price price from them, which is reasonable after the trade in. But considering the new zed is coming out soon i reckon i can talk them down.

    Will have to get those crash knobs though. I dropped my VFR in a slow speed accident and it annoyed me how much damage it did.
  18. Congrats on the Z, i bought one about a month ago and have just gotten my open liecence today to ride it. i have quite a few mods on mine, so stay tuned for indepth writeup if your interested in doing some mods. (including dyno tuning)

    Cheers to another Z rider!!!

    Let the good times roll.....
  19. bike shops sell Oggy's, they're rollerskate type for the z750
    Should cost you about $140