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My First Rain Ride...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Matt250R, May 1, 2007.

  1. Last night was the first time I have ridden my road bike in the rain, I always thought I would be shitting myself, but it wasnt too bad, a bit more respect for the road and its actually quite a nice experience when you get over the fact that your soaked, then I started thinking "the prick at peter stevens told me this was waterproof", oh well, long story short, medium length, it wasnt as bad as I thought it would be!

  2. its realy easy to the burnouts.
    I reckon its good practice.

  3. Haha thats what the guy at peter stevens said about my $500 dainese jacket... but noooooooo
  4. I think riding in the rain improves your overall riding skills eg: braking, cornering.
    The main thing with riding in the rain is, if all possible try to stay in the wheel tracks of the car or bike in front. Less chance of coming a cropper. :)
    Glad to hear it went well, :) minus the real water proofs. :mad:
  5. Same thing happened to me...bastards!
  6. anything for a sale :LOL:
  7. I had the C50 in the wet for the first time the other day and was a bit tentative. Lucky the Motodry suit and Thomas Cook boots are waterproof.

    Had a front end slip for a fraction but other than that was okay - just don't like negative camber roundabouts of which Mill Park/Epping has lots!!
  8. Ride a motard, then you'll be waiting for the wet days like you wait for the dry ones...
  9. Drizabone and overpants work for me.
  10. great thing I read this thread

    I was just about to buy a jacket from Peter Stevens that they say is 100% water proof, I will be double checking and asking for guarantees now.

    and just one for the books, I heard a rider say the other day "if you have the right gear you will ride every day" how true that is. I currently ride with a Gortex snow jacket i've had sitting in cupboard for years, what a difference boots, jacket and pants make. Must get the right gloves though!!
  11. Don't forget, the chances of it raining double if you've left your waterproofs at home.
  12. rubber covered thin nylon trousers $20 bucks from Rays tent city.
    Absolutely waterproof, and are "harry high pants" enough to make up for tank run off etc. Pack up pretty small.

    If it's looking crappy I leave the leather at home and take a dririder jacket - definately waterproof (even for long burns at 120).

    Only criticism of a completely waterproof jacket is that if you leave a pocket open it will fill up completely, and should you leave a mobile in that pocket.... well there's your problem.
  13. Another vote for Dririder Jackets, very good in the wet, and the fact you can take the wet liner out makes it even better
  14. In the past 6 weeks of riding I had on average 1 wet day per week. Every second time I go out in the wet I would have a slip of the back well. Once was just turning at an intersection and i might hav hit an oil patch as well as lots of water on the road. The other one was jus me being silly where i started to turn in a corner and I shifted down didnt blip the throtle and jus dump the clutch so the back stepped out. well jus another experience.
  15. Dririder Sumit 2 has a mobile pocket on the INSIDE on the jacket..... no problems then. an all the exterior pckets have fold ofer zip and velcro flaps. very hard to leave one open.

    Oh and it's about as waterproof as you'll get.
  16. Yeah, handy that inner pocket.
    Outer pockets = very small rainwater tank!!