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My first QR track day.

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Krollinator, Aug 23, 2012.

  1. First track day, first session, fourth lap...

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  2. Cold tyres? :)
  3. Bummer, You and the bike ok?
  4. Would hope not on forth lap :)
    Bad luck Kroll...
    Do we guess Y
    I'm thinking rear and lowside... Dove for the apex in too lower gear....or not enough speed for the lean angle
  5. Not quite sure what happened guys. I got told by the photographer that it was my footpeg that caught.

    Could be man... Not quite sure. I don't think the tyres were cold - maybe just the wrong tyres for the track. They're probably becoming a bit old.
    Yeah mate. The bike had a shitload of gravel in it and the throttle was bent against the brake lever... But we got a tyre iron and bent it back and I went out and continued on for the rest of the day!
    I honestly couldn't tell you. :( I was just crusing along - it felt okay, and then the bike just slipped out from under me. Could've been a number of things but I guess we'll never know!

    Also managed to bin it again on my last session of the day... :-({|=
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  6. Oh bro, I was there yesterday, I saw your first off. First thing that went thru my head was "I bet he is new and I hope this doesn't discourage him from track days" so it was good to see you back out there again.

    Then I think you had another off right at the end of the day? And I think your mate with the duc had a little off too?

    Was the bike ok after the second off?

    I was in the green group, had my fair share of troubles too... Broke a valve in the 6th session and now the engine needs rebuilding :(
  7. That sucks guys, at least you got a few sessions in. What was the surface like? Where was that btw, at the outside of T3? Have you thought about it much - what was your line like going in, what were you doing body position, controls, braking wise?
  8. Yeah man, I thought about packing up and going home - but I figured that would be the worst thing i could possibly do. If I could get it rideable again I would go out and take it slow... Slowly build up the confidence. The second off at the end was a bit harsher. Highsided in the gravel, landing head first. I'm still very lucky I believe... Considering I rode the bike for about three hours last night... I'm fairly sure there is a problem with the rear suspension though...

    My mate on the duc didn't fair so well... Probably about $2k worth of damage for him. We're both alright though. I'm a bit battered and bruised and both our confidences are too. :p

    The surface at the corner seemed okay, and it was in the middle of T6. Old mate on the ducatti rashed outside of T3. I've been thinking about it a lot. My line could've been too tight, the footpeg may have caught (that was what i told what would happen) or the tyre just lost grip. A mate told me that the road tyres don't give any sign that they're about to lose grip. (I probably wouldn't recognise the sign anyway). My controls seemed okay, steady slow rollon of the throttle and braking was done before I hit the corner... Just sorta slid out from under me and I was sliding on my ass.

    The second crash was completely my error. Going out of the straight into T1, I had a split moment of indicision about body position and trying to get my knee down, and this caused me to run too wide into the corner, off into the grass and then into the gravel... Once I hit the gravel it lashed me straight off.
  9. Im pretty blunt on stuff like this so i hope no offense is taken.

    Re: your comment about getting the knee down - this shouldn't be a part of your thought process, especially on your first track day. You shoul have simply been focused on circulating smoothly and increasing your overall speed incrementally thus avoiding going "full retard" in the first and last sessions.

    From your posts I'd strongly suggest an advanced riding course o som description because it seem like you need it mate.
  10. One other thing to think about Kroll.

    Do you know when your driving in a 100 zone. And the traffic slows to 80. Then back to 100, and then about 30 seconds later 80 again.
    I hate this with a passion. God it pisses me off.
    Mainly because I know why it's happening.
    The average driver has an attention span of thirty seconds at best. You can time these slow downs in traffic to the second with people.
    It's also a good warning system. Cause if something is ever going to happen on the road, this is when it happens. When someones mind isn't really behind the wheel.

    Same thing can happen at the track.
    It's pretty hard to stay in focus for fifteen to twenty minutes even if you are use to it.
    Not that easy to get up to focus sometimes too.
    So don't sweat it. You may have done nothing more than have a nanno.
    Luv your spirit of jumping back on.... It takes some balls. Kudo's champ
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  11. Yeah - all good mate. The "Knee Down" process was in my head as one of my mates (the other one that crashed, lol!) was on his third track day and the young and boisterous peer pressure came into it, and I thought "why not". The joys of being young, eh? The first crash was my ego I guess. I'm not trying to blame anyone else, as I know they were both my fault. :p Throughout the day though I was getting better. After the first crash I took it right back to basics, and just improved from there (which is what I should've done in the first place)... And then it was a slip which caused the last one.

    About the advanced rider - I have been lining one up for the middle of sep, when my uni break is on. I was thinking about tuition as well for the track but it was suggested I do a track day first THEN get tutition as I'd benifit more from it... Not sure how true that is. :p
    Yeah - I found towards the end of the day I was completely ****ed. Not so much physically - a little cramped - but mentally... That much concentration... Made me thankful I drove rather than rode.

    In all honesty - I still had a great day. Yeah, two crashes, shit, but I'm okay and the bikes' okay... And the inbetween sessions I learnt so much about my capabilities and the bikes' as well.

    I don't think anyone could've held me off the bike... :p I find riding such a stress relief and so enjoyable... It would need to be a lot worse to deter me.
  12. +1

    Gives me the shits when that happens, especially when its a van or 4 wheel drive directly in front of you and you can't see the traffic ahead very well....

    Bumper to bumper traffic starts to move, person in front realises the traffic is moving and puts the peddle to the metal to move forward for a few seconds, traffic stops moving and the van/4 wheel drive has to slam on the brakes. Process repeats.

    I always try to get the f away when that happens or at least keep a much bigger distance between me and them.
  13. brave of you to jump back on, brings back memories of my first crash at a track day was on the 2nd lap of my first session....pouring rain at EC, going mentally fast on cold road tyres, honestly don't know how i even made it round the first time.

    needless to say my confidence dipped tremendously & I had now a great respect for the tarmac, i was questioning the riding thing altogether

    luckily i kept going and had 5 more awesome track days under my belt, I did alot of reading of Twist of Wrist 2 & watching the DVD & have finally figured why i crashed & what bad habits i had to overcome...

    If you can't figure out why you crashed & you weren't push hard then you better have some one pro look at your riding, I would not be quick to blame the bike as this may hinder your insight into where your riding skill actually sits

    btw good on you for having a guy & jumping back on