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my first proper road bike ride :)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by simonr23, Aug 7, 2010.

  1. after nearly buying a road bike a few years ago, i finally did it today. i've ridden dirt/enduro bikes on and off for the last 15 years, but never road bikes (2 small test rides at dealerships)

    took the bike for a ride to yankalilla and back, and was an excellent experience. i was a bit suprised that i took to the basics (which i've read on here several times for mental practice) quite well. i still didnt have the absolute smoothness in corners, but i was happy with how it all felt.

    looooovvvveee the acceleration, and lights that are actually useful.

    its a used cbr600f4i. in perfect nick still and fully serviced.
  2. A good bike for just about everything. You won't at all be disappointed if you're satisfied with the 600'ds level of power (compared to thou's).
  3. Awesome stuff man, had a chat to a fellow on one the other day - similar point of view in that it'll do whatever he wants.

    There was also a writeup in 'Classic Motorcycle Mechanics' on the F4i, more of an 'up-and-coming-' kinda classic than anything... but the fellows there also praised it as being a good all-rounder with some good poke to boot.

    Still don't reckon I'd trade the brutishness of the Gixxer for it, though :)

    Cheers mate, and keep up the good stuff - boingk
  4. thanks guys. the power feels like it'll be enough for me, if my riding locations/times dont change. i can imagine, it'd be nice to have more power if i started to become a high (200kph+) speed rider, but so far it still has more power than i could truly control.
  5. well done :) just looked it up - nice bike!! :D
  6. You have a similar biking background to me - dirt bikes for years then onto roads (although I had a brief play on a 1985 VT250 in the early 90s).

    With your cornering, I had a dirt bike habit of sitting atop the corner of the seat on a roadie instead of leaning into the corners. You may not do that but have a read of the cornering posts and consider a riding course. Best money spent and you will enjoy your riding a lot more.
    Congrats on the bike and welcome to the blacktop:)
  7. i am making an effort to ensure i corner the correct way for roadbikes. if i start to get serious though, i will definitely consider a course.

    out of curiosity though, why is the method exactly opposite for dirt vs road?
  8. Because if you lean into a corner on the chookie, the back end, which really is designed to spin and dance and carry on in the dirt/mud will dump you - physics dudes can explain the forces. I can't because when I try I get teased.
    Sitting on the upper side of the seat adds vertical weight and more traction in the corner. Well that's my theory. Worked for me on the mighty XR4!!
  9. my only thoughts were when riding berms. the actual angle that the tyre has to the ground it's on, might mean that leaning out is really pushing directly 'down' on the tyre/surface.