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My first 'proper' ride.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Warnsey, Jan 19, 2009.

  1. G'day guys.

    Well after completing the L course on the weekend, today was the lucky day that I got to go and pick up my bike. Now I'll be honest, I was very nervous. I had only ridden at the course and the max speed was 25km/h and I was going to be riding 45km home at speeds of up to 100km/h. After the sales guy (nice fellow) said his final goodbyes I took off nervously from the dealership. I pulled around the corner and just had a good play with changing gears and getting a feel for the friction point.

    My journey consisted of roadworks, suburban traffic lights and 100km/h highways. Much to my surpise, it wasn't nearly as stressful as I thought. Once I got home, I thought I need some more of this. So headed out towards to Brindabellas and Namadji to have a play in the twisties. It was a great learning experience and I really tried to practice setting up for the corners and looking through them. I almost ran over a brown snake, which was a little scary but we both survived unscathed.

    I'm looking forward to heading out tomorrow for more fun.
  2. you wont be able to sleep tonight :)
  3. More brave than me. I was in exactly the same situation as you but chose to have my bike delivered. Well done.
  4. I know what this is like. After I got my bike I had a 45 min - 1 hr ride home along 2 motorways - inc 2 toll booths - and suburban street. This was my first ride since getting my licence a year prior.

    As mentioned before, you wont sleep tonight.
  5. ive been riding for 4 months n i still cant stop!
    went reefton and black spur on sunday, than sunday arvo/night went back to the spur for some more fun! its like a drug. haha
  6. Welcome to the world of two wheels :)

    What did you buy?
  7. I got a 2008 Suzuki GS500f with 996km on it.

  8. same boat as you mate
    picked up my bike at 3:45 today
    was riding solidly from 6pm till 9:45pm

    its amazing how different the expectation vs the reality is in relation to going from the safe secure 25km/h training ground to the "real world"
    its not as frightening as i thought it'd be :)

    but its amazing how many tools want to race you in their rust buckets
    or how invisible you actually do feel out there!

    best wishes mate for the both of us :)
  9. Hey buddy, congratulations and enjoy. Although you will be tempted to ride every waking moment. Do take time out for a few days here and there to recover. Its easy to become quickly fatigued as a new rider and miss the warning signs.

    Stay safe and enjoy your wheels :)
  10. Hmm, did you get it from Mitchell CMC? That GS sounds like it could be my brothers old one. Slacker didn't even get it to 1000k before trading it in. Still, I am enjoying riding his new bike (GSX650F) while mine (KLE 500)is at the smash repairs :wink:
  11. haha, Yep that's the one. Seems in good nick.