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My first project, 96 VT1100 ACE

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by rhys84au, Feb 17, 2013.

  1. So thread title says it all... I have 0 mechanical knowledge with motorcycles, the most i had previously done was with my old gs500f and an oil change so please bear that in mind while reading this diary. :)

    Anyhow.. I done the step up to my R licence a little over a week ago now and i had been planning on heading out to test ride both an 2002 R6 and a 2000 ZX6r however a little thing had been niggling me for months about buying a cruiser and giving that a go for a little while.. see the other side of the biking world per se. That way in a few months time (~8-9) if i dont like the cruiser ill head back to sports but holding fast in the knowledge that i gave it a go and it was or was not for me.

    With this in mind I had also been talking with the girl about how I would like to work on a project bike so she took this as a great time to get in my ear about getting a fix er upper now that was reasonably cheap and could quite happily sink 2-2.5k into whilst learning a bit more about bikes and how x connects to y.

    At the same time a buddy of mines old man had a VT1100 sitting around that he can no longer ride due to balance problems due to health.. so for the last 2 years the bike had been ridden once in a blue moon by my mate just to keep it ticking over. I offered to buy it and I scored it for a ridiculously cheap price albeit with alot of cleanup work needing to be done and it had been dropped on its left side (dint in the tank where badge sits and the badge is scratched and a nasty scratch to the front fender)

    For starters surface rust.. on the shifter, on the brake lines and it looks like a bit of that surfacey crap where water has sat and discoloured on the frame. Next the front brake master cylinder was heavily tarnished along with the lower fork tubes. you can see in the photos i put up that i had gotten to the cylinder with wet and dry however at this stage i cannot get into the nooks and crannies so you can see what it was previously like. I have also cleaned up the lower fork tubes and they look almost new.

    So my goal is to pull off the tins, send them off for a respray, change out the throttle and brake lines for new sets, and also replace the gear shifter (also if anybody knows where i can source this without the heel and toe please drop me a pm) i shall also be putting progressive springs on the rear as they look much nicer than the bulky stock garbage and also replacing the exhaust system (leaning towards vance and hines long shots? ..however whilst i want louder than stock i dont want ridiculous.. a throatier rumble is more important than the sheer volume)

    while the tins are getting sprayed ill also take the opportunity to pull off the master cylinder and give it a good clean and replace the front brakes also whilst also putting on some nice new grips.

    all in all iam looking at a budget of 2-2.5k being allowed for this, the respray will be done by someone a mate knows and should save me a few bucks. iam looking at either a metallic blue or burnt orange.

    anyway onwards for photos of the bike currently.. ill add photos of the left side tommorow eve, also a couple of example photos of the colours iam looking at.

    any tips ect will always be welcome as being my first project i think there may be times ill drop many profanities whilst working on it.
  2. id probably want to do something to that rear seat and fender

    get it something like this

    nice bike for a project though , personally id mat black all the chrome (other than the engine) , and wrap the exhaust but that's just a personal thing ive always wanted to do
  3. Nice project! I've just joined and also, I have near zero mechanical knowledge.
    But I joined up in the hope of getting some advice about the perfect bike to learn to pull apart and put together - if anyone has any thoughts, I'd love to hear them ...