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My first prang tonight........!!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Removed_User_5, Nov 10, 2005.

  1. Just managed to get home on the Eastern from Blackburn with choc a bloc traffic cos some guy had put his motor into the barrier so i lane split all the way to the front and then see the cops in the far right lane so im in the left side so I keep going figuring they cant read the plate anyway and can only maybe see the top half of me....im only doing 40k so no big worry.
    Get home and riding up my street there is this people carrier thing in front of me on the one way street.....alls well, until he pulls over to left then turns sharp right to go into Kew primary school carpark. I hit the brakes all at once and pumped them to stop sliding but slid anyway as its pissing down. Just clipped hid back bumper and stopped. No damage to me but i took the paint of his arse end.
    He get out and asks what the hell am I doing......In my best scottish slang accent i really fcuking lose it. YOU pulled over to park on left then turned right without indicating you fcuking fcukstick, what the fcuk do you expect you cocksmoking prick. He apologised for not checking his mirrors and not indicating wich would have been sufficient since there was no damage.
    Then the smart arse see's his wife is hanging out the car and decides to get his back up....big mistake. He says you were riding to close anyway.
    I say " cant you see how far i just slid in the pissing rain just to avoid hitting you" You pulled over to the left then turned right , never checked your mirrors and never indicated and you got the fcuking cheek to tell me i was too close......so i put the bike on the stand and take my gloves off and throw them on the ground and as im just about to get off he says" look Im sorry i never saw you, no damage and Im really sorry"

    So I get on the bike and turn into My drive about 5m up the road......home again.

    Some people......he almost got Riverdance all over his head the fcuking prick. Scottish temper hasn't been lost......phew !

  2. I thought Riverdance was an Irish thing...
  3. So did I.
  4. Good to see you're in one piece and no damage to the bike. One good thing to know is that being only a Hardley Davidson, it stopped alot faster, and didn't explode on impact :D
    Of course, did the guy understand a word you were saying? *hides*

  5. I'm sorry Stook... But I'm pissing myself laughing at this phrase, particularly since it was said in seriousness by an angry scotsman.

    I mean, it's bloody good news that you escaped without harm or damage, and it sucks that the guy gave you a bit of 'tude... But you, going the full Flatley on the guy's noggin, is the funniest mental picture I've had in years.

  6. :LOL: Mate I don't think you swore enuff at him, he might not have gotten the message
  7. LOL Stookie :) It's great how some righteous indignation in the form of "I'm about to beat your arse! biatch!" can make people do the right thing :)

  8. Sorry to hear about your prang but good onya Stookie for sticking it up to him!! Can't stand it when people don't look or think about where they're wanting to go and never indicating until they're already turning :roll: I'd love to seen his face if he did that with a semi trailer behind him.

    I have tears of laughter flowing like a river over the riverdance comment.

    Nice one. :D
  10. I'm glad to hear you are okay Stookie. :)

    Man, do you have a way with words!! :LOL:

  11. What they said.

    I'm really sorry about your off, but I've got a big grin on my dial... :LOL:
  12. Well saved, you managed to keep yourself from hitting the deck
  13. You dont have to be irish to dance on somebodies head......just so you all know......ok
  14. you should have gone all Begbie on him...
  15. Grins @ trainspotting reference :)

  16. If you think the movie's good, read the book(s). Irvine Welsh is a goddamn amazing writer.

    (And Begbie's a wonderfully psycho nutter.)
  17. begbie is a nice guy really......sticks up for his mates and his language is choice.......
    if you like irvine welsh read glue and Porno.......porno is the sequel to trainspotting.....its great.
    I read them when I was homesick.....cheered me up.
  18. Ohkayyy....

    *backs away slowly, maintaining eye contact at all times...*

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  19. you got scottish nutcases all wrong........Im telling you we are the nicest people you can meet. Trainspotting gives us a bad name really......we dont all do crack and jag up.
    The fighting but......well im not going to argue with that.....
  20. (checks map... heaps of water in Bass Strait, checks railways.. yup, still no passenger trains in Tas... I'm relatively safe)

    "Scottish nutcases" That's tautology isn't it?


    Like the others, my belly still hurts from ROFLMAO at the vision of a mad Scot dancing a jig on a bewildered drivers head, while shouting "fooking FOOKER!" at the top of his lungs, of course with a tartan helmet, flowing red hair and a kilt!!!

    Thanks for the story Stookie, top one :applause: :applause:

    Oh... glad you did a good job stopping the bike in the wet.