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My First Post

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by ramon, Nov 27, 2014.

  1. Good morning/afternoon all.

    New to this forum, looking forward to being part of it and share the good and bad experiences of riding.
    I've had my full license for 3 years and currently ride a ER6N.
    I'm looking to change bikes soon.
  2. G'day mate and welcome. Where are you located and more importantly, what bike are you looking to change to next?
  3. Welcome Ramon- you will get great support and info from NR!:troll:
  4. Thanks very much.

    Chillibutton I don't know yet.
    My decision is based on a) budget and b) insurance cost

    I am looking at buying second hand, approx $10K +/- $1K. It's purely for weekend riding.

    I wanted a sports bike, but after reading lots of reviews, its riding position may not suit. I was interested in a Daytone 675, or a similarly spec'd Jap bike.
    I also looked at a MV Brutale which is a naked bike.

    Am I posting the above in the right category by the way?
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    Welcome Ramon, As Chilli said where are you based?

    Yes a good forum to start with for your introduction. If you have more specific bike questions then may be worth looking at other threads that are already open on the subject.
  6. Based in Melbourne
  7. Have a look at the shiver! biased answer!!
  8. Hello and welcome
  9. welcome aboard :]
  10. Welcome Ramon
  11. Welcome to NR. The Daytona 675 has one of the nicest motor power delivery of any bike I have road.
  12. Welcome mate
  13. Welcome to NR...