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My first post!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by STORM_BOY, Jun 17, 2012.

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  1. Hello there fellow Netriders! As a new member, I'd just like to say 'Hi there!' I currently ride a Honda CB400, which has been a great entry level bike. I do look forward though to October 2012, when my restriction finishes and I can buy a proper bike! Looking forward to the forum chatting and learning from my peers! Cheers!

  2. Hello and welcome!!!....I'm also a newbie, look forward to some of your comments and safe riding.
  3. Thanx Soozie! Bump into you again no doubt :) Safe riding to you too.
  4. Any bike is a real bike mate! Just gotta know how to ride it ;).

    Welcome to NR, enjoy your stay! If you have any questions or just feel like a good read, there are plenty of articles with great riding tips! :)
  5. I agree with Kroll!

  6. welcome to NR and come down on a sat morn to a prac session, there's a few peeps that come in from your neck of the woods..
  7. Lo.mate
  8. A big G-day too all you net rider`s, Especially the putty road crew .You might have seen my little yama TRX kicking it out their (love that road)

    My upgrade the 2005 BMW x-cop bike (got it from Wilberforce) , just needs a new battery ,I'm ready for more rides.I may have to go pay the 265$ ransom for a BMW sticker on a battery

    See you guys on the putty .If i don`t just attach my camping gear and ride it to Nimbin for fun

    33 years of riding ,still in love with 2 wheeled machines
  9. Hi and welcome to Netrider Livetoride.

    Mate, you're gunna have some fun on that!!
  10. Thanks for the warm welcome guys! Look forward to exploring Netrider and what it has to offer. Cheers!
  11. Thanks

    The little TRX is the fun machine , But just too hard on my old bones these days ,Yamaha`s answer to Ducati . I`m going to Have to sell it, My Back,neck and wrists are shot for days after a good ride

    The Beemer is more about comfort ,Long distance fun .The 1st bike i owned with ABS ,Everything about it is better then i ever thought possible.

    Fun factor? not quite like the little 850 twin ,But i cant wipe the smile off my face for a different set of reasons
  12. And yes, I know what those reasons are!!!
  13. Hi Livetoride and welcome to NR
  14. Re: My 5th post!

    I really enjoy netride community.

    and Welcome to all newbies, like me,
  15. Welcome to NR and this is a fantastic place to be. (y)

    Ride Safe. :)
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Not open for further replies.