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My first post!!!

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Snakeears, Feb 3, 2012.

  1. Well I didn't think my first post on this site would be in this section, I've had my license for about 6mnths now and this my first close one after 4400Kms.
    I ride a Yami WR250R and it is a bit of hard work on the highway.
    Coming into Healesville on the Healesville-Kinglake road southbound this arvo, there is a little slip road that merges on to a gentle right curve that is a short cut for north bound traffic, so this friken truck moving way to fast with a bobcat on a trailer totally cocks up the turn and ends up on my side of the road OMG!!.
    I stood the bike up and got passed him with a metre or so of tar between his front wheel and the dirt. I can remember seeing him heaving on the wheel to get his 20 tons of rusted death back under control as I yell WTF into my helmet.
    It wasnt till a minute later that I realised I had my first near miss. Had to stop and check my pants before collecting myself. Thinking back if I had hit the brakes I might have been a hood ornament, Lucky I had a gap to aim for.
    I am amazed how S$#T can come out of nowhere

  2. Far out! Glad you're alright.
  3. Whoa that is a bit on the close side
  4. I love this section, because as close as these near misses are, I'm glad we make it home to type about it.