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my first post is a sad post

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by dje, Dec 16, 2005.

  1. Sad for me anyway...

    Hello all, im new to this website. Great to see so many enthusiasts on-line and hoping to meet some good people through this site.

    Unfortunately, my bike was stolen overnight. :shock:
    Its an '01 Gsxr 750, blue/white, akropravic full system exhaust, ohlins suspension, steering dampner, etc... :cry: (AK245)
    Parked and locked under carport at back of block of flats... and I was only away for 2 hours!

    Im guessing its all over some bastards garage floor by now... and...
    I know its a looooong shot... but if anyone caught wind of anything id (obviously) love to know about it.

    Anyway... great site!

  2. Damn that has got to suck, where you located, we might be able to see it around if you really lucky. By the way, was it insured?
    There are some real low lifes out there.
  3. Where abouts are you from DJE? Just so's we know where to look...

    Damn shame mate. Some people have no respect.

    Wecome to the forums though...
  4. Welcome to the forum, mate, but what a rotten reason for a first post...
    It's NSW bike by the rego, but what specific area??

    OOPS not a nsw bike, sorry
  5. Thanks for the replys!

    Im from Sth Caulfield. Sth Eastern suburbs.
    Unfortunately no insurance! I bought the bike late September and have since been saving for it. Even third party is a real kick in the crotch these days...

    Im guessing they lifted it on to a trailer or something... im just typing up the details now to give to my neighbours incase they heard or saw something.

    (I pray I get back on 2 wheels before the good weather starts really kicking in)


  6. In VIC. (Sorry hornet, forgot to add that).

    Funnily enough, after filing a report with the police the officer called me back 20 minutes later and told me that my Rego was off an old '78 Kingswood or something like that... I had to go back to the police station to show him the paper work from the dealer I bought the bike from to proove that it was the reg I had.
  7. If the bike is not chained to something securely then two blokes can wheel your bike into a van in under a minute.

    If you are lucky its a joy rider and the cops might find it dumped somewhere
    Bad luck
  8. I don't want to take the "I told you so" side of things, but how can you afford a bike like that without any insurance?
  9. I couldnt... had to borrow money from a couple of people. And being a young rider with with not the best track record with fines, etc... insurance is pretty expensive these days.
    I work hard for every dollar I earn... I decided on spending every spare dollar on decent leathers, helmet, etc to save my skin, instead of grabbing insurance staight away.
  10. All condolences buddy, that SUCKS.

    Bike thieves must have a no-insurance radar.

    Sounds like it's got some trick bits on it, that's probably the score.
  11. Bugger :shock: Hope the bike is found very quickly . Welcome to the forum .
  12. i feel sorry for you mate, especially since you had just got it, some people are pure scum.
    just out of curiosity do you always park it there, you should try and find out if it was a spur of the moment thing or ask neighbours if they had seen anyone hanging around lately
  13. Yikes that really sucks! I'm still to sort my insurance out too as I'm waiting to finalise the licence...you've given me something to think about :?

    Did it have a cover on it?
  14. Cam, I'm pretty sure that South Australia is one of the only states that allow you to pay your insurance monthly. in Vic you have to pay your yearly insurance all at once - same with registration.

    I have a few friends in Vic that have no car insurance cause they just can't afford it.

    It sucks, and yeah it should have been insured...we have it better here in SA because our insurance is just more affordable.
  15. Don't the disc locks prevent that?

    DJE exactly what sort of lock did you have on it?
  16. Most Vic insurers allow pay by the month nowadays.
  17. ah, well that's an improvement!!
  18. Pretty easy, you can either lift it clean on (needs a few blokes) or lift whichever wheel has the lock off the ground and run on the other wheel. Using two disc locks (front & back) helps reduce that risk, but doesn't help if you have 4 blokes who can hoik it into a trailer. Chaining it down is the only thing that stops that.
  19. So do most NSW insurers
  20. It had a good disc lock on it. But yeah, if they want it... theyre gonna get it.
    Im guessing they planned it cuz its barely visable where I leave it. They obviously knew when to get it...

    I didnt know we could pay per month in VIC for insurrance. Thanks for the info. If I can afford another bike worth insuring ill definately look into that.

    Allot of riders I have met dont use insurrance because its too expensive and unless its full comp, its barely worth it. Most times a rider has an accident its usually (from what I hear) a mistake he/she has made or even if its caused by a car, we usually take any means neccessary to avoid a collision, even if that means droping the bike.
    I havent heard of one car driver who caused a motorbike accident (without hitting the bike) actually admitting to it...!

    Personally, I dont think its worth getting unless you are a learner rider, everyday rider (incl wet weather) or you own a bike over $15,000.

    Any input about this/insurance?