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My first pillion: a new experience for me

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by YamahaWoman, Sep 8, 2013.

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    Last edited: Sep 8, 2013
    I got off my restrictions on the 5th of September and waited for a day with a bit of sunshine, today was the day. Taking your first pillion can be a daunting feeling anyway, but I was extra nervous because of who my passenger was.

    Back in 2011a family friend of ours died after colliding with a truck at high speed. His window used to ride his bike (Honda CB600 Hornet) as she has her own licence, plus she used to go out on the back with her late husband. She hasn't been on any bike since he died. Today, she was my pillion.

    I rode very carefully with her, I expected her to be nervous and she was, but she was also very excited and had a great time. I was surprised a few weeks ago when she told me to come and pick her up when I was off my restrictions, I feel very honoured that she trusts me enough to get on a bike with me after losing her husband on one. To top it off, she gave me $100 to put towards my next bike. :D


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  2. Good one, I was nervous taking my first pillion as well. Partly cause I was still on my p's, ;-)
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  3. I'm still on my P's for my car so I still have to have a P plate on my bike despite not having any restrictions. Stupid Vicroads!
  4. I'm on my learners and paranoid about ever having a pillion- don't think I will lol.

    Congrats on the successful run :D
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  5. I didn't think I ever would, I'm only small. My friend is only small too, I don't think I could handle someone too much bigger than her on the back. Good luck with your riding :)
  6. Tahlia1989 you dear lady are a Legend ;)
    Job well done darlin ,
    Helping your friend like that is noteworthy and extremely special ,
    Her helping You in return as she is (was) a rider and First Pillion is Invaluable ...
    HUG'S to you Both from me (y)
    i hope her next call to you is she want's to get back on and ride again herself :cool:
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  7. Wonderful story. I'm not going to pillion but I'm not likely to be in a situation where I'm asked to,,,,
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  8. Good stuff lassie.
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  9. Aww, thank you :) She said she might get a 250 until she gets her confidence back. We were looking at CBR250s on bikesales, she likes those. She's a bit unsure of what she wants, she's only ever ridden sports, she likes the upright position of cruisers though. I think she wants to go test ride some bikes now. :)
  10. Good on you Tahlia, that was a great thing to do for your friend. I dont know if I will ever ride with a pillion. My bike is just about as heavy as I can handle and I dont want a pillions extra weight as well.
  11. I totally understand, every time I went to stop at lights or whatever I was worried about going over because of the extra weight. It's no problem with just the bike and no pillion. I found myself feeling more stable when I had both feet down, and that made me really glad that I'd learned how to ride the clutch, because I was using it as a brake on the hills lol. I'm planning on getting a Sportster next, and since those are more top heavy I don't think I'll be taking any pillions. I'll have to see I guess.
  12. Good stuff. I pillioned on my wife's bike (we're both on our fulls now and her bike is a 250 cruiser) when she gave me a 500m lift to where I left something behind.

    The experience was weird and kinda freaked us both out lol. So we're going to park that adventure for a while.
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  13. I haven't pillioned anyone as yet and I've been on fulls 1-2 years. I have enough trouble balancing myself with the bike sometimes lol so doubt Id want anyone on the back. I'd be worried about going over too.
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  14. Good one :)

    I've only pillioned some people at Saturday practice in the car park. Would like to try it out on the road, just need to find a willing victim *cough* volunteer.

    Anyone who goes to Elwood Saturday practice, ask Hawklord to teach you. He's very good, light, knows how to get on with the least instability to you, and will show you how it feels with a good AND bad pillion on board.

    @GreyBM will also volunteer, but be prepared to listen to a continual stream of bitching about the inadequacies of your bike's pillion seat.... :bolt:
  15. I was lucky with my friend, she's stick thin and knows how to be a good pillion. Except for when I was pulling at a set of lights and she was watching a guy who'd parked his bike, she ended up sliding into me when I stopped even though I didn't stop quickly or brake that hard, but it was pretty funny :D She didn't even need to hold onto me, she held onto the leather strap in front of the pillion seat. It was good that way because, you know, I like to breathe LOL.
  16. I stand and applaud you.
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  17. Agreed . Well done !!
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  18. Aww, thank you :)
  19. Should also add , big props to your friend for having the courage to get back on after what tragically happened to her husband . Simply amazing !!
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  20. She's a brave lady :)