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My first panoramic... [Big file]

Discussion in 'Non-Bikes' at netrider.net.au started by Rolkus, Sep 26, 2011.

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  2. Looks really good. The exposure looks spot on between shots. How many pictures and what program did you use to stitch them with?
  3. I took a total of 6 pictures, that probably only used 4. Just used photoshop on them. Pretty easy.

    Apologies smee!
  4. That looks fantastic.
    Nice work buddy :)
  5. Nice work looks great.

    I have a sony point and shoot that has the panoramic feature, it is pretty good! Have taken some great shots using this feature and takes the stitching process out of it.
  6. didn't know stuff like that was available. I just stood still and put my camera to slow continuous. Easy as!
  7. Issue with point andshoot panoramas Is the size of the pic and level of detail you lose as opposed to a photshop stitch

    Tapatalking from somewhere, maybe even behind you so look out!!!
  8. queenstown :D

    at least thats what the view reminds me of
  9. Agree, but is great for quick panoramic shots and works pretty good :) Of course the resolution and picture quality is not as good.

    Here is one using that feature... Not the full res image though, but you get the idea.

    Hamilton Island Mariner

    Here is one of the MCG I took with a Canon EOS 1000D and then manually stitched it together (don't mind my crappy photo-stitching).

  10. This discussion has reminded me that I took a whole bunch of panoramas in Europe when I was there.. I used an open source program called Hugin to stitch them together and it seemed to work pretty well..

    Here's one of the Collosseum (the linked pic is fairly large):


    .. and the Orangerie at Versaille:


    ... etc
  11. Photos look great! Would have been nice to see more of the Colosseum at the bottom so you saw the wall continue around and not chopped.

    Were these shot in landscape (horizontal) or portrait(vertical)? I have never thought about shooting in portrait to try and fit more in when the viewing angle is limited as I have had the same problem happen to me. Next time I try I will use portrait to get more in. Of course this will result in more photos to stitch together.

    Thanks for the name of the program, bonus it works on mac too :)
  12. Rolkus that shot is excellent mate. Very well exposed, well framed and the stitching is seamless.

    Would hang that in my house mate, for sure.
  13. Thanks Spruce. I'm in the process of getting it framed for my house, so very happy with it.

    Some people have asked my why I didn't just keep the mountains in the middle - I tried to get the mountains on the right side of the picture in it they were absolutely covered in snow and looked unreal. But we didn't get much closer, having to head back to Queenstown.
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  15. That's a realy good shot smee!
  16. Top shot smee
  17. Agreed.. That annoyed me a bit too. That one was taken horizontal, and despite how it looks in panorama, it's actually a really tall structure - quite hard to frame properly across multiple shots. I probably should have tried it in portrait too, but my poor wife was getting a bit fed up with me stopping all the time to take panoramas. I think she appreciated it when we got home and got to see some of the results though :)

    Most of the time I used landscape, although I did end up doing a few in portrait to get the extra height (inside some high-ceiling buildings for example)...

    No worries - that was one of the main reasons I went for it too. Was pretty happy with it in the end though - it seemed to do quite a good job.
  18. Awesome shot.. That light in the clouds is surreal ..
  19. That's an awesome shot. Love that part of the world, and you've done it justice...

    Out of curiosity, did you have a polarising filter on for that? The sky looks awesomely deep blue :)
  20. No filters. In all seriousness, all I did in photoshop was merge them together using layer masks to blend. Didn't touch levels, contrast or any settings.