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My first oil change experence...

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Bracken, Dec 30, 2008.

  1. Howdy,

    So i had a crack at changing the oil in the zzr250 thisafternoon.
    Was OK for a first run i think.

    Went to sydney city and got some oil and a filter with a new sump washer.
    Get home, ride for about 15 mins to get the oil warm so it will come out easy.
    Come home, put her on the centre stand, grab socket set, put of newspaper down for the odd drip.

    The socket i have is to large to get over the sump and inbetween the filter.

    So i loosen the filter first and let that drain for a few mins, take the filter out.
    Take the sump out and let the rest drain.

    doing OK so far, an Ant bit me on the arse while i was on the ground, im ok however.

    Oil out, put the sump back in, change the filter, tighten it all up.
    Feeling pretty good abaout myself at this point.
    Fill her up, start her up and go for a ride.
    nice, actually feels better (may be all in my head tho)
    come home and pack up...whats this little thing.....ah, that would be the new sump washer.
    Go back over to the bike and there are a few drips on the driveway.
    put the bike away as i had to come to work and put some cardboard under her to catch any more.

    Ive called the housemate who has checked and its only 3 drips under the bike.

    I will redump the oil and replace the washer in a few days.

    Has anyone else done this before? I feel pretty silly, bit it could of been worse i guess!
  2. Dont stress. On my mums old XD falcon i once started putting oil in before the sump plug lol :) Was a few years back though ;)

    You may be able to just drop the plug, put your finger on the hole and then refit the plug. If you do this, make sure the engine is cold. Then just top up any oil that you would have spilled.
  3. or just catch the oil in a clean container and reuse it.
  4. Good work! I think everyone should be learn to do simple things like this. It always amazes me that people will pay a couple of hundred $$$ for some shop to change and oil and filter then have a quick look around.

    I'm sure most of its in your head but the bike always seems to ride better after you've changed the oil. :cool:
  5. some people just dont have the time, the tools, the room or just cant be bothered and would rather not have to stuff around with things like that.

    The same could be said about why you dont make your own clothes......
    its no different is it.
  6. If un-doing two bolts, draining fluid, re-tightening said bolts and pouring more fluid in was all it took to make clothes I'd become a fashion designer.

    Hell, if you want I'll charge you half wat ever your mechanic does to change your oil.

    [/thread hi-jack]
  7. Main advantage of going to a mechanic is the 'look around' that you mentioned.

    Though normally you would notice something when an issue starts but for some riders esp newer riders. That something might just seem like a normal bike thing.

    Home or mechanic each to their own imo
  8. Maybe try wearing pants next time? :oops:

    As previously suggested, get a clean container and catch the oil to reuse. No biggy unless the area you are working in is not too clean and dust, etc may get in the oil.
  9. Amen brother!