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My first off.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by frickendevil, Jun 9, 2007.

  1. Well it happened last night, the cbr250r caught me off guard with a twist of the throttle and a bad road, popped a mono which i wasn't ready for and came off with the bike landing on my leg.

    I have a pic on my phone when i can find it, but just a bit of grazing (ok, my left leg looks like death warmed up), sprained ankle thats probably also got a fracture, but wont find out till the swelling goes down and whether or not it still hurts in a week or so.

    The bike is kinda alright, left front fairing is cracked, and the windscreen is missing a chunk, and my clutch lever snapped. Will get pics of it when i get the strength to go downstairs. Its still ridable, a family friend went and picked it up this morning.

    Props to pete and mia, my excellent ambo drivers, who were there in an instant. Less props to the townsville base hospital, which made me wait over an hour in agonising pain, me asking several times for pain killers with them saying "ill get a doctor straight away for you", But thanks to the work they did do.

  2. Yup. Those CBR250R's are real wheelie machines alright...

    Look after yourself. A mate of mine wrote off his CBR600 not long ago, was wearing all the right gear and really only copped a bad graze on his leg. But it turned into a staph infection in no time, and gave him major aggro.

    Can't be too careful.

  3. Self-diagnosis of 'might be fractured' is crazy. GO TO A MEDICAL CENTRE and get yourself checked over, dumbo :)

    I'm sorry to hear about the damage to the bike, but when you're 45 and you have arthritis in the ankle because you didn't get proper medical care TODAY, you may not be ABLE to ride anything. Fix yourself and then worry about the bike.....

    {damned monos :LOL:}
  4. good to hear you came out of it in one piece, get your ankle checked out.....now as a matter of fact if your not reading this post from the doctors while they're checking your ankle............god will kill a kitten (maybe (this post does not in any way endorse holy cruelty to animals))
  5. u2? :(
  6. "might be fractured" was the doctors diagnosis :p.

    heres the leg. or the easiest angle to get of it :p:

  7. Insist on an X-Ray.

    After my accident at PI, I got taken to a public hospital with my ankle swollen up like a baseball. Looking almost EXACTLY like your ankle right there in that picture (minus the blood - I had proper boots on).

    They didn't even bother to X-Ray it. Doctor reckoned it might be just sprained.

    When I turned up at a private hospital the following day to get some proper treatment, the doctor sent me in for an X-Ray immediately. When that came back with nothing clear he sent me in for a CT Scan, and they found that I had hairline fractures through the Talus bone (the main weight bearing bone in the foot) and had I tried to walk on it more, I risked breaking the whole bone apart which would result in MAJOR grief. (i.e. out of action for a year and limping forever with arthritis).

    Go get the damn ankle scanned. Don't accept shoddy doctor's crap. They treat motorcyclists like second class citizens unless you insist on proper care.
  8. and get yourself some proper boots! :?

    glad to hear you're ok otherwise though
  9. they couldnt bend my foot far enough to get a clear xray of my foot, and my ankle they are unsure about because the swelling is disturbing the image. If its still no better tomorrow i will be back in ( i have to go to get my dressings changed), but ive had a vast improvement since last night.

    I normally wear proper boots but was on my way to work. I know better next time however. The spill hasn't scared me off bikes

    Just noticed, i have movement back in my toes! Will be back on in no time :p Still undecided on whether or not to streetfighter the cbr.
  10. CT Scan. Accept no less.
  11. quite often it's difficult to diagnose a broken ankle due to swelling. Usually where they're not sure, they treat it as if it is broken for a few days so they can get a better idea when the swelling comes down a touch. Having said that, definitely make sure you do everything they say to get the best chance at not having problems later on.

    Aside from that, glad you're ok.
  12. yep definitely get it scanned....walked around on mine for 10 weeks before i got it scanned...too late then. Took forever to come good and am gonna pay for it one day when i get older.....
  13. Agree on the scan. Even a good high quality hiking boot would have saved you a lot of pain there.
    Gotta look after your lower legs, they get you around.

    Regards, Andrew.
  14. know what you mean .. I got told "nup, not broken" in emergency, got crutches for a few days and then walked around on it while I was going to physio. About 4 weeks down the track, my physio said "it's not right .. you really need to organise another xray". Sure enough, there was a small piece of ankle floating around in my ankle and here I am 7 years later, paying the price very dearly even still.

    You can't go wrong being paranoid if it doesn't feel right ;)
  15. The other REALLY dangerous thing about ankles is that if you have bone fragments floating about which you might never know about without a scan, is that these sharp fragments have been known to sever various arteries in the foot. Some bones in the foot only have a single artery feeding them, and if those arteries get severed the bones will die and necrosis will set in and the dead bones will eventually crumble and break apart.
  16. *laugh* way to scare a person who's just had an ankle injury ;)
  17. Im going down to see my GP today, I've ran out of painkillers. Ill get a second opinion about the ankle then. Good news, I'm probably deferring my uni exams that are this week and the week after!
  18. Surprised they didn't get a CT scan if the x-ray wasn't clear - but I suppose it depends on the hospital. I know Frankston were pretty anal about checking me out after my recent spill - even keeping me in overnight for observation (after numerous CT scans & x-rays).

    As for the bike, I guess your off is a good example why people should learn to ride on a 250. ;) Just imagine how much more trouble you'd be in if you'd grabbed a fistful of a litre bike! :shock:
  19. Yeh, its always been my excuse to start off small.

    GP: Swelling has gone down a fair bit, most likely just a ligament strain, will redo xrays tuesday/wednesday, cat scan or ultrasound if necessary. Got all my exams off!