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My first off

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by bass_player, Nov 5, 2006.

  1. Well I guess it had to happen. Had my first off on the way home from work on Friday night. Weather was good so I left early to go for a bit of a blat through the hills. Long story short I hit a tight corner a little too hot, ran out of road, tapped the rear brakes to wash off some speed (yes, a newbie mistake, I know :p ) and lowsided into the barrier on the side of the road. I ended up under the bike which somehow managed to wedge itself under the barrier. Luckilly the bike only has some minor cosmetic damage but nothing too serious. I've got a banged up knee and muscle damage in my right shoulder. A big thanks to the bloke in the blue WRX who helped me get the bike out from under the barrier and for making sure I was ok.

  2. You know when your a biker when you say it's lucky your bike only has minor damage, then mention your own injuries as an afterthought :roll:
  3. damn, sorry to hear that. there a few offs this weekend! as long as body's not too banged up, that's most important.
  4. Its funny you say that bonkers. The first thing I did was check the bike before even realising that the right side of my body was very sore :LOL:
  5. I low-sided a dirt-bike this weekend... good times. Can't wait to have one of my own to crash :grin:
  6. bugger, sorry to hear mate, hope the shoulder heals up well, make sure you see a physio because should injuries tend to stick around for life if you let them.

    glad you didnt get to banged up
  7. Shit.

    Heal up quick mate. :)
  8. at least you know where you made the error.
    heal quick :)
  9. Yeah, get well quickly mate.
    Someone posted in another thread that at a first aid course he had done, the instructor said that the first thing all riders who crash say is, "How's my bike??"
  10. yeah that was me :grin:
    When she said that, i thought about it for a sec, then i thought 'nope - shes right' lol
  11. 5X posts
    Sorry guys (and gals) :grin:
  12. 5X posts
    Sorry guys (and gals) :grin:
  13. 5X posts
    Sorry guys (and gals) :grin:
  14. 5X posts
    Sorry guys (and gals) :grin:
  15. OH FFS too many posts - can a mod help me delete them please
  16. True. Hope you heal well.
  17. True. Hope you heal well.
  18. True. Hope you heal well.