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My first off

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by Jeffco, Oct 15, 2014.

  1. So I’m following my normal routine 6am Im on Heatherton road heading to Monash Freeway, its a little cool this morning but I’m rugged up well so ehh.

    No issues along Monash and I take my usual exit at Alexander Ave right at St Georges road on to Alexander Ave. Continue along cross punt road approaching the Botanical Gardens speed slows to 50.Which I’m always doing, cause those who know the area know there are two pedestrian crossings along the way and it isn’t always easy to spot the darting runners and walkers so I’m always watching.

    I’ve got a two car gap from the vehicle in front and there’s a good gap behind me as we approach the lights and bridge at Olympic boulevard, I’m about 100 metres from the lights can’t remember if they were red or green but I notice a vehicle parked off to left, again I can’t remember if he had indicator on, but I remember lights were and thinking to myself watch out.

    Cars pass the vehicle including the one immediately in front of me as I get close the car on the left suddenly launches into the u-turn. I hit the brakes and swerve to the right, thinking he will stop I will get around him or stop. I do remember reading somewhere (on here I think) if you have to hit a car hit the boot or the bonnet. Funny what you remember.

    I also remember thinking the road was free of oncoming traffic so that’s something; I don’t remember hitting the horn I’m just trying to stay upright. Then all of a sudden I’m on the road, I guess I ran out of turning space / speed or whatever.

    My head hits the road and my first thought is that didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would, my right arm is under me I can feel some pain but nothing too bad. I didn’t slide much and within seconds I can hear people yelling out are you ok, call an ambulance & suddenly there’s people everywhere rushing to help. Good thing about all those runners and fitness types plenty of help.

    I start to get up and some says stay down, are you ok i say something don’t know what whilst I head to the side thinking get off the road. Others have got the bike up and off to the side.

    I sit down and start a better check of myself, my right arm is sore but everything is moving ok no real pain, no pain from the head region. I look up and there’s a paramedic in front of me, apparently He was travelling in the car behind and was on his way to work.

    He asks if I’m ok any pain, I say yes I’m ok my right arm is a bit sore but that’s about it. He says it’s good you were able to get up and move do you think you can take your jacket and helmet off.

    I do and he says im going to check your neck and back tell me if there’s any pain, he presses down my neck and spine no pain I say. That’s good he says, checks my arm and everything else says everything appears to be fine, but get yourself checked out by your own doctor to be sure. He asks me if someone can come get me I say I’m fine I will check bike to see if it can be ridden or not and go from there.

    The driver approaches and apologises says he didn’t see me it’s all my (drivers) fault he writes his details out No licence to check but I wasn’t to fussed at this stage. Since called and they’re correct and he’s happy to ensure bikes fixed with or without insurance.

    Sat down for five or so called work told them I wouldn’t be in checked bike no leaks no major damage, muffler scratched, brake lever scratched . Try starting bike no luck turn off back on yes its in neutral try again no luck hmmm after another minute suddenly remember to check kill switch Doh bike now starts.

    Gear has done well right arm of leather jacket has some scratches down it but otherwise good my RST jeans are good to no tears or rips. No major damage to helmet so I figure I’m good to go.

    As Im riding back home I notice the handle bars aren’t quite right, bike is riding ok just not straight? so instead of heading home I decide to drop bike off at 60 degrees to get the once over. Whilst there I make an appointment for the doctors.

    Looking back at it, I think if I was maybe in centre or left of centre maybe he would have seen me? As I was travelling closer to the right wheel track, and I probably have to increase my distance between cars, two car lengths might be good in my car but not so good on the bike.
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  2. Glad to hear both yourself and the bike are relatively ok mate. Had a similar incident back in the UK and it shakes u up a bit. Gotta love the human brain sometimes with it switching off just b4 impact and starting again as u land. Awesome that you were alright and able to ride afterwards, hope you and the bike get back to normal asap.
  3. Not a bad idea to have cops attend if you have any injury, even just a sore arm. Also could help with insurance if you have police statement which takes out any argument over who is at fault/liable
  4. Thanks mate just got back from the docs all ok will have some bruising only, bikes not to bad either just waiting for final price of bits and pieces

    Yeh I didn't think of it at the time but probably should have.
  5. Glad you're okay jeffco - seems you had some very handy pedestrians and road users around.

    Also as the Smileebloke advocates, sometimes it's useful to use the car in front as a buffer for vehicles entering your space. So travelling in the right isn't always a bad thing - and two car lengths should have been sufficient. He must have really gone for that u-turn.

    Glad to hear you're okay though.
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  6. Good to hear you are ok. I don't know that the buffer had much to do with this one. In fact if you'd been up the arse of the car in front, which I don't advocate, he might have avoided you, hard to say. One of the reasons I feel more comfortable in the middle of the lane is I can go either way if needed, in this case behind him.
  7. Glad you are OK. (y)

    Your insurance may require a Police report, sometimes they do, you can go and make a statement after the fact at a local station if needed. If you are going to handle it yourself then your Doctors case notes should verify that you had treatment post accident if it should come to a TAC case.
  8. Bin the helmet. If your head hit the ground in it you've compacted the inside. Besides you won't have to pay for it.

    The U turn from parked is the one that scares me the most. I know I'm not disciplined enough to treat every parked car on the side of the road as a threat. You probably could have avoided it but don't beat your self up too much over it. Many experienced riders would have been downed under the same circumstances.
  9. Yeah 2 car lengths is not much at 50kph. A 2s gap is about 28m at that speed. You'd do well to stop in less than 28m without a prior setup.
  10. Glad your OK man. Hope you heal up fast and get the bike back in as new condition. So lucky you weren't injured more
  11. Thanks mate & Ive never seen so many people so fast even a couple of cagers stopped it was good to see

    Thanks @Mcsenna@Mcsenna cleared by the doc so that's good, and I think it will be middle of the lane along there in the future.

    Thinking of attending local station. The bike is ready to go, muffler would be the biggest expense but I'm not going to change it. It needs a right indicator a brake lever and I need a new helmet. He's happy to pay without insurance up to 1K so will get the bike bits have already got the helmet and will be back on the road tomorrow.

    Yeh new HJC Helmet from AMX Cranbourne already sitting on my dining table. I'm a bit annoyed about dropping it, I do practice my emergency braking every 2-3 months up to 60 ks but I walked away and the bike was rideable and now ready to go so I consider that a win :]

    Will be increasing it from now on a bit of barn door closing after horse bolting but at least im getting the horse back

    Thanks mate :]
  12. Good job on stopping/swerving/crashing before hitting the car. Sliding along the ground is preferable to slamming against a ton and a half of immovable car.
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    Thanks mate :] I'm strangely happy bout the outcome

    Here's some pics of bike and gear

    crash (1).JPG

    crash (2).JPG

    crash (3).JPG

    crash (4).JPG

    crash (6).JPG

    crash (7).JPG
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  14. @Jeffco@Jeffco I prefer the pics you post in the Boobs thread. Heal up well.
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    Thanks mate I do too:wacky: Im heading that way soon

    something I should say Is a BIG thank you to all those anonymous people who came to my help, escorted me off the road and got my bike upright and out of the way.

    Id like to especially thank Lachie the paramedic travelling behind me on his way to work for all of his help and assistance if any of you guys are netriders or happen to see this It was very much appreciated
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  16. Glad you're OK and so glad to hear driver owned up immediately. Hope your bruises come out looking pretty good ;)
  17. Yes, good news. It's good to know that when it comes to the crunch (sorry) others are going to help.
  18. Glad you came out ok mate buuttt... Sorry I just can't understand why you haven't gone with his insurance on this, especially if your shoulder is injured?? If this guy has admitted it was his fault and he thinks up to 1K is fair I would have told him to contact his insurance company... surely it should be the only option..... shouldn't it?? None of what happened to you was your fault and all damages and injuries (possibly long term) should be covered by the guilty party... Just trying to understand why you have chosen to not go with insurance?? He probably would've paid less for his insurance premium and you would've had everything replaced/repaired and your injuries looked after which you might find that you have problems with your shoulder in the future, but your on your own with that now :( Also insurance would have meant you wouldn't have to be picking and choosing what would fit in under this guys 1K offering.... sorry mate from what I read, in my opinion you've done yourself a great injustice by going down the path you have chosen. He could be the nicest guy on the planet but why should you be at a loss when you did nothing wrong, other than give him the benefit of the doubt that he was a competent driver?? just my 2 cents, All the best with getting everything back in order mate, cheers
  19. Thanks guys and gals & Im hoping for some nice bruises too will post if up to standard :wacky: