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My first off.

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by murchy, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. ****ing 100m from home.

    Doing a right hand turn into a T intersection, from the top of the T into the base of the T (if that makes sense), a dreaded Barina was coming up the base of the T towards the intersection.

    I didn't see any indicator on, but I can't be sure. Either way I assumed they would stop at the give way sign (seeing as the road they were turning into is usually very busy, especially around 5-5:30pm), or at least stay in their lane.

    I was wrong.


    It's quite a narrow street that I was turning into, and people park along either side, so usually you end up driving down the middle of the road if you're in a car. People don't park close to the intersection though, so there's no reason to be in the middle of the road when you come to the give way sign. Unless you're a Barina driver I guess.

    She apparently didn't see me, or thought I wasn't planning to turn, despite my indicator being on. Maybe she just didn't care, I won't pretend I understand the female Barina-driver's mind.

    Either way, she pulled out without pausing at the give way sign, and I was forced to swerve out of my cornering line to avoid her. My diagram probably doesn't show this very well, but I was quite committed to the turn at this stage, and ended up facing pretty much directly towards the gutter at the corner of the intersection, with about 1.5m to spare.

    First thing that came to my mind was how solid the person living on the corner's brick fence looked. I tried to get back into a proper turn, but failed because I suck.
    Ended up managing to pull the bike around enough so as not to hit the gutter head on, but did end up getting the front wheel sucked down into the little gutter dip thing, slid along the gutter, ending with me falling over to my left.

    Barina-driver, at this stage stopped halfway through her right turn in the middle of the road after slamming on the brakes (lucky she did this or I might not be talking to you now), looked around and saw me on the ground pinned under the bike, made eye contact with me, and drove off.

    ****ing. biatch.

    Damage was limited to 1-2 scratches along the front left fairing, and the indicator pulled off by it's impact with the dirt - luckily we've had some rain the past few days and it was soft enough to just pull it off the stalk, rather than smashing it. Should be able to rewire/reattach it by myself.

    End rant.

    tl;dr - people are assholes and i suck.
  2. sad to hear this Murchy, but like everyone else says glad that u r unharm and able to go home...
  3. exactly !

    no that's impossible. technically she dose'nt have one. hence her namesake barinabimbo
  4. I feel for you buddy. Glad you're alright.

    I once knew someone who drove a barina. A beat up old green one at that so you know it's going to be driven by a ****wit.

    She was nearly 30. Had never held down a solid job. Had gone from degree to degree to degree at uni eventually finishing a law degree... which she did nothing with. Daddy would pay for it all though. End up getting engaged to some indian guy who obviously then saw the error of his ways and pulled out. Now she does another degree in melbourne, away from me, for which i am grateful.

    What i'm trying to say is that barina drivers aren't worth the air they breathe.
  5. i just looked at your diagram. at first i thought, wait a minute, you had right of way.
    then i saw the word barina written in. well that's different. barinas have right of way because they sincerely BELIEVE they do. because they are like, really REALLY DUMB.
  6. Damn Murchy. Glad you are right! Did you get the number plates? She should have stopped to check at least. Get the cops on to her for for running away.
  7. No luck with the number plate, I'm going to do some laps around the local area and look for the car though. =[
  8. If you find it, let us know and we will all come around & play! :D
  9. I used to drive a barin when I was a courier some decade [and then some] ago. nippy little car.


    Dumb As Dog Shit!! seems like you met one, I was hoping to read she'd either come over and blew you as an apology OR youy got up and chased her down [then the porno music starts]

    Main thing is youre ok, bike's repairable and life continues, did you remeber what color the car is? you can always thank her if you see her again..
  10. Haha, appreciate it =]
  11. Sorry to hear the bad news, please make sure you notify the police. You can always update the report if you find car again.
  12. I hate to say it, but you got...

    *puts on sunglasses*


    In all seriousness though, glad you could get back on two feet straight away.
  13. Sucks about the bike but glad you're still here to tell the tale!

    Before I started riding a motorcycle, hearing about someone just driving off like that would shock me, but sadly it's becoming and all too common occurrence. This is the reason I'll be ordering a GoPro when the tax man pays me :p

    +1 for 'having fun' if you find her car ;)
  14. i say good job on continuing to ride the bike.

    One thing I've learnt is if you keep riding the bike, you've got an increasingly greater chance of riding out of trouble. Many learners give up riding the bike when it goes to shite. Like when you spotted the brick wall, plenty would have given up then and ended up hitting it full on.

    Glad to hear you are relatively ok.
  15. I really hope you find the dumb bitches car. Go and buy a jug of brake fluid and tip it all over her barina.
  16. Sorry to hear about your off but the assumption that they were going to stop was you downbringing.
    Maybe it was a case of a SMIDSY but at the end of the day, you are the one left lying in a gutter which is a total shitter.
    Shite move on her behalf be fleeing the scene as well. I hope you see her around again.........

  17. Yeah she had no idea what was going on,so ignorant that when she looked at you that it was all your stupid fault not hers,good to hear your okay and i wouldnt put trust in cagers at intersections either.