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My first off

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by nicko18, Sep 9, 2010.

  1. So I was riding to work this morning and was in a heavy stream of traffic that merged from 2 lanes to become one.

    Cruising in the outside lane, traffic was merging in a 1:1 fashion from the left. I was busy watching my left mirror at the car behind me merge about a 30cm from my tail.

    Next thing I look up and the row of cars had stopped in front of me. I had about 5 metres to stop, but was only going about 20km per hour. I had to brake heavily, but didnt need to panic.

    I gripped only the front brake pretty hard. Next thing I know, the front wheel is locked up and im falling to my right. The realisation came to me at about the 45 degree angle mark that I was hitting the bitumen. As I was going down the only thing I was worried about was how close the guy behind me was.. I throw out both hands and come to a fairly soft landing. I probably slide a metre, maybe two. Thankgod the car behind me has stopped and he asked me out of his window if I was ok.

    Of course I was ok, but completely embarassed. Hauled the bike up as quick as i could and wheeled it to the kerb. Waited till about 20 cars passed so that by the time I re-entered nobody would know I was the bike that fell.

    Luckily the bike started up immediately, albeit the column is a bit angled to the right now, but I was able to continue riding to work and then back home again in the afternoon.

    I now realise my left hand copped a heavy landing in the aftermath (of couse nothing hurts at the time), but I'm amazed how well the kevlar jeans work. If I was wearing my normal work trousers my knee would be banged up pretty bad. Can only imagine what would have happened with no gloves. A week off work at least.

    Reflecting on the event it happened so damn fast it's hard to remember exactly what happened. I dont think my bike was completely upright at the time of hard braking. I was probably buffering away from the guy behind me and had a lean on. I also wasn't paying as much attention, and not keeping a safe distance of the traffic in front of me, which caused me to hard brake. I also didnt set up and brake with both brakes. I got lazy thinking i could easily brake the required distance with only the front.

    Anyway thought i'd share, pretty glad to get my first off out of the way actually - and i'll treat this as a major learning experience.
  2. oh yeah, and earlier in that ride to work today was about 60m behind a ute in an 80 zone when a cardboard box comes flying off his tray at me.

  3. Good to hear you got out of it pretty cheaply mate.
    Touch lots of wood i havent had the displeasure myself yet. Given the choice though i think id prefer one like that though.

    One of the things ive always tried to hammer into myself is dont assume the traffic in front is moving (especially at intersections/traffic lights, traffic jams etc). But its also not really possible to watch everywhere at once, and sounds like you already beat yourself up over it with the off, so i wouldnt feel too bad about the circumstances.

    Missile launchers (utes) can be fun! Wait until toolboxes and nails end up all over the road!
  4. yeah I know. haha. The ironic thing was I was congratulating myself most of the ride for always keeping the 3 second gap and avoiding catastrophe. I only remembered the incident when I got home because i've been consumed thinking about the fall.
  5. Aw man, at least you're okay. Glad you were wearing some gear, I bet!

    Yeah, I sometimes look too much in my mirrors at what's going on behind me, but I always ensure there's no traffic infront of me if I am, or that I'm stopped.

    Just take it easy and you'll be fine and know what to do next time :) Rest up xx
  6. Good to hear that you are ok.

    I came off in the wet on sunday on the Gold Coast, although I think I hit an oil patch on the road when the wheel locked up, and the resulting lowside had me sliding down the road.

    Definitely something I don't want to repeat.
  7. Glad you and your bike came out relatively unscathed.
    These things happen and funnily a lot of the time its on the way to work or back.
    Your adrenalin can mask a heap of pain and injury. Thats why its best to sit for 5 or ten minutes afterwards.
    Anyway its happened now and all good.
  8. Apparently Melbourne based stats show that the majority of motorcycle collisions on freeways occur in peak hour and were rear enders - i.e., bikes riding into cars - not hard to imagine either - as given that a rider rides closer to the car ahead and manages their space bubble via mirrors, it doesn't take much to miss the car ahead slowing or stopping. Next cab off the collision rank was side swipe collisions - i.e., splitting.

    Sorry about your prang nicko. Heal up quick. Maybe keep your distance from now on and practice your ebrakes more often so that the lizard brain knows to squeeze... A panic grab will drop you in no time (been there, done that, now practice ebrakes much much regularly).

  9. Sorry about your off, nicko. But good on you for getting back up and learning from it.
    I'm guilty too of checking my mirrors too much at the expense of what's going on ahead of me!
    And your experience serves as another reminder for everyone to wear the right gear. I see so many riders, especially scooter commuters, in just (suit) trousers and work shoes.
    Oh, and a near miss earlier in the day?? Man, you should buy a lotto ticket!
  10. Nothing slows time like a big burst of adrenaline and of course we all know that hindsight is 20/20. Good to hear that you got of lightly,no matter how many times you fall it always sucks.Lucky for you it was mostly your pride that was damaged.Get yourself to the chemist and find that "pain away'' spray..it works wonders at easing up joints.