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My First Off!!! Update in bold

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Blu101, May 19, 2009.

  1. Get a phone call from the officer in charge of my off. Will be issued with a ticket along the lines of 'failure to stop in time to prevent an accident', $384 and 3 points. Asked why it was necessary to be issued a ticket after taking everything into account, told due to been taken to hospital by the meat wagon then a ticket must be issued. Police officer who took my statement at my local station informs me that he does have power of discretion and that she feels that I shouldn't be issued a ticket. WTF!!!

    Well I know the chances are good for an off to occur, but I would have liked it later rather than sooner. To start off I had a pretty late night getting to bed (no drinking involved) due to staying up to get some work completed. Back up early next morning and gear up and head off to work.
    The ride into the city was the same as normal. Riding along Darlinghurst rd. in Kings Cross behind a taxi, I see a man trying to flag it down. Thinking that he was going to stop I gently get onto the brakes to make sure that I can stop in time if need be. Taxi drives straight past the bloke, so I release the brakes and start to accelerate again. Just has this happens the taxi literally slams his brakes on without any reason.
    Once this happens, I apply my brakes heavily to do an E stop but I realized that I was not going to stop in time. With no oncoming traffic, I then decide to do an E-swerve to the right of the taxi. Next thing I know, I am on the black stuff with the bike on top of me hard up against the taxi. People around were great in getting to me to help, with no one even trying to remove my helmet.

    So I am not really sure what happened to cause the accident but I think there was a few things that caused it to end the way it did. 1. Was I concentrating fully on my riding or was I tired from the late night, I say this as I am usually well aware of keeping a good braking buffer, but in this case I obviously didn’t. 2. I am not sure but it does make sense to me, did I still have my front brake on when I tried the E-swerve which is what caused the low side into the taxi. Again not sure and I guess I will never really know. Needless to say I have learnt some very valuable lessons.

    Both I and the bike have gotten off very lightly. I will be off work for a week or so and the bike looks like it is costing less than a grand to fix. Yes I am fully insured so the cost doesn’t really worry me. Riding gear did its job perfectly, no cuts etc just an extremely bruised foot. I must make a mention on my jacket, it is a Rivet Airbag Jacket. This thing went off before I hit the deck and I didn’t feel a thing on the upper body when I hit, actually thought to myself while lying on the ground how comfortable it felt. The jacket did everything that Rivet claimed, so I really can say they are worth the money. I just hope that if I have any more offs they are no worse then this one.
  2. Sounds like ur ok mate. Regardless of the bike the main thing is u walked away from it all in one peice :) Now you can enjoy ur late nights even more by having a week or so off work and relaxing with a beer and posting late night crap on here :LOL: not to say ur post wasnt crap, very informative indeed :) I work night shift so when im bored i do tend to post up crap on here :LOL:
    All the best with ur recovery mate.
  3. Glad to hear it wasn't any worse.
    Not sure what you could've done to avoid it. How does one prepare for the unlikelihood of someone slamming on their brakes? As motorcyclists, we try to anticipate the possible actions of others based on current circumstances. The fact the taxi drove right past the guy, makes it hard to prepare for what happened next.

    Stay Safe!
  4. Sorry to hear about your off... i am very interested to hear about the jacket though... i might look into getting one after having read that story...
  5. Never good to hear about an off but you are on the right track trying to think about what you did wrong and how to avoid it in the future.

    Hopping straight back on is the best medicine :wink:
  6. Ah sorry ta hear mate!

    Yeh i'd suspect either you had your brake still on or you hit something slipperly as you quicksteered.

    Hope you get her fixed up nice and quicksmart!

    In the meantime we can both have a drink and feel sorry for ourselves till we get our ladies back on the road! :LOL:

    Good to hear you didn't do yourself any damage :wink:
  7. Re: My First Off!!!

    Was reading this thinking 'just another fcuk up involving a taxi', but then this:

    Interesting! Do they inflate up around your neck to stop it snapping back?
  8. +1

    silly taxi drivers !
    I'm glad your ok and got away mostly un-injured

    But I must admit.. I have kind of been waiting for someone to come off while wearing one of these jackets. I think now I might have to invest in one.

    haha.. you should do a demo for netrider ! seems quite a few people a are interested in this type of gear :)
  9. Re: My First Off!!!

    Yes. google is your friend.
  10. Sorry to hear about your off but you are now the official Netrider spokesman for the rivet air jacket as you have fully tested one.
    Any chance you can do a fuller write up about the jacket from the first person perspective including things like warmth armour comfort and crashability?
  11. yeh mate and we want you to crash at different speeds so we can get a better picture of how it performs at high or low speeds :LOL:

    Sorry to hear about your off but happy to hear your ok.
  12. I'm sorry, what?!? I can accept "came round a sharp bend, doing posted speed limit, car stopped in middle of road... bang." but seriously, when following something, there is something we can do. If we fail to do it, we get booked for it, and if a car ran up the back of a bike because they didn't give themselves room to stop we'd sure as hell shout about it.
  13. Bloody Cabs!
    Sorry to hear that, but glad you and your wheels are ok. +1 Im also interested to hear about the jacket.....
  14. Good to hear you're okay!

    Sounds like an awesome jacket. Definitely gonna have to look into getting one.
  15. so what now with the jacket chris?

    re pack the airbag and change gas can or needs to go back to factory?
  16. In hindsight, I'm sure we would all agree that some additional space would have been nice, but the fact that the taxi driver went passed the Ped, could easily have led me to the same conclusion - that the danger spike had passed. I could easily have fallen for the same stupid trick pulled by the taxi...and I think that's all Vinnie is saying.

    Good to see our new resident "rivet crash test dummy" <giggle> is reflecting on his crash as we all should do, in order to learn from it...

  17. Sorry, I wasn't suggesting that Taxi drivers don't do crazy shit (though if anything the taxi sign is like a big fecking "KEEP AWAY - I CAN'T DRIVE" label to me.)

    I certainly could also fall quite easily into the same trap, I've followed too close to many a thing, on 4 wheels or 2.

    I was just pointing out that we DO have a responsibility to prepare for someone slamming on their brakes; maybe because a child runs out, maybe because they think a child is going to run out, whatever. The OP knows and admits this, he wasn't on his game perhaps, and we've all been there and will be again.

    I'm glad the OP is OK. I'm just late night nitpicking on "How does one prepare for the unlikelihood of someone slamming on their brakes?" - unless the taxi changed lanes and slammed on his brakes; which is of course standard taxi behaviour, followed about 5 seconds later with hazard (aka I can now do anything I want) lights, the person failing to stop is in the wrong.

    You'd be peeling me off the back window of the taxi I'm sure ;)
  18. Ok all! The jacket does seem to raise a little interest and as asked I will attempt a full write up of it in a separate post after this one. But firstly I would like to say in regards to the off. Yes, I am not happy about the taxi slamming his brakes on for no apparent reason and yes I do feel that without a doubt this contributed to my off. This said I think that had I have been in my car the end result would have been the same.

    However if it had been a normal day I honestly feel that I would have given myself more of a buffer then I did on this day, thus I would have been able to prevent myself from hitting the black stuff. The OP was for a few reasons, 1. So that I had another way to talk through it and try to actually work out what I did wrong (yes what I did wrong) and how I can learn from it and 2. So that hopefully other riders pay a little attention to my post and remember it when they are not fully on the game to try and prevent an off for them as I know now that it is very easy to have an off if you are not there 100%.
  19. I like your attitude Blu101.

    Stay safe mate and thanks for sharing this with us.

  20. F*(&%$& C#$%, M)*&^% F&%^&^ C*%# A#%H*&%, i just spent the past hour milling about writing up on the jacket just for my PC to drop dead and lose everything F&^%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    OK now i am finished venting. I will write it up tomorrow, oops later today!