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my first off... now what to do with the bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by blackgloves, Sep 30, 2007.

  1. hey guys,

    unfortunately i experienced my first off around lunchtime on friday. went riding with a mate on a path id never been on out in the gold coast hinterland and approached deceivingly tight corner too fast and couldnt lean any harder so seeing there were no other vehicles coming in the other direction... i decided to straighten up and brake as hard as i could but the gravel came a bit too soon and i went ass over tit and as a result have a broken collarbone plus a few scratches + bruises.
    im considering myself lucky tho as a dude that stopped by on his bike mentioned he had lost a mate on that very corner and the ambos also mentioned they make regualr trips out to that very spot all the time.

    now im just after some opinions of what to do with my poor baby (a cbr250rr). ive had it for a bit over 6 months and have decided regardless that i'm going to sell it to save my girlfriend any more grief (she never wanted me to get a bike in the first place). it came down on its left side and slid around the corner, and apart from the gear lever coming off and the mirror bending back the only damage seems to be the fairings. would u guys consider replacing the parts needed and then selling privately, or selling 'as is' to a dealer which they can then fix up to sell?

    it was in perfect knick b4 the off with 17k k's and only had one service which the mechanic couldnt find anything wrong and in his 20 yrs one of the best cbr250rr's he's ever ridden.

    anyway guys just after your personal opinions on what you'd do (i can run down and take some pics if that helps :cool: )

  2. Ok im gonna get this out of the way and probably cop a serve in the process but...

    How bout.... Just fix it up and get back on it ya big girl! :grin:
  3. Sorry to hear about your off.

    Don't give it up though, just think of it that you have been taught a lesson about riding on unfamiliar roads. And lucky to walk away with your life. Take it on board as experience, you know you won't do it again will ya ?

  4. Sorry to hear about ya off.

    Is your decision to give up also influenced due to no one to ride with?

    Keep the bike for awhile in case you have a change of heart later on
    once you have recovered.
  5. haha no no no im not giving up for good!!! its just that ill obviously be out of action for a couple of months, and i felt an upgrade from the 250 was coming up anyway (as the stack wasnt due to the power of the bike just not anticipating the sharpness of the corner).

    so now after this happened i thought id sell it to pay off the remainder of my loan and have a break and save some $$ then with the remainder from selling the 250 eventually upgrade to a cbr600.

    just thought id wait til after xmas so my gf has a bit of time to get over it.

    .... so would anyone reccomend fixing her up 1st if all the damage is just what i mentioned, or try and sell as is?
  6. nah not at all a mate bought a bike a cpl of months after i did and we've been out ridin just about evry wkend since
  7. A comment like that sounds like you were giving up totally! Oh wait maybe you are gunna get a new girlfriend instead :p :grin:

  8. the corner wasnt on the back of tamborine was it, one of those off camber down hill left handers with a 20k suggested speed??
  9. Thank 1censored. for that. thumbsup.

    To get the right answer I guess I'd be calculating (3) things to decide.

    1. How much you could get as is
    2. How much you'd get if it was repaired
    3. Cost to repair

    Maybe keeping it as a 2nd bike is another option?
  10. Depends which fairings you smashed? If its only down one side plus the screen it could cost $600-800+

    eg front fairing, side fairing, ductail fairing, screen and new paint.
  11. I would get it repaired or if possible repair it yourself to save some cash. You will get a lot more for it if there is no damage and have more to go towards your next bike.
  12. When youre riding taking extended breaks makes you a learner again. My recommendation is fix and keep riding until you are ready for upgrade. It will take you that long to get it fixed that your collarbone will be good - and it gives you somethign to do rather than just moping around the house.

    Also recommend you try and find people to ride with - especially with roads you dont know - you will learn a lot more that way.

    The gold coast has a high bike mortality rate for a reason - a lto fot hose roads are NOT that learner friendly.

    Take this as a lesson that you should only travel as fast as you can see you are safe to do. Double apexes are always a ba$tard.

    PS: Dont worry we've all done it. Some of us even still have the girlfriend who told us not to ride.

    PPS: Luckily Im not one of those poor ba$tards. :LOL:
  13. Glad you came out of it fairly well.

    Learn from the experience and try not to let it happen again.

    What about fixing it up putting it in the shed and getting your girlfriend to learn to ride and gettign licence then you both can share the passion for riding.

    My 2 bobs worth even if I cant even get my wife on the back of mine.(yes I had a discussion with her today :wink: )
  14. She just doesnt want to get on with you scorpious.

    Could mean that you have a reputation as a crasher. I'd give her a ride but you're too far away.

    Maybe she's just embarrased by the Harley?
  15. hey blackgloves, you are better on getting on the bike and get rid of your fear rather than let it compound and in years time you may regret it!!

    best roads for learner! did all my training around there!! :grin:
  16. meh, I certainly wouldn't have liked to take my first couple rides up Tambo that's for sure. The smoother roads of Nebo/Glorious I think are much better to learn the basics of cornering on, than sh*t up the GC Hinterland (aside from springbrook).

    Look into fixing/restickering I reckon. There should be plenty of decals going around for these as I would image there are plenty being dropped. New fairing is expensive unfortunately, but check to see what people are willing to pay for how it is atm. Also check for oil leaks from hairline fractures in engine cases, you will find them after a short ride and letting the bike idle on your driveway for a bit if you have them.

    Good luck, hope all goes well.
  17. I'm glad to hear you came out of it fairly OK...

    I don't think it's such a good idea to sell your 250 right away then hop on a 600. It seems you've learnt a very valuable lesson and it's times like this (good or bad) we have to go through that make us better riders ....hopefully.


    Stick with the 250 and master it so when you hop on to the 600 you don't end up making a silly mistake and hurting yourself.
  18. I would defintely say fix it up if you afford to. This way you wont regert a hasty decision right now and can alwasy sell it later. Those hinterland roads scare me.

    I seriously think you will be a better rider for today, hope you get well soon
  19. And just another thought... are you absolutely sure you couldn't have gotten around the corner? Would a comparably gentle lowside have been nicer than heading offroad and then binning it in an ugly mess of limbs and bike?

    Worth a thought for next time. :wink:
  20. geez thanks for all your input guys, all awesome! sorry if it came across i was quitting... i tried to get a loan for a bike for 2 years so after finally getting approved 6 months ago im not quitting that easily :wink:

    that sounds like it's all ill need, if it only costs that much ill definitely go with that option... i was thinkin id probably get ripped selling it as is but couldnt really afford to save up and fix the bike aswell as paying off my loan, but under 1k seems reachable.

    i was more or less trying to kill 2 birds with 1 stone, looking to sell and cut my losses + make the upgrade at the same time. but now deciding to fix her up myself ill definitely keep her for a bit longer.

    on a side note, as difficult as it was to convince the missus it was a good idea to get the bike... i actually made some headway 5 days before thge stack getting her a helmet and going on a 200k ride together. shes cooled down a hell of a lot since friday so im starting to think the 2-3 months of time til i get it back on the road should be enough for her instead of a bigger break and selling it. :grin: