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My first off... (lowside) Bulpin, Blue Mountains

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by FoxRiderJ, Jun 18, 2011.

  1. Hi all,

    First off ATGATT saved my arse... No scratches,bruises or broken bones (the off was an hour and a half ago).

    So i spent the morning in beautiful Mt Tomah, north of the Blue Mountains. Bloody gorgeous ride that was (right through Castlereagh, Nth Richmond, Kurrajong, Bilpin), i highly recommend it for anyone out towards the mountains for a day ride.

    I'll post some pics of the road later.

    Anyway on the way back down via Bilpin, as one would suspect from a mountain, was a steep incline (decline?) I had misjudged my speed in a very tight, steep turn. Those familiar with the road would know about it.

    I didn't. It was my first time on that steep, steep road.

    Tires didn't lock, but i knew i was gonna hit the cliff face at speed.

    In fact i think the gravel at the side of the road and the mud ditch in front of the cliff face is what softened the impact. The gravel caused the rear end to swing away from the cliff face, and i end up sliding a couple of meters under the bike, which eventually stopped in a ditch full of mud.

    Thank you to the good samaritan who stopped and helped me get the bike out of the mud.

    I came out unscatched and humbled, with a sore right shoulder to boot. I was flying through those same twisties mere hours earlier. Gear got some light scratches.

    The bike has a cracked right mirror, and an extremely bent forward rear brake, which was still operable, just extremely out of place.

    So i managed to ride the bike to my parents place (it was closer), over an hour away, with only the front brake to use. Keep in mind the incident happened halfway down the mountain.

    So lesson learnt, watch those downhill twisties, control your speed.
  2. Good to hear your OK man, happens to the best of us.

  3. Always harder coming down eh mate?
    Glad ya ok.
  4. Sorry to hear about that Fox. Glad you're ok. Scratching up the pride and joy sucks. I dunno what's worse - doing it when you're having a play and making a small mistake, or having it happen when you're quietly minding your own business and get hammered by some 3rd party. I find those are the ones that (for me at least) have resulted in the big injuries. The ones I have when I'm all "Hey watch me do this with one hand!" usually just result in wounded pride and repair bills.

    I hope you get her all clean and shiny again soon.
  5. good to hear u came out of it in shape, your bike could be fixed.

    do you have a googlemap of where you came off?.....theres two really tight places on that route, the one in Kurrajong near the camera and the one closer to Lithgow
  6. ditto to the other's posts, any one that you can ride home from is a good'n
  7. The best lesions involve a bit of pain,be a good war story in years to come.Sounds like you might be washing it tomorrow
  8. Re: My first off... (lowside) Bilpin, Blue Mountains

    So here's the google map as requested by Azn:


    Its the series of twists right before the speed camera, as Azn pointed out.

    Besides a sore shoulder, the worse damage is to my 2 day old Dainese jacket, $500 and already scratched. Hey at least its got character now right?

    The rear brake lever is extremely bent out of shape. The old man and i tried hammering it out to correct but to no avail. Does anybody know where one can purchase a rear brake lever? Thought MCAS would sell them...
  9. Problem with having a good war story in 10-20 years time is it comes back and bites you at 30-40 years time when the bones and joints starts letting go :(.
  10. Maybe thats why my right ACL snapped a couple of years back,30 years ago I had an XT 500
  11. That'll do it - yep. "What colour is that in the little glass window?" I can't see - it's dark - it's cold - I just want to get home.

    BANG!! ](*,)
  12. Shit of a week for you there mate!

    Good to hear your ok.
  13. glad you're okay. my first drop was misjudging the hairpin bend just before the wisemans ferry pub (the one turning right) going downhill.

    so long as you live to tell the tale and learn from it - it's the best outcome possible :)
  14. Ermm, if you knew you were going to hit the cliff face, what did you do about it?

    Good.! Training to use the front brake as your primary brake is a good thing.
    Keep doing that.
    And glad you're basically unharmed.
  15. Re: My first off... (lowside) Bilpin, Blue Mountains

    Try putting some tube over the lever and, well, lever it back into shape. I did it with a length of bamboo I found lying around. Comes around nicely with the leverage.

    Or ebay.
  16. I cant see the google maps link... Just me? :(.

    I did a lot of practice at dear ravens insistence with practicing holding a line in a corner while the road surface changed under me - ie, was going uphill or downhill with the dip that a hairpin often provides etc. Didnt help me nearly coming unstuck a few times - or at least feeling like i did, but did give me the confidence in myself to push through and try and ride it out - which worked!
  17. I leaned into the corner as hard as i could, well as far as a cruiser will take it anyway. I think that's how i managed to lowside once i hit gravel, instead of ramming head first into the cliff face.

    I'll try that and mold it back to shape. Might be good to keep it as a backup :cool:

    At least you came out *put on sunglasses* straight. :D
  18. i can't see the google maps link either
  19. I can't seem to post the googlemap images here, so i'll just post the links:


    <iframe width="562" height="314" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" src="http://maps.google.com/maps?q=1067+Bells+Line+Of+Rd,+New+South+Wales,+Australia&amp;hl=en&amp;sll=-33.549281,150.426371&amp;sspn=0.010927,0.033646&amp;ie=UTF8&amp;hq=&amp;hnear=1067+Bells+Line+Of+Rd,+Kurrajong+Heights+New+South+Wales+2758,+Australia&amp;layer=c&amp;cbll=-33.539912,150.636676&amp;panoid=qFVdGvmNFrQE0UxM1f7gjQ&amp;cbp=13,316.02,,0,9.24&amp;ll=-33.550533,150.640926&amp;spn=0.022461,0.048237&amp;z=14&amp;source=embed&amp;output=svembed"></iframe>
    <small><a href="http://maps.google.com/maps?q=1067+Bells+Line+Of+Rd,+New+South+Wales,+Australia&amp;hl=en&amp;sll=-33.549281,150.426371&amp;sspn=0.010927,0.033646&amp;ie=UTF8&amp;hq=&amp;hnear=1067+Bells+Line+Of+Rd,+Kurrajong+Heights+New+South+Wales+2758,+Australia&amp;layer=c&amp;cbll=-33.539912,150.636676&amp;panoid=qFVdGvmNFrQE0UxM1f7gjQ&amp;cbp=13,316.02,,0,9.24&amp;ll=-33.550533,150.640926&amp;spn=0.022461,0.048237&amp;z=14&amp;source=embed" style="color:#0000FF;text-align:left">View Larger Map</a></small>
  20. That's good, and lays out why you crashed.
    A cruiser (as you know), can't lean too far. If you went off the road at full lean, (for the bike), then the solel reason you crashed was speed. You just did'nt brake hard or early enough ond over cooked.
    I'd say that a regular bike would have made it, but cruisers are severely limited, with their lean angles.

    Ah well, you tried to make it instead of giving up on corner! Kudos for that! :)