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My first off (But i still passed the test)!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by wentworthmeister, Feb 28, 2008.

  1. Had the second P's session at Motorcycle Motion tonight, all 12 of us passed :grin:
    The test was pretty simple, but it was something else that got me...
    We were doing some emergency braking in corners; enter corner, lean bike over, look through corner, stand bike up, hard on the brakes etc. Anyways i was doing well, and started to push my limits a bit. Entered the turn too hot, got on the brakes while still on the way up, bike slid out under me, threw me over the left side and i landed on my left hip.

    It all happened so fast. One minute i was leant over, the next i was flat on my back. Everyone saw it, all the girls/women were freakin out :oops: :LOL: .
    I was fine, and once that was established everyone had a good laugh. I got straight back on, and passed the test with bent bars :LOL:
    So now i'm a P plater with a slightly bruised hip (and a more bruised ego!).
    See you out on the roads :grin:

  2. avoid the spur, please.
  3. ramp the speed of this incident up by a factor of two, and then imagine what hitting the deck at that speed feels like.

    Get good gear

    Practice low speed braking and steering
  4. Don't worry PP i'm in no hurry to get in your way :wink: There's plenty of time to practice after-hours in the uni carpark etc. I'll just take it easy as i go, hopefully i can do some more rider training courses as well.
  5. and they still gave you your p's :shock: :shock:
  6. LOl.. yeah .. i though they'd fail u if u either drop thebike or fall..
  7. As far as I know (unless its changed recently) emergency braking in corners is NOT an official part of the test, so he shouldn't be failed. The instructor would make a judgment call on whether he was an idiot, just not ready, or simply made a mistake and he's learnt from it.
  8. Yeah the corner braking is not part of the test. It was an additional skill that they were teaching us in between. If you drop a bike in the test you fail, but it does'nt matter in practice.
    I think from the OP i came across as a complete noob who can't control a bike, which (at the risk of sounding cocky) is not the case at all. Obviously i'm young and very inexperienced, but i thought (and the instructors affirmed) that i actually looked/felt very good on the bike for the most part. The problem arose when i started to push harder, building pace each time (i was probably going too fast for the exercise) until i made a mistake.
    Let me tell you there were some people there who couldn't control the bike... :shock:
  9. pp get off your fcuking high horse.....i have ridden with ww once, and yes he is a very fresh rider, not many learner jump on and get everything right straight out, but i will say from what i have seen of him, he seems to have his head in the right place when on the road and knows when he is pushing to hard and will listen/admit when he is wrong......so what he drop his bike in training, imo it's better to push your limits during training sessions in a controlled environment, when learning the basics then the on the road where there is lots of shit to hit, and generally at a higher speed.

    ww congrats on your p's

    cheers stewy :)

  10. just curious about that quote.

    does it mean like .. if u ride fast u'll end up like the riders in the bushes?
  11. I think it means slow riders are perverts. Right? Lurking in bushes, laughing?

    I could be wrong.
  12. it was a tongue in check comment, where on a recent tour to bright, i was saying that i was really struggling trying to keep with a few on the ride and that it can get a bit lonely riding by yourself all day.

    So to me it was basically saying if you are are pushing you limit to be quick and keep up, you will end up in the bushes sooner or later....where as if you are a competent rider, riding within there limits, (ok sometimes you have to ride alone) but you are more likely to come across a so called quicker rider in the bushes :wink:

    Which actually happened to a fellow mate on the very next tour i was on, where they were riding to the speed/lines of the bike in front (pushing their limit to keep up) and sure enough down they went, with the slowest rider in the group coming along now more then a few second behind, to see them dusting them self off

    sorry to hijack the thread
  13. Congrats WW !!!
  14. +1. ww congrats and good to know you are planning more training. My time on the track, ie ride days and advanced training is my most enjoyable riding experiences.
  15. It's not a f*ck up, it's "accelerated learning". :wink:

    Nothing wrong at all with landing on your head if you do it in a suitable environment and learn from it.
  16. Thanks all for the support, especially stewy; cheers mate :)

    That's what i figure, best to push the limits in a safe(r) and controlled environment, and when something does go wrong the consequences are far less (usually?).

  17. Ahhh ok that explains it :) thanks man *kudos to u* i'll keep that in mind.

    Bllaaaaaaaat! ZoooOOOom!. .......... Woooshhhh!...........
  18. [​IMG]

    congrats wenty i did my learners today and passed too! :grin:
  19. HAHA Bubbly well done!!!! :grin:
    Phil told me you were doing the test yesterday, congrats! :cool:
  20. lol ty wenty
    im sore today from it i think when i do my P's i will do it over the 2 days doing it all in one day is one hell of a long day :grin: