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my first off and im pissed off :( [long] *UPDATED*

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by xcamx, Jul 19, 2006.

  1. Hey Gang,

    We'll the dreaded happened, and i was doing so well, 4 years of daily riding and never a sniff of a fall or accident....

    Coming out of work turning onto the main road, picked a nice big gap amongst peak hour traffic, turned out and as i sarted to stand/lean it up gave it a tiny bit of acceleration and the next thing i recall is spinning.

    I was probably only going 55-60kmh at the time and was wearing all my gear (as always) so i sustained little damage. My once immaculate bike however, has scratches all down the right fairing (through to metal on one spot), scratches on the yoshi pipe, handlebar end, brake lever and mirror.

    I put it down to two things. Cold tyres and i think most importantly MUDDY tyres. I ride past the eastern freeway extension site (deep creek rd)everyday and get covered in mud.
    I'm pissed off at the condition of the road, but i guess thats just part of riding. From now on i will take the extra 15 minute mud free route to work.

    A few work mates heard the incident and came up to my aid, so apart from my bruised pride and wallet i'm very grateful to be ok.

    On the positive side, i can go to track day now because i have no fear of scratching up my perfect bike :?, heck what's money anyways.

    ride safe people
  2. Aw that's a bugger mate.

    Did you check for diesel spills?

    Two or three more diesel offs and we're ready for a class action.
  3. at least your ok mate.

    and luckily no major damage to the bike other than cosmetic. once in 4 years is a pretty good stint.
  4. hello!


    sorry to hear bout ur little spill, hope u ok. not too much damage to ur bike?
    anywho, jst a quick question? where in ringwood do u live?

    jade :p
  5. i was really out to prove a point of safe or at least safer riding too :(

    I couldn't see any spills but this part of the road is very smooth, slippery and bad camber might i add
  6. Re: my first off and im pissed off :( [long-no pics as yet]

    The decription of the stack sounded to me like throttle on cold tyres so you're probably spot on with that. Good to hear you're still in one piece. :)

    Bikes can be fixed so don't worry too much about it. :)
  7. Sorry to hear about the scratched up bike mate... at least you walked away relatively unscathed, but I know you'll be kicking yourself and nothing anyone can say will reverse what happened!!

    Put it down to one of those things that can/do happen on bikes and try not to let it question your riding... you'll be a better rider for that lesson learnt!!
  8. Bugger mate.. sorry to read about it....

    but the positives...

    1. wearing correct gear saved your hide.
    2. you're OK
    3. bike is fixable
    4. you have the absolutely correct and positive attitude to objectively "post mortem" the event and find the reason(s) no blame, no avoiding, just good sense.

    IMHO you have re-inforced another point about safer riding, even when the "off" happened, you did it right :applause:

    good onya and hope the bike fixes up like new (maybe a chance to do some mods that you wouldn't have done to it before???)

  9. Rats, rats and double-rats; so sorry to hear that you've scratched your pride and joy.

    At least you know that it wasn't your fault, that you weren't doing something silly..
  10. that blows.

    Glad you're okay.
  11. Re: my first off and im pissed off :( [long-no pics as yet]

    Sorry to hear about the off but at least it's not as bad as it could have been. Don't let it shake your confidence.

    It's NOT part of riding unless we all allow it to be. Call 13 1170 and report the mud to the VicRoads condition line.

    There's been a lot of threads here about oil etc. on the roads... If you report it then something can be done. They collate the information and if it keeps happening they will refer to the appropriate dept to look into it - as well as making sure the fix is motorcycle safe...

    I spoke to the manager of this line recently. You should report to them no matter who is responsible for the road - including councils or contractors.

    They will follow it through and you can ask them to get back to you about what action has been taken. If you get the answering machine - make sure you leave a message telloing them exactly where it is. Do it politely though - they get some stupid messages saying things like "there's a pothole on Dandenong Road and you pr1cks should fix it!!!" with no info as to where along a 20k stretch it actually is... :roll:

    At present there is only provision for a phone contact but we asked at a meeting recently if they can put up a web contact so anyone lodging a complaint can send photos as well. They've promised to develop procedures to do that.

  12. Bugger, At least you know pretty much what went wrong and you aren't hurt (pride and wallet exception).

    In the sceme of things you have had a 'minor' off (if there is such a thing) and statistically speaking, you are now good to go for the next four years !! :grin: :grin:

    Glad you're OK.
  13. The main thing is that the bike isn't too badly damaged.


    Nah, in all seriousness, glad to hear you are ok. Bikes are fixable, people sometimes aren't.
  14. Sorry to hear about your off. As others have said, you're ok and that's the #1 thing in all of these things. Love the statement about the track day, you absolutely have NO excuse now!

    Tony, good point about VicRoads. If we all took a more collective approach, these things might not happen so often.

    We need some pikkies!
  15. Glad you're ok, sorry to hear about the bike. It's getting pretty ordinary on the roads around the extrension route. for both diesel and debri - the eastern/springvale road intersection is a mess, particularly in the mornings - the maroondah over the tunnel at ringwood is both bad road surface and the other problems.
  16. hey xcamx,

    sorry to hear about that. glad to hear that your ok.

    i was driving back from ringwood/eastlands last night and noticed the amount of crap all over the roads. even though i dont have a bike yet, i still check out the conditions of the roads when driving (i try to think about some of the things i need to be aware of when i start riding). anyways, pretty much all the roads in the ringwood/eastland area have dirt on them due to the construction. deep creek rd is dodgy also due to a lack of lighting.
  17. Glad you are ok, sorry the bike is banged up.

    Do you have comprehensive insurance?
  18. thanks guys and especially Tonye, some sound advice. As soon as i get a break during work i will ring vic roads

    Unfortunately don't have full comp, only 3rd party
  19. Let us know how you go. They have promised to respond quickly to any complaints and if the response is poor we can bring it up at VMAC.

    The new GM Road Safety seems to be pretty good and appears to have a sensible approach to motorcycling. If the response line don't do the right thing I get the impression he's prepared to hammer them. :LOL:

  20. hey cam,

    sorry to hear about your bad news mate, but it's reasuring to know you were relatively unharmed.