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My First non-lemon

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Johnrhys, Aug 25, 2012.

  1. I have owned 3 Hyosungs...2 were lemons and 1 got stolen...but still a lemon.

    Just put a down payment on my new 2011 CB400SF Vtec

    Dont know much mechanic details of this beast i just know that it has an 18 litre tank (on my Ls still) heres a photo


    New helmet due to mine having been dropped by my X girlfriend.

    And 1 question, Should i buy a full set of leathers, ATM i wear my draggin jeans and alpine star jacket.. but i want to do track days etc?

  2. 3 Hyo's and you're still on L's - that's got to be some sort of record :shock:.

    Definitely buy a full set of leathers, with the luck you've been having it's more than likely you're gonna need them.
  3. That should be a nice bike. Pretty sure you have to have full leathers to be allowed on the track. Either a one piece or the jacket and pants that zip together. The champions ride days website explains the requirements (may be different for other organisations).
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  4. Nice bike, nice shark helmet also!
    Have a look at the Dainese M6 DIV suit. Its a 2 piece suit for $1000. Its very nice :D
  5. Im 6foot6 so its hard to find a suit in my size hahaha my alpine star jacket atm stops at my belly button >< its a disgrace hahaha

    and answer to the Learners put down, ive had them for 2 years (12 months..expired then another twelve months expired now another 12)

    Im in the RAN (navy) its hard to get leave on the exact days for my Ps :/
  6. Will not make seaman joke.
    Will not make seaman joke.
    Will not make seaman joke.
    Will not make seaman joke.

  7. I get it all the time mate hahaha :)

    especially by ARMY personnel but i just give it back hahaha.
  8. 6' 6" is tall, I'm 6' 3" and I'm always amazed when I see someone taller than me. I bet it's hard to find specialty clothes like motorbike gear that fits.
  9. ive never had to look for motorbike gear thats to big my alpine star boots are size 14 didint order them in my draggin jeans were at the shop haha but my alpine star jacket is way to short it annoys me hahaha
  10. If you run into the thieves, don't forget to thank them.
  11. thats what my dad said hahahahah!

    this CB400SF VTEC, shall last a long time if i maintain it correctly :) and i shall haha
  12. With leathers, make sure (because of your height) that there is enough length in the mid area so that when you are in a riding position your shoulders arnt being pushed down. It's very uncomfortable. Made this mistake the first time but managed a swap.
    You may I future have a sportier bike (track) and you'll need hat extra room even more.
    I got Technic 2 piece for about a grand

    Good luck.

    My father was a merchant captain and says this, "you can always tell a sailor, by the seamen on his boots" dirty bastard!
  13. bahahahaha! my grandfather said that to me when i joined at 17 hahaha.
  14. Who the fuck would steal a hyosung?
    Sucks that had to happen all the same lol.

    Enjoy the bike mate.
    Like bike like jetski?
  15. haha i walked in the store 30mins before close and managed to talk to this guy about the bike for like an hour holding him back from being picked up by his wife for 30mins haha

    the others had closed up and the bike was moved next to a jetski hahaha
  16. I'd have ditched her too if she dropped my helmet.
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  17. Just got approved for the insurance claim (bike is already mine just habe to pay my dad back now haha) :))
  18. Congrats on the new bike, you didnt happen to get it from Sydney City Motorcylces did you? Was actually looking at that one myself if that's the one haha
  19. Yes i did hahahahahah! Sorry mate lol
  20. Haha all good! The price was a bit too high for me as a first bike so thought I would keep looking anyways.. Let us know how she goes, so far i'm pretty set on finding a cb400 cause I want something to last my 3 or so years on restrictions.. Just gotta hope it's forgiving at first!