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My first night out (under the stars)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by duncanp, May 17, 2007.

  1. My wife left for Mexico on Monday so I left for the Watagans on Tuesday.

    I did 30km on the dirt up the Watagan Forest Rd west of Wyong up to the Pines camping ground. I survived the trip up but a strip of mud did see me with both feet out like wings. The left one did dig in but I stayed uprightish. Kept my toes pointed straight ahead to allow the knee to flex normally on impact. Six black wallabies kept me pretty focussed.

    Interesting night. I forgot to bring any grog but a permanent resident Scotsman offered me a glass of White Burgundy and we chatted between 5pm and 6pm at his place. At 6pm I was ensconced in my brand new -5deg C (on ToeCutter's always good advice) sleeping bag in a tiny wee tent. Whajja know I got out of it at 3am to look at the stars and 8am to join the only other camper for a cuppa at his kind invitation. There was so much condensation on the inside of the tent I could have had a glass of fresh water from it.

    I finished coming out at the Letter A (although I couldn't see anything to indicate that) north of Kulnura where there are 40 letter boxes in a row and had a very sedate ride home down the OPH to Hornsby.

  2. and on the third day he rested...... and all was good with the world.

    Congrats at getting out there, you done good.
  3. All that fun without even asking the Leyland Brothers :LOL: :LOL: Well done Duncanp! Glad you had a fun time.
  4. Hearing about that sort of great outdoors experience always makes me take another look at a motard... Hmmmmm
  5. Fine words. :)

    It's great to get back to nature every now and then. Just makes everything seem so simple and uncomplicated.

    However, just to spoil the mood, the condensation on the inside of your tent was probably mostly morning-breath and sweat, so I wouldn't be waiting in line to drink it. :LOL:
  6. Onya Duncan

    Glad to hear about the Strom in its element

    Nothing quite like camping - got a few nights of it coming up next week :cool:
  7. Iondah, if it's condensation, doesn't that mean it's pure by definition?

    Hope you have a disgraceful time up there, ToeCutter!!
  8. any jam on the scones ?
  9. Iondah, if it's condensation, doesn't that mean it's pure by definition?

    Hope you have a disgraceful time up there, ToeCutter!!
  10. So you were camping without any grog and without a giant fire???

    Sorry, I don't understand this at all.
  11. Yes. It was really a trip to find out what I needed to take.
    No grog, no matches, no list. That's what I'm gunna to do today, come up with a list.

    One problem I had was the physical getting in and out of the tent with boots on without bringing in a load of dirt off the boots and without lying on the ground rolling around in the kind of damp gravel I'd pitched the tent on. The problem was getting the boots off outside without standing on the wet gravel. So thongs and some sort of door mat are on the list.

    But no grog, that was was tough.
  12. Ah, the age old Boot conundrum.

    The best way I've found is to stick your bum through the door of the tent, sit down (with bum inside tent, legs outside) and remove boots this way. Thus boots outside, dry feet inside. One thing though, I've had a couple of times where I've left the boots outside the tent and have got up in the morning to find them full of water. On one occasion the boots were frozen solid as it had rained then the water frozen over night. :LOL:

    I'm in denial about the condensation thing btw. :-w
  13. Thongs and a chair - or stool as a minimum.

    I've got a Black Wolf Alloy chair - light as, but a bit bulky
  14. Now you can change your nic from DUNcamp to DOcamp :LOL:
  15. Caz that was shocking! :p You beat me to it.

    All good stuff mate, I love the feeling of camping alone. A nice chair, a GOOD bottle of red, a steak and all is good with the world. Crocs [the woolworth knock offs] are a great shoe to wear around camp, protects the toes if you need a wizz in the middle of the night.
  16. So let me get this straight, you slept outside? In a tent! No King size matress, no doona, no partner to keep you warm (unless the "coming out" part meant something else :oops: ), no tiolet, no shower, no kitchen for breaky, no heater, no TV, no radio, no spa, no pool??

    And the bet you lost was.......................

    Why would anyone subject themself to this type of lifestyle? Even just overnight.

    I just don't get it :?

    2 star minimum for me or I stay home :wink:
  17. Triway, you strike me as a person who needs a hairdryer! :LOL:
  18. Then why are you not coming on the Eden trip :wink:
  19. As you may gather from above, I don't do 'rain' on the bike either. And from bicycle racing every Queens bday weekend for the past 10yrs, it WILL rain, trust me! :grin: