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My first near miss

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Si, Jun 20, 2007.

  1. I nearly got wiped out by a big 4WD ute today.

    I was doing 80 down the road on the way to doing my final exam for my diploma, and this ute came in from a side street without bothering to look. It's a quiet road, the only reason I was on it was because the regular route was flooded, so she probably comes that way every day and never sees another vehicle. She screeched to a halt, I screeched to a halt and swerved right out to the edge of the road. I could see myself hitting it, and I was certain that I would. I missed the front end of the ute by less than an arm's length.

    The woman stopped right away and was shouting "SORRYSORRYSORRY " even before she got out of the car. I could have lost my head, but what would that accomplish? She was a nice lady and she knew it was her fault, so I wasn't angry or anything. I said I was OK, told her politely that she needs to look out for bikes, and she agreed, saying her brother rides. Meanwhile my heart was about to tear down the side it was pumping so fast and I was all wobbly for a while. I don't think she was much better.

    So no hard feelings, I got back on and rode to TAFE, got there 15 minutes late, begged another ten minutes to sit down and gather my nerves. I think I did OK in the test.

    But anyway, I wear one of those fluro safety vests with the reflective tape all over it and she still didn't notice me. That's something to keep in mind when you're riding.

    I think the main reason I'm not in a hospital right now, or in a fridge, is that I did an all-day preliminary riding class last Friday before I did my riding test for the open licence. I owe Stay Upright one, no question.
  2. I'd take a million 'near misses' over one 'cleaned up' :)
  3. Glad to hear you're ok!


    If you nearly miss it means that you actually hit, but only just. I hate the term near miss because it's literal meaning is the opposite of what it is normally used as, in that you nearly hit, but didn't. It's horrible use of the english language, but what isn't now days. :roll:

  4. at least she said sorry. its the one who starts screaming at you and threatening to punch your fcuking head in, when they are in the wrong that really concern me...

  5. But a near miss means it was a miss but it was near, not that it was nearly a miss.
  6. I think he means that if it was a 'near miss' it was indeed a hit of some description.

    If it was a 'near hit' it was indeed a miss :)

    Perhaps the term that should be used is 'almost near miss'.

  7. 'tis ok, a 21 year old whipper snapper doesn't know the English language that well at all, unlike us 34 year olds ;)
  8. I just came back from a ride and I had cars switching lanes without looking and cars crossing intersections when they obviously see me coming... or not. Same ol' story........ the joys of motorbike riding.... they treat us like flies.

    Cars don't like us - we don't like them. Stay safe and trust your instincts and nod to your fellow rider on the road.
  9. amen
  10. :beer: here's to getting your cherry popped. it won't be the last and be glad your here to tell the tale.

    bloody "SMIDSY's!" :evil:
  11. Hey Si, i too live in the hawkesbury and yeh out here u gotta look after urself! Not only is traffic a bit 'country' ie: people make their own rules, but now with the flooding poor coditions of the road theres alot to watch out for!

    But yeh like others have said... unfortunately the first of many :?
    kudos for handling it well

    BTW u got ur postie up 2 80Km!!! :shock: must hav been a downhill section :wink:
  12. glad u are ok. Take it easy mate.
  13. It doesn't matter how visible you are, they still do it. I've got a mate with a KTM 950 Adventure which is massive and orange and cars are always pulling out on him even with his KTM orange jacket on as well. I ride a silver FZ1 and wear a black jacket and I seem to have less moments than he does so being bright doesn't seem help much.
  14. that is so true !
    I have more near misses on my Monster than the VTR !

    The Monster has loud pipes and colored Red !
    The VTR has a stock pipe and black !

    You would think the Monster is easier to spot and hear than the VTR !
  15. Absolutely.

    The only thing worse would be; "And it was, like, a near miss..."

    Had an incident this morning; ute wanted my lane as I was parallel to their front guard. It was dark (6.50am) but I was right there....possibly they were looking to their rear only (just for a change). The blessed powers of acceleration got me out of there!
  16. Jeleousy exists, and I got this feelin that the people who arnt lookin nicely are jeleous, and its those people who i consider to be dangerous.

    Not only on the road mind you.
  17. Only had one near miss so far(touch wood i dont have another) and it was all my fault coming into a tight bend all to hot. just road out onto the middle line when a truck came around the corner the other way.

    glad i knew to keep making it stick instead of standing it up and hitting the brake. wouldnt be hear if i did that