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My first near miss

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by NothingExpert, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. [rant]
    Had my first near miss tonight on the way home from work. Stewart Rd, Ashgrove. Just turned the corner at the end of Jubilee Tce and the wanker in the pissy Cruze or whatever it was who turned (illegally from the left hand lane into the right hand lane) in front of me decided he was going to change lanes back into the left as I was passing him. The guy was 75% into my lane before he saw me. Hauled on the anchor as I had no other out (I wasn't far enough past him to accelerate out of it). Luckily I was in the left hand side of the lane and I saw his indicator a second before he moved.

    The rear tyre twitched like a frog in a frying but I managed to keep it upright until I was safely behind him. Checked my blind spot, tossed the bike into the right hand lane and threw him the finger while screaming obscenities. (If I'd been more hot-headed, I would've taken my cousin-in-law's advice, slowed til I was beside him at the next red light, removed my helmet and used it to place arbitrarily chosen pieces of his windscreen on the inside of his cage. Kidding!) This kind of lazy, inconsiderate driving really gets me angry. When I'm on four wheels I make a point of being aware of my surroundings constantly and thinking ahead as well as being a courteous driver.


    Welcome to riding a motorbike, that is all.
  3. Good work keeping her upright and out of the way from another oblivious driver on our roads.

    Oh and whilst I understand your anger in the circumstances, don't implant your helmet in anyone's windscreen, it's bad for the helmet.
  4. Glad you're alright!

    Agreed, buying a new helmet isn't worth it haha
  5. Yeah dude, why waste a helmet - just buy some really good gloves. They'll go through lots of things and still be perfectly useable.
  6. I know that bit of road - sooo many wankers thinking they can get ahead by switching between lanes and undertaking...and then they realise they end up in a turn only lane and try to get back in with the pack
  7. I should add that the road was pretty much empty apart from myself and the offending cage. Traffic was at least half a km ahead and no other vehicles following. There really was no reason for the driver to change lanes. That's what shit me so much about the situation.
  8. Cagers can be incredibly stupid, just remember that the majority are out to kill you
  9. If you're flexible enough and have the balance, downshift that thing and flyby with your boot to their mirrow :woot:
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