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My first near miss

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by hackavatar, Jan 17, 2011.

  1. Today was my first encounter on a bike with someone doing something just plain stupid - I'm sure there will be many more, but I'm still shaking my head at this one. I only got my bike three days ago.

    I was on my bike waiting to turn right across a two lane road into a shopping complex. I had a green but no green arrow, so I had rolled about 3-4 metres into the intersection and had stopped, waiting for a gap in the oncoming traffic. There was a line of six cars behind me (normal for this road in peak hour), and the one directly behind me was waiting at the stop line.

    As the gap in the traffic large enough for probably 5 cars to turn through got to me, I started to move off, when suddenly a 4WD from the lane on my left (NOT a turning lane) slammed on the brakes, turned hard and cut right across me to get into the same road to our right. I hit my brakes, fortunately I wasn't going very fast.

    As it seemed I was still alive and didn't require new pants, I checked the intersection again and made the turn. I caught up to the 4WD quickly, and pulled into a space two spots away, turned off my bike, jumped off and went to the driver, who was getting out. Upon seeing me approach her, she slammed her door shut and quickly made for the woolies. I jogged to catch up to her, still wearing all my gear, when I call out "Excuse me!". She turns around with a few other people nearby, and I'm now close to see she's probably in her late 40's. I start to tell her it was incredibly dangerous what she did, when she simply turns around and keeps walking (faster than before) like I didn't exist. I call out again and start talking louder and angrier as I follow her towards the Woolies, expressing my concerns at her obviously poor and highly dangerous driving. As the doors open I shout out "Its downright reckless driving like that lady, that gets people on bikes killed!". Satisfied that everyone in the immediate vicinity of the store, probably four or so checkout lanes, has now stopped everything and is now staring at her, I turn around and return to my bike.

    In my anger it was so very tempting to kick her door in or something, but I resisted. Shaking my head I moved my bike further away, then went to Noodlebox. In retrospect, the car behind me was a white Mazda 3/6. While I'm fairly sure I would have been visible in front of it (the turn is at the very bottom of a large downhill), this lady must still have skipped the entire turning lane of cars just to get in front, and nearly cleaned me up in the process. I hate it when people do that for merging lanes when I'm driving my car, its just plain inconsiderate.

    So, with any near miss or accident, there's a chance to improve my riding. What can I improve on here? (Alright, so I probably shouldn't have humiliated her in her local woolies I guess) :evil:
  2. No, you were correct to, and if you ask me she got off lightly. It's morons like this that lead to nasty accidents because their either;

    a) Too stupid to operate a motor vehicle properly
    b) Too impatient to wait to turn like everyone else does and as the law states
    c) Both off the above

    Good job avoiding a nasty off.

    PS: I would've gone with a "Lady you can't just leave your kid tied up in the car like that!" as this would generate some real heat ;)
  3. i would have let fly too dude. and i do. regularly.

    where did this happen??
  4. It happened in Kenmore, QLD. Here's a google maps link to the interesection in question. I was heading west, waiting to turn.
  5. Eh. I would have pulled her over myself. Done it before, will continue to do so. Probably may get done for obstructing traffic but good luck evidencing it if they pull over after nothing more than a hand motion.

    Funnily enough garbage trucks have been the most friendly of drivers to pull over...and very apologetic.

    That all said, I often consider whether it is wise to do, given our fellow netrider was run down intentionally last year.
  6. The thing in this story I cannot believe, is that you would choose to eat at Noodlebox.
  7. I would of done the same if we had pulled into the same carpark.

    But, as this sort of thing happens quite often, I just get over it and look out for the next tool bag.
  8. Nothing you can improve here dude... You met one of the numpties... Good job avoiding a nasty accident. And good job on how you reacted. I reckon you did well. I probably would have been too shocked to do anything.
  9. ohhh well moggil road says it all really....
  10. You did well, Id guess she will be more considerate next time.. unless shes a complete moron, in which case nothing helps.... good one bloke!
  11. You did well - there are some things you can't really prepare for. No one could reasonably expect that and you got out of it unscathed. Don't feel bad for yelling at her either, hopefully she remembers the incident and doesn't do it again.
  12. I don't for a minute think that your "talk" with her will change her behaviour. It was more likely a spur-of-the-moment "Oh, I need a litre of milk/smokes/etc." type decision. Not thinking then so why do you think that it won't happen again. I'm not excusing the incident but apart from the minor embarrassment she incurred, it won't leave an lasting impression.

    The best outcome is that you didn't end up suffering from her mistake/lack of judgement (aside from a raised pulse) get and ride another day.
  13. Unfortunately I see this in my girlfriend who gets a bit frustrated when if I miss a turn off I will calmly drive down to the next one and turn back. She would rather I cut across traffic and make a dive for it.

    However it does put me in a position to change her behaviour as I have on numerous occasions explained why I won't do that. It saves all of 5-10 minutes, and you have to actually *look* to see a small bike or scooter, which takes up your *dive* window. She's coming around.
  14. Thanks for the words of support guys. I agree with Blaise, given her interest in being highly disinterested in what I had to say, it probably didn't change anything. On the other hand, everyone in earshot seemed quite keen.

    Ah, we live in hope.
  15. This happened to me yesterday, except it was me that cut across 2 lanes to turn right and jump the queue. feelsgoodman.jpg
  16. Firstly Im glad your ok and didnt get cleaned up, I think you handled it well and had every right to have a word to her about it. Im with Blaise though I dont think it will make an ounce of difference, she will probably just think she was in the right and you are an abusive arsehole motorcyclist.